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Andrea Bargnani at the All-Star festivities in Houston…just not doing All-Star things

With the plethora of rumours and reports linking him to various teams, everyone just assumed that by Thursday’s trade deadline, Andrea Bargnani’s tumultuous time in Toronto would have mercifully come to an end, also bringing about the end of the Primo Pasta and Sauce commercials we’ve been subject to for the last few years.

Unfortunately for those fans, it sounds like we may have to wait a while longer…

Doug Smith of the Toronto Star wrote on Sunday morning that he was told when it comes to a highly anticipated Bargnani trade, “looks like the summer.”

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Raptors would have trouble finding a return of significant value for the under-performing big man, but I’m still holding out hope that some sort of decent deal worth making (hell, I was/am ready to take Spencer Hawes!) will present itself before Thursday.

If a deal involving Bargnani isn’t done by Thursday, then hopefully he can at least up his game even minimally over the final 29 games of the season to persuade potential buyers into thinking they can finally be the team to unlock the magical powers within Il Mago next year, as teams generally seem more open to taking chances on enigmas like Bargnani in the off-season, when the promise of a new season often clouds judgement.

I guess paying the luxury tax for Carlos Boozer and a playoff team with a clear ceiling was too expensive after all.


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  1. Spencer hawes is Garbage… Rather keep bargnani then get that Pylon

  2. Wait for a solid young up and coming PF, if nothing is available now. Why waste it? Yes we all want him gone, but at what cost?

    If he increases his value over the remainder of the season, he will be more valuable. I dont like trades for the sake of trading a player cause he is currently underperforming. I want pasta man gone as much as anybody else, but dont get a bag of potatoes in return….

    • Unfortunately it’s not just his performance but the price we’re paying for his bad performance which has continued for a whole. With the Hawes trade there is a chance we free up enough space to sign Millsap. Who would be a welcome addition to PF.

    • Nobody is going to give a good, young PF for Bargnani.

      • then lets go for the potatoes then…at least we can make em into french fries and eat them with ketchup while watching Wiggins dunk over high schoolers….ohhh what a dream ….

        maybe colangelo can get hawes/ or boozer or gasol …stockpile…and trade them all for the #1 pick when mr. wiggins will be available…..

  3. While I understand that they might have to keep bargs if no good offers come along, I would not take doug smith’s reporting seriously. This is the same guy that said the raps will definitely not trade for rudy gay and look at what transpired. He hasnt broken any meaningful trades in years and is one of BCs biggest cock gobblers in the media. Maybe its a good thing he said this. We should expect a bargs trade by Thursday :)

  4. Trade him for millsap.

  5. it’s a long shot,, but how about re-aquiring Ed Davis to fill the gap at PF? Poor guy is averaging under 10 minutes and 2.5 ppg with Memphis and must be depressed as hell with his prospects there…

  6. I don’t really see what the rush is, I like the way coach is handling it. Bargs doesn’t play that much right now. I am not labouring under the illusion that this team will make the playoffs after a 4 – 19 start trade or no trade, so I don’t mind waiting at all. There are deals to be done at some point. That’s how I’d play it.

    The hilariousness of now getting Gay and dumping Bargnani should cost BC his job outright.

  7. Can’t trade him, Primo pasta won’t let the Raptors do it…

  8. Bargnani haters, you should all take a chill pill. For years he has worked hard for this franchise. When he is not injuried and healthy he brings alot to the table. Suddenly his time here is “tumultuous” Its easy for media and fans to throw him under the bus. He is a solid player who has a role on this team. He is young enough that he will prove the haters wrong.

    • Wishful thinking here man, the guy has proven nothing positive since being drafted. A simple look as to why he is expendable. 1) He’s 7′ tall and plays like a soft 2, doesn’t rebound, doesn’t get to the line and most certainly doesn’t play D. 2) His assets are shooting, and he doesn’t figure it out that others can shoot too, thus not sharing the ball, and limiting our offence. 3) We are a solid young team that played its best ball without him, surely not a coincidence.

