Matt Devlin vs. Wale

Photo courtesy of J.E. Skeets on twitter.

Matt Devlin ain’t about that life, or is he? (Photo courtesy of J.E. Skeets on twitter)

The Raptors beat the Wizards in a sloppy game in Washington on Tuesday night to extend their winning streak to five games, but the most entertaining part of the contest was undoubtedly the feud between Matt Devlin and D.C. rapper Wale, who was sitting courtside and got the attention of Devlin by chirping Rudy Gay.

Gay also seemed to stare down Wale minutes later after coming up with a steal, but the real story was that people must have been tweeting at the hip hop star to tell him about Devlin’s comments on the broadcast, because he tweeted to Matt soon after…

It all culminated in an epic moment captured in this video…

Yup, that’s Wale trash talking Devlin, who wasn’t even seated courtside, which means the rapper actually searched for and found Matt and Leo. At around the 0:37 mark, you can see what looks like Devlin trying to calm Wale down before he realizes they’re on camera, at which point Matt awkwardly says “there he is right there,” trying to play down the situation even though we just saw Wale all fired up. Credit to Devlin for staying pretty composed though.

For what it’s worth, if anything had actually gone down between Wale and the broadcast team, my money would have been on Leo.

Thanks for the shoutout, Wale, and for making our night all kinds of entertaining.

Only in America…or something.


UPDATE: Rudy clarified after the game on twitter that he and Wale are actually friends and that they were just joking with each other on the court. That may change our perception of what we thought was a feud between Gay and Wale, but nothing will erase the hilarity of Wale vs. Devlin. Please don’t take that from us.

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  1. Lucky Jack wasn’t there or he woulda Armstrong’d em! Hahahaha; that joke was so dry!

    • Man, I would have LOVED to see Jack’s reaction if he had been there instead of Leo, who just ignored him. As mentioned though, Leo could probably take him.

      • Armstrong would have “jacked him up” for sure

      • HELLO!
        Get that garbage outta here!

        • I want that saying in all facets of my life especially when throwing out garbage

        • I want that saying in all facets of my life especially when throwing out garbage. Also It seemed like Leo and Devlin were being harsh on Wale. But I’m pretty sure Devlin listens Billy Joel and Michael Buble and Leo listens to the sounds of his sons voice. So I doubt either of them actually know who Wale is. He only has 2 albums both turrible anyways

  2. While watching this on the broadcast I burst out laughing when I heard Matt Devlin say Wale’s name, he split it into two words- Wall and Ay. I thought his drake comment was hilarious, I had no idea that Wale got pissed

  3. LOL Wale’s going to change his name to Wall-E soon

  4. That sequence near the end of the third quarter when Wale can audibly be heard yelling at them was probably one of the greatest moments in Raptor broadcast history.

    Matt saying something like “We’ll talk to you during the commercial break” while he continued yelling just took it to another level previously thought to be unreachable.

    • Agreed. I was rolling watching that happen. These Rappers sure take themselves seriously.

    • I was thinking the sane thing. I burst out laughing…partly because it was actually funny and partly cause I’ve never seen anything like it and probably never will again. Matt & Leo were clowning him pretty hard tho lol

  5. Matt and Leo’s little comments and jokes got old real pretty fast and pretty quickly got annoying. It was slightly more annoying than listening to Leo talk about his beloved Syracuse Orange…

  6. Wall-e is a better rapper! Matt and Leo prolly spit rhymes better!

  7. lol hes not drake thats forsure, who gives 2 facks if it was some famous douche like drake anyways

  8. Hahaha thanks for posting this, I was watching the game on mute here at work and was wondering what happened with this. The Score rules.

