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With Family Day here in Ontario interrupting our usual Monday schedule, we decided to postpone our weekly podcast until Trade Deadline Day. And what do you know, Bryan Colangelo and the Basketball Gods rewarded us with something to talk about in the form of a Sebastian Telfair blockbuster!

In all seriousness though, the minor deal does address a need, and in this week’s edition of RaptorBlog Radio, we touch on that. In addition, Drew, Oliver and I discuss the playoff race, Andrea Bargnani still being here, Terrence Ross’ dunk contest title and Friday night’s upcoming game against the Knicks.

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Let the Sebastian Telfair Era begin…

Comments (11)

  1. The way things are going, I think Andrea is going to keep NBAing for us for the next 10 years.

  2. Bargnani will be here forever, still don’t believe BC seriously tried to trade him.

    You’re going to have to get rid of BC to get Andrea off this team.

    • I’m pretty sure he tried, he went public and basically said they’re shopping him. Too bad primo sucks so much that nobody wants him.

      • Agreed. I’m pretty sure BC shopped Bargs hard but found nothing. It’s not hard to imagine there were no real deals to make. The guy’s having the worst season of his career, is clearly not adjusting to the sixth man role (which is the only role teams would probably want to use him in), and still has a few years at $10 million left on his contract. Who would want to take that on unless you agree to take their own junk back?

    • Oh, Im sure BC tried. Its his fault tho for not trading him a few years ago when he should have and bargs had value. Im actually terrified and very concerned that we may very well see bargs finish up his contract here. Nobody wants him. He is not going to rebuild his value the rest of the season. He sucks. It will be the same story again in the offseason. Cant find any takers for the guy. The raptors might have to resort to trading a more useful player such as amir johnson and a young player such as ross to upgrade the pf position.

    • Bargnani’s incredible regression as a player this past year has all but destroyed his trade value and I don’t see a scenario where it gets better as he’s lost his starting job, as well as the backing of the fans, the coaches, and the general manager.

      If the Boozer deal was all that was on the table I must say I’m happy Colangelo didn’t bite.

  3. I would have dealt Bargnani for Josh McRoberts.

  4. Should have seen what we could’ve gotten from Sacremento; it seems like their owner is driving them into the ground anyways.

    • today is puzzling for me, how is it Houston make away with Thomas Robinson for scraps? and Eric maynor got traded for 2nd rd picks? And we ended up with TELFAIR??? either one of these guys would’ve made more impact than Telfair

      • I haven’t seen much of Maynor, but his numbers indicate he’s absolutely awful. Robinson is the best player in that deal, but the others are hardly scraps. Patterson probably has similar value to Ed Davis. Ok, Aldrich is a scrap. Point is, Robinson wasn’t going to be a Raptor for anything you’d want to give up.

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