      And for everyone saying Millsap for Bargnani, never gonna happen. That’s as ridic as the kid that said Rondo for Bargnani.

    • Oh hi Andrea’s mom!

    • dominico must be italian?!

    • Seems like a fellow Italian trying to stick up for a guy that deserves NOTHING from the fans. Has worked hard? What Bargnani have you been watching? Obviously only the one doing the Pasta commercials.

  9. If he isn’t moved before the deadline, it will be a huge disappointment.

    Hopefully the rumours are false. At this point I would be happy taking Boozer or Hawes to get rid of him.

  10. I’m just wondering here, and maybe you know the answer to this Mr. Casciaro, but can Colangelo amnesty Bargs in the summer, and then resign him for a much cheaper deal?

    • Colangelo can amnesty Bargnani this summer.

      But you don’t resign a player you amnesty. You still have to pay the player their salary (depending on what teams bid for them). The only difference being is that it’s no longer counted on the team’s salary.

  11. Bargs and Gray for Ed Davis! Lol

  12. Here’s a rare glass half full look at the underperforming Primo:
    Anybody notice the once thing that Bargnani DOES bring to the table, even when he’s not playing well? If you watch, he drags the opposing big man out to the 3 point line when he’s on the floor. Whether justified or not, teams do 100% respect his shot. So even if he’s stinking it up, he still drags the biggest opponent away from the basket and kinda turns it into essentially 4 on 4 on offense (and not 4 on 5 like the haters would like to believe). Yes he might have the game of a 2 guard, but he’s still 7 ft tall and doesn’t get guarded by 2 guards. His mere presence creates space to attack. Drawing centers out of the paint is a very good thing for our athletic lineup.
    In his limited minutes against the Knicks last week, the entire time he was playing Tyson Chandler was glued to him at the 3 pt line instead of guarding the paint. It’s often overlooked, but it’s very true, he does at least get the other teams big man far away from the paint, and with Chandler for example hanging out on the 3pt line, it opens up space for the others to attack. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be traded, but definitely do not give the guy away.
    PS I love Ed Davis, but he is so a-dime-a-dozen in the NBA, i’m sick of hearing how we gave away a future allstar. Go over every roster, even the lesser ones, you’ll find 2 guys on every team that are better. Toronto – Amir, Jonas Clevelad – Varajeo Thompson Detroit-Monroe,Drummond Philly – Bynum, T.Young New Orleans – A.Davis R.Anderson Memphis- Randolph, Gasol, hell he’s even stuck behind Darrel Arthur. It goes on and on. .. He’s a solid bench player with starter upside, but Ed Davis will never be an NBA allstar. Even Primo Bargnani has a better shot, sorry but the truth. Rudy Gay for Ed Davis and expiring not being resigned Calderon was a STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes Bargs draws out the opposing centre but they were still effective (winning games) WITHOUT HIM, so how useful is he really? Also not sure who told you Ed is a future all star he is a decent player who WORKS HARD, how refreshing a guy that has some drive.

    • One of the things your list of players better than Ed Davis ignores are the intangibles.
      Many of the players you list are known as headcases. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant. Drummond and Randolph have bad reps out of the players you listed. Others like Varajeo and Bynum have serious health concerns. Other guys you list also have big salaries. The main reason I was upset about Davis was the upside he presented for a small salary. I was upset at the trade, because I thought it was a poor use of resources, not because I thought Ed Davis was untouchable. I would argue however, that Davis is not a dime a dozen as you suggest, though any chance of stardom will depend on his effort on and off the court, and luck/opportunity.

      • Drummond had a false bad rep pre-draft, which apparently has been put to rest and detroit says he’s been a total pro.
        Randolph was the poster boy for headcases, but he’s apparently matured, and an NBA allstar.
        Injuries or not, no way Cleveland or Philly would ever trade Varajao or Bynum for Ed Davis.
        Look, i like Ed Davis a lot, the person and the player, but he’s easily replaceable. Rudy Gay’s are not easy to come by, especially this franchise. When other NBA star players call Gay a star, it means something. It’s not my money, i don’t care how much he gets paid. Luxury tax? Who cares, we have ridiculously wealthy owners.
        But when we made the deal, there were a lot of angry fans here about losing Ed Davis. I bet in 29 other cities it was more like “who’s Ed Davis?”. If Ed Davis finds his way back to T.O. in the future as a free agent, i’d love it. But doesn’t change my mind that the deal was an absolute steal!