  9. Can we get video of Wale yelling at them? I wanna see this

  10. Wale acted like an idiot but devlin was a dick saying nobody knows who he is. Was a bit uncalled for.

    • I don’t think there was anything wrong with what Devlin said. He didn’t know who Wale was, which isn’t really that surprising (he’s big, but he’s not THAT big), and then played to the hometown Toronto crowd a bit by saying he can’t be better than Drake. If Wale was actually that offended by those comments, that’s kind of sad. Then again, Wale could have just been half-joking about the whole thing. Who knows? All I know is that this whole ordeal was awesome.

      • And remember when John Wall didn’t know who Bon Jovi was? When Wale gets a tenth of the name recognition of JBJ then we can talk until then he’s just some peripheral mix-tape rapper and a clown.

      • When he fronts the cash for Training Camp and almost makes the team… then Wale can have my respek. Until then, he ain’t no Drake. And he sure as hell ain’t no Master P.

        Side note: I don’t even really know who Drake is.. I could not recognize a single song by him.

  11. Also, I don’t think he has a clue about hip hop. So that might have been it.

  12. wally lol

    Devlin needs to stick to talking about the game. Nobody gives a shit about wally, drake or syracuse.

  13. Matty D is gonna be in Wale’s next diss track. roflmao
    Drake’s got his back tho

  14. Definitely one of the most bizarre things I’ve witnessed in 17 years of Raptors basketball…

  15. Cookie cutter rapper.

  16. Of course the average white ass wouldn’t know who Wale is. Crackers only listen to cracker jack popcorn ass music aka Drake and the other bitch ass sell outs. Wale a real nigga

    • I’d say it was pretty obvious Devlin hasn’t listened to much rap music, but the racial stuff is uncalled for.

    • Wale signs with MMG like a year or 2 ago. So about sell-outs

    • What makes Wale “a real nigga”? lol. This is the best comment on here. Just a matter of time before the race card was played.

    • Gotta love the double standard here. If someone dropped an N bomb, would you clowns be yucking it up? Guess some racism is OK…

  17. Wale, Wale, Wale….

    Nope, no idea who that is.

  18. of course like the only game i couldnt watch

  19. Wale has that one song that is pretty popular right now called – the one eyed kitten song– it sort of reminds me of the whisper song, minus the whispering. check it out if you like rap music. Twitter can take your life these days–see ‘lil jojo’ In the Chiraq we about that acts!

  20. Everyone’s got this new attitude since Rudy got on the team… Even Devlin is feeling confident! Damn! Lets go Raptors!

  21. Devlin may have been harsh, but he wasn’t lying. He should have turned to Wale and said “are you angry because you think you’re more popular than drake?” Wale would be a bit rattled by that

  22. so you get your name mentioned on national tv for the first time, and it bothers you?? All of a sudden you have “beef” with a 50 year-old white guy basketball commentator, who probably ( in the age of social media) just prompted 1000′s of people to go looking you up on iTunes, and twitter possibly giving you thousands of new fans, and you want to go and talk trash to the guy…wow. Sure was funny to watch though

  23. this wale guy is a joke… does he think it makes himself look gangsta to confront a broadcast dork on TV..makes him look like a fool even more if u ask me…just another Nobody rapper trying to gain publicity!! i bet Ghetto Concept sold more records!!!!!

    like Stickey said “theres so many wack rappers out there i dont know where to aim at”!!!!

  24. The hilarious thing is the wiki description on google basically confirms everything Matt Devlin says, well it doesn’t mention the Drake part, but I think that is pretty easy to figure out on your own.
    Ralph Victor Folarin, better known by his stage name Wale, is a Nigerian-American LOCALLY_KNOWN rapper from Washington, D.C. Wale was born to Nigerian parents. He rose to prominence in 2006, when his song “Dig Dug” became popular IN HIS HOMETOWN.”

  25. The “average white ass” as sotruuu said might know who Wale is, now that he’s doing stuff with Seinfeld! Now who is selling out?

  26. First sign you’re not a significant rapper: you apparently can’t afford Tuesday night tickets to see the Wiz play the Raptors for your crew, who could have handled this for you.


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