Matt Devlin vs. Wale

Photo courtesy of J.E. Skeets on twitter.

Matt Devlin ain’t about that life, or is he? (Photo courtesy of J.E. Skeets on twitter)

The Raptors beat the Wizards in a sloppy game in Washington on Tuesday night to extend their winning streak to five games, but the most entertaining part of the contest was undoubtedly the feud between Matt Devlin and D.C. rapper Wale, who was sitting courtside and got the attention of Devlin by chirping Rudy Gay.

Gay also seemed to stare down Wale minutes later after coming up with a steal, but the real story was that people must have been tweeting at the hip hop star to tell him about Devlin’s comments on the broadcast, because he tweeted to Matt soon after…

It all culminated in an epic moment captured in this video…

Yup, that’s Wale trash talking Devlin, who wasn’t even seated courtside, which means the rapper actually searched for and found Matt and Leo. At around the 0:37 mark, you can see what looks like Devlin trying to calm Wale down before he realizes they’re on camera, at which point Matt awkwardly says “there he is right there,” trying to play down the situation even though we just saw Wale all fired up. Credit to Devlin for staying pretty composed though.

For what it’s worth, if anything had actually gone down between Wale and the broadcast team, my money would have been on Leo.

Thanks for the shoutout, Wale, and for making our night all kinds of entertaining.

Only in America…or something.


UPDATE: Rudy clarified after the game on twitter that he and Wale are actually friends and that they were just joking with each other on the court. That may change our perception of what we thought was a feud between Gay and Wale, but nothing will erase the hilarity of Wale vs. Devlin. Please don’t take that from us.