        • you know who also draws Centers out of the lane? Matt Bonner. If we want a 3pt C off the the bench, you can get it much much cheaper than what Bargs is costing the raps right now. And yes, Bonner makes a lot less than Bargs…. oh, and Bonner actually can shoot 3′s….

          • Actually Bonner doesn’t draw the Chandlers and Hibberts out like Primo Pasta does. I’ve watched enough spurs and raptor games to see the difference. They’ll stick a pure center right on Primo, while Bonner will draw rotations, whoevers closest when he gets the ball runs out to cover him. Bargnani is bigger, and while he’s no Jose with the ball, he can at least put it on the floor. Bonner does not attack. They’re guarded very differently. Watch both and you’ll see.
            PS I Looooooooooooooove Matt Bonner, and can only pray he retires a raptor. But i would not trade Pasta N Sauce for the Red Rocket straight up, regadless of salaries, and regardless of how Bargnani is playing right now. We’ve seen both players upside, they are worlds apart.

  13. I’m very sceptical of Bargnani putting any kind of consistent effort in for the rest of the season if he’s pretty sure he’s a goner in the summer. He self-admittedly struggled with drive/motivation/focus as the centrepiece of the team, how is that going to improve as a 15-20 mpg bench player with a ticking expiry date?

  14. Why the rush is beyond me

  15. Klezia being amnestied needs to happen

  16. Dont know why everyone wants wiggins . Do you really think they are going to draft him then plop him on the bench behind gay and derozen ? They need to make some major moves with those two guys plus who knows how good ross becomes . Shouldnt just draft around a name . They should trade the number one pick to aquire the right pieces if need be . Bait every team that wants wiggins and get asmuch as you can for him

    • if wiggins is as good as they say….he could potentially start infront of derozan…. or you could potentially even move gay to the 4…hes suppose to be the next lebron

    • Any chance for tanking to try and get him is gone now anyways. Colangelo threw that option away with this win now approach.

      I take it you don’t have a very good idea of who Wiggins is if you think DeRozan or Gay would start over him. NBA scouts are saying Wiggins is expected to be one of the best players of this generation, and he is the type of player that you could legitimately build a team around. A lot of teams are going to try and tank to get him next season.

      He’s being compared a lot to LeBron James. He is THAT good, and definitely not a player that you would trade away when you have him.

  17. I don’t care when they move him, just get him away from this team. Send him back to Italy, tell him to stay at the team hotel, whatever.

    He shouldn’t be around the team.

  18. steve o, it’s spelled Domenico, and what does the fact that I’m Italian have to do with it? Yes make it a race thing that shows your ignorance. You must be mangacake!

    • Italian is not a race. As much as Italians would want to believe it. No offence.:)

      • Yes, sure.
        The only race that matters and exists, is the black one.

        • No, not at all. I stand for equality and diversity in all it’s forms (being a white European dude), be it race, gender, religion, political beliefs, etc. But Italian is still not a “race”. It still is a nationality or descent if you want. So for me questioning an Italian defending an Italian player is always reasonable and has nothing racist about it.

          The same way I will defend Jonas and even Linas (albeit I feel smart enough to understand his shortcomings and be logical) and if someone blames me for being nationalistic I will not think them being racist because of it.

      • okay “race” may not have been the right word, okay nationality ,etnic group whatever you like to say. I support Bargnani because I think he has talent , whether you agree or disagree.i like him as a player not because he is italian. But for someone to say an italian supporting an italian is reasonable argument , why make it about nationality?Why not just disagree that as a basketball/raptor fan you don’t you think Bargnani is fitting in and should be traded. Also reading steve o’s comment “domenico must be italian” I don’t think he wrote it to be a reasonable argument.

    • I don’t agree with SteveO ‘s comments one bit – but don’t support the racists response by Domenico “you must managecake”….just as bad as SteveO you are!

  19. I know who wiggins is . Im just saying wait till you see him play the next level and have coaches shut him down and coaching schemes agaisnt him . Not just highschool basketball .he is not the next lebron or even close to it . Lebron had a way bigger frame and wieght coming in . I love canadian basketball and what its doing with wiggins but im not jumping on the wagon yet . He destryoinghighschool kids with avg coaches getting a teacher salary . Wait till he faces a duke coach or big ten . It wont be so easy

  20. @chuck d buddy you must be a casual basketball fan to have the audacity to question why everybody wants to see Wiggins in a Raptors jersey. I was at McMaster on Sunday to watch him play and its not just hype. There’s a reason why in 2003 every team was trying to aquire the #1 pick to draft Lebron James. This kid plays like a grown ass man. Also don’t think the Raps are out of the runnings for Mr.Wiggins. Remember before the Chicago Bulls drafted Derrick Rose they had aquired the main pieces of their team already and weren’t far from making the playoffs. Eerily similar to the situation the raps are in now. Did I mention Derrick Rose is from Chicago? I’m not saying the Raps will get him, but don’t count them out. I’ve heard rumors Bryan Colangelo is Illuminati. Lool

    • Did you just say Big Ten bro? Lol none of the schools he wants to play for is in the Big Ten conference, he’ll be in the ACC conference. You can’t game plan against someone that has a superior athletic ability then your entire team. Your only hope is to try and play solid team defense which is hard to do in the NCAA which is why 90% of basketball prospects who are said to be the next one usually end up having a good colligiate career but then flop when it comes time to NBA. Sean May, Rashad McCants are a few examples

    • I really dont wanna see the raps tank again just to get a number one pick … Whats the point in trading an awsome pf in ed davis to get gay then tank on purpose ? Colangelo cant affor to tank or he is gone . Raps are locking all these contracts up to tank it makes no sense . One kid doesnt win you titles and if he is anything like lebron i dont want it . He couldnt do.it himself in cleavland and bailed . Ive watched the raps tank enough its getting annoyying . Traded davis away everyone wants derozen gone barny out … Getting my drift all these guys are from tanking and no one wants them around . Im sure if ross struggles next couple yrs he will be on the chopping block . Idk i really dont see this team tanking to get that pick anyhow . Im telling you wiggins is going to hit a wall come next yr when defensive schemes come at him not garbage highschool kids

      • I hear your arguments but I have to disagree with you my child. See cause first of all its not just garbage high school kids he’s putting up monster numbers on. He’s smashing other top 10 calibre talent and their respective squads. Jabari Parker, Julius Randle to name a few. What gets me excited about this kid isn’t what he brings to the table offensively but how dominant of a defensive player he is. When Huntington played Princeton Day Aquille Carr was talking the most amount of trash to the kid before the game and was having a pretty good game as well, until Wiggins asked the coach to gaurd him the second half. I think it was 7 points he had the rest of the game. He chanllenges himself to gaurd the best opposing player every game. I think I remember reading Micheal Jordan saying that about Kobe Bryant as well. I’m not saying the raps should tank to aquire him by any means because you need more then 1 player to win a championship. But the Raps have pieces that they can give up to aquire the #1 pick without giving away the entire team. The focus for every NBA team should be championship. Sit and ask yourself, the way the Raps are constructed can they be contenders in the next 2 years? The answer is HELL NO. I’m glad to see Rudy Gay up here but dude isn’t going to resign with the team with Boston having cap space when he’s a free agent. Remember he was traded here not drafted or signed so it will be no sweat for him to leave. The Raps need talent that won’t hit it and quit it, and I think getting home grown talent it the only way

        • Andrew Wiggins will be an absolute superstar, guaranteed, best prospect since Lebron, and we have zero percent of drafting him. Zero percent! And i’m fine with it, bc we’re a playoff team next year.
          However, i would not be surprised if at some point in his career he hits free agency and brings his talents to the Tdot after a few years elsewhere. This kid bleeds the red and white of Canada.

  21. BTW you guys who do The Basketball Jones should be on radio or something man. I’ve been dying for basketball coverage like this since the days of 5XL pink Tee-shirts. Can I get a Dipset chant anyone?

  22. The conversations about tanking for, or getting Wiggins by any other means, have to stop. It’s not happening. As someone mentioned above, Colangelo’s aggressiveness in obtaining players to make this team better NOW ensures that we won’t have a poor enough record to be in this conversation. Maybe, MAYBE, we miss the playoffs next year and have some miniscule percentage chance of getting him — as Chicago did with Rose — but this shouldn’t be in our plans as fans.

    Furthermore, whoever gets that top pick in the ’14 draft is NOT moving it. As it’s also pointed out somewhere above, Wiggins is a Lebron-like prospect. He has that much hype and that much potential. Teams are going to do their best to tank for him and if successful, very few packages (including even the absolute BEST package Toronto could even think of assembling) would be enough to pry that pick away.

  23. The thing about this report is may be true, but don’t hold your breath on DOUG SMITHS words – the fact that Rapsblog posted it – give it lots of creditably……This blog holds that for me. But as far as DOUG SMITH goes, I really can’t trust anything he reports. He has reported lots and lost of “sure haves” over the years to only be made wrong at the end – on most of them!!!. Not sure if he is trying to “one up” everyone or what by announcing “his versions” of what the Raps do, but he is 95% of the time wrong – and unlike this site DOUG SMITHS blog holds no creditably – just read his blogs for a week and you will be comically amused (he still talks about Calderon all the time (boooorrring!) and insists the Raptors made the wrong move even though they are winning) – anyways a little off point, but trying to build a non-creditably case. For example (The Rudy Gay Trade) it was reported through the summer that the Raptors were very interested in Rudy, when asked by readers on Doug’s blog about these reports his response “nothing is happening” and “not to my knowledge. If something was going on, trust me, when I know, you will all know”. Steve Brotherston insisted up to the day Rudy was traded here that the Raps were interested and been sniffing around to make a deal only to be denied by DOUG SMITH who aimed attacking comments of “second rate journalist” Steve Brotherstons way – much like he does with this site. He actually calls this site “children with computers who live in their moms basement”. The day before Rudy was traded here DOUG SMITH wrote and I quote “nothing is on the table, nothing is going to happen, so stand down folks”…BAM the next day – the trade happens. DOUG SMITH usually is wrong so by hearing his report – it makes me think something is going to go down! Unless it is for Boozer – personally I don’t like the trades being offered, even though I hate Bumgnani’s play of late too.
    By the way – do you all notice in the report he gives himself an out by saying “which we all know could change at the drop of a hat” which is bogus. You either stand by your report or you don’t – don’t report nothing is going on (as noted form your sources), then stand on the fence so you make sure your right if it does! DOUG SMITH is the only Raptors journalist that thinks he is bigger then the team he covers!… maybe this time he is right, MAYBE!…a broken clock is right even twice a day! But I caution his reports!

    • I don’t read Doug Smith’s blog regularly, but I pop in from time to time, especially when someone links to it in the event that Doug’s the first to report/break something, and I don’t have anything personal against him and have never seen him rip this blog or blogs in general like that. Maybe he does, but again, I’ve never seen it.

      Youngjames, can you actually find the post(s) where Smith rips RaptorBlog, Brotherson, other blogs, etc? You quoted it, which usually means that you are pulling precise quotes from a specific blog, but I personally can’t see Smith writing something like that.

      • Sure – I rather a personal email to send it to you instead of posting (my emails) with him on here. I have some emails (for starters) of a back and forth between me and Doug. I have article saved, but it is gonna take some to read through them all. send me an email – and I will email you when I get a chance.

      • I even sent (at the time) about 6-8 months ago – DOUG SMITHS quote when he ripped Brotherston and Hoopsworld calling them a second tier information outlet without real first hand reporting – Steve replied with class and said he found that to be unexpected and doesn’t know why Doug would say that and didn’t take SMITHS bait, he took the high road. Listen I don’t think DOUG SMITH has a lick a sense in his body about basketball – its a job to him. I don’t care to read his blog, because its BS, I don’t care who reads it its just my opinion – I shouldn’t have to reference this like it was a school paper – I’m not gonna make shit up boss for the sake it – SMITH or this blog isn’t that important to enough to me. I’m a man, not a child – but if it’s “proper business” for you ask for sourced quotes (because its another journalist involved) Ill give ‘em to you – but your request BS – you never ask anyone else to back up there sources. BUT, I will email them to you, if you like, not a problem. However, I will hold you to court that every time you quote or say anything, that you reference it… I can’t believe (believe or no one should) you until you do – we all deserve the reference ethics then..fair!??

        • Doug Smith has also said there are many quality blogs regarding the Raptors and Basketball in Toronto (without naming any specifically). I do not have any proof, but i know i’ve seen him write it a few times.

        • I’ve never posted a report/rumour or direct quote without linking to the original source and mentioning who wrote it. As for my request, as I mentioned, you put specific things you state Smith wrote in quotes, which usually indicates that you are pulling direct quotes from a specific location. As I said, I personally can’t see Smith writing that, but if you tell me he has and you have the proof, I’d love to see it.

  24. Lebron is from Ohio and the team from Ohio got the first pick so could it “randomly” happen to the Raps?

  25. Interesting – Wolstat reported that both the GSW and the Cavs have contacted the Raptors about Bumgnani, so there is interest…the question remains what Colangelo thinks his value is worth vs the rest of the league. Wolstat didn’t say anything was close, but that contact has been made! I read that GSW would give expiring contracts in Biedrins and Jefferson plus a lottery protected pick for Andrea – giving us our pick back. But still in such a weak draft and the likes of such a young core with DD, T-Ross, Val-17, Acy and Amir, I don’t care this year we don’t have a pick. But it’s intriguing!

    • Biedrins and Jefferson both have player options for next season though. Judging from how their careers have played out the last couple seasons, they’re not turning those down. Biedrins will make $9M, and Jefferson will make $11M.

      Still, getting rid of Bargnani AND getting a first round pick back? I like the sounds of that. If it’s true, please make it happen.

      • If Biedrins has a player option, he’ll surely excercise it. No NBA team is signing him. He’s done, head issues, zero confidence, minimal skills…
        And Andris Biedrins would make all fans, even the biggest Primo-haters, miss Bargnani instantly after just 1 minute of playing time. He’s that terrible.
        Lottery protected pick form GS? So a lateish first rounder in a weak draft? Thanks but no thanks.

  26. @BP…

    I did not know that they had such high players options…IMO I would hate that deal! picking up 20 mil for a season putting us into tax luxury for those players – just to get a mid round pick in a weak draft is not how I would do things! If that’s the case I would rather Boozer and no pick!

  27. I love bargs, think he’s a huge talent, heck i’m like the only left, but even i think it’s best for him to go elsewhere…he’s a bench guy here, looks like he’ll be setting picks for the rest of the season for rudy gay and derozan…better he gets moved elsewhere…of all the crappy trades that have been offered, i’d take hawes and save some cash….

  28. @JC…

    My point I was making wasn’t about this Blog but was about DOUG SMITHS (inside info) creditably…I just used his tirades towards other people as example. So to prove my point about DOUG SMITH saying he has the inside edge on trade info – and I say he don’t is because of pieces like this he writes. His blog on Januray 29th (its in his archives)

    “I guess I’ve got to do this, although it’s definitely not going to become a habit.

    Nothing new – at all – to the reports yesterday about discussions with Memphis about Rudy Gay, we’ve been writing they’ve had interest for, well, longer than I care to admit and, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, it continues to look – right now – less and less likely something gets done.

    That could change, of course, but the price has always been too high, continues to be too high my spies tell me, and yesterday’s report was just a continuation of chatter that’s been around seemingly forever.

    Stand down, folks.”

    His “spies” told him the day before, NO TRADE – are these the same “spies” that are telling him no Bargnani trade till the summer

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