Toronto Raptors v Sacramento Kings

I spent quite a few words on the booing of Andrea Bargnani in my “Thoughts On the Game” post on Friday night, but with Kyle Lowry tweeting in support of Bargnani and against the booing from the home crowd, I feel somewhat obliged to address the issue again in its entirety.

To start, I’ll point out that I don’t fault Lowry at all. In fact, I like that Lowry is taking on a leadership role for this Raptors team and that he’s sticking up for his teammate. As much as I understand and can relate to the fan angst over Bargnani, seeing Lowry backing his teammate in a public setting like twitter, even when it’s the obviously unpopular thing to do, is great.

Now as for the booing, as I’ve pointed out a number of times recently, I don’t support booing a player on the home team when he simply enters the game, no matter how bad his season or career has been. I’m fine with refusing to applaud or cheer for the player in question when his name is announced, but again, save the booing for once he’s actually in the game and “earning” the boos, so to speak.

And that brings me to the real point of this post, that other than the booing of his entrance, Raptors fans have every reason to jeer Andrea Bargnani when he puts forth the effort, or rather the lack of effort we’ve seen from him. We’re not talking about Rafael Araujo here, who simply wasn’t good enough and couldn’t do anything about it. We’re talking about an insanely talented player who has shown the ability to be a big-time player in the NBA when he simply feels like it, but who lacks the desire to ever prove it consistently. And no, Bargnani’s magical 13-game stretch to start last season doesn’t count as “consistently,” as encouraging as his performance in that stretch was.

Too many times in his seven-year career, Bargnani has cost the Raptors a chance at a rebound, a loose ball or a defensive stop because he looks incapable of expending too much energy, unwilling to get dirty or get on the floor and sometimes embarrassingly enough, incapable of extending his arms or even bending his knees past halfway. Along the way, all of that indifference has translated to plenty of cost games as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so blinded by my disappointment in Bargnani to naively believe that he is the be all and end all behind the Raptors’ struggles over the years, but it would be equally naive to dismiss the large role Andrea and his careless attitude has played in that futility.

When a player of Bargnani’s skillset and potential is held scoreless and registers a feeble two rebounds, one steal and one block in 35 minutes of action over two games, which is exactly what he’s done over Toronto’s last two home contests, while demonstrating the very lack of hustle and heart that has repulsed Raptors fans over his career, what in God’s name do you expect the paying customer to do? Again, I’m not advocating booing a home team player because of two bad games or a few “off” nights, but when those no-shows are a result of a lack of effort and the player in question has been knocked for said lack of effort and intensity his entire career, you better believe that the crowd has the right to voice their displeasure.

And if you think this perception of Bargnani is merely something that Raptors fans and media members have concocted foolishly in their own mind, I assure you, anyone who watches the big Italian play is left thinking along the same lines. Take it away, Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, who tweeted his thoughts on Bargnani’s performance Friday night…

It’s especially ironic to hear the organization ask for fans to be patient and a little less harsh on Bargnani when Andrea’s famed caliper test results – the “off the charts” results which showed “Bargnani is virtually oblivious to what others think of him” – surely played a part in his No. 1 overall selection in the 2006 Draft. So what happened to that? Il Mago is suddenly vulnerable to fans’ and outsiders’ opinions after seven years?

Andrea Bargnani’s no slouch of a basketball talent. He’s not “soft,” as most pundits lazily label him because of his lack of rebounding and perceived lack of defence. He’s actually a lot tougher than fans give him credit for and doesn’t mind mixing it up with any opposing big who chooses to talk trash or tries to push him around. He’s also a near elite one-on-one post defender (though Bargnani’s lack of understanding of help-defence and his pathetic rebounding effort will always limit him from ever being a true defensive presence). Bargnani’s problem has nothing to do with talent or toughness, at least not physically. It has to do with pure desire, and that’s unforgivable to the average hard working fan for a guy making eight figures to play basketball.

If you ask me, fans at the Air Canada Centre should remain silent among Bargnani’s introduction to a game and should treat his entrance with the same indifference that Andrea has treated his basketball career with for the majority of the last seven years. Give him a chance to prove himself on a nightly basis since you can never be sure which Andrea will show up from possession to possession, let alone from game to game. If good Bargnani shows up, applaud and cheer the effort. But if bad Bargnani takes the floor on that particular night, as has been the case far too often this season, boo and jeer the lack of effort loudly enough that the organization as a whole finally comes to realize that this city and this fanbase won’t accept loafters.

That’s not the mark of a mean, harsh or disloyal fanbase. It’s the honest reaction of a very loyal, very patient yet very passionate fanbase to a player who hasn’t done nearly enough to earn the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. He doesnt help himself when he trashes the team on the radio .. I do believe he has done that twice now in 2 yrs . Trashes the team gets hurt they start killing the season . He made his name bad all on his own . Someone needs to snap on him again . I remember bosh doing it to him in a game. He just let him have it and he played decent for the rest of the yr . Someone needs to lace it into him when he misses a rebound or doesnt rotate

    • ”Trashing” is a bit much. The comments that went were often shared without context, just the media being sensationalists.

      • Trashing the team..

        LOL he said we were the worst team, we were in last. We were the worst team. Media made a big deal about nothing.

        • He also said he was playing the best basketball of his career ? The guy is garbage , he goes down and the team turns the boat around and starts winning a hell of alot more . I just think he is useless . His stat lines are comical . Anyone that sticks up for him at this point has the same i.q as him . 7 yrs and still cant rebound the ball .. I dont even remember the last time he had a double double if any . Crowd pays good money to watch raptors and you get a 7 foot retard for product . Is resonible at this point . 7 yrs is enough

    • I think that’s one of the biggest reasons behind the booing. I mean, even before he was injured it wasn’t like he was setting the world on fire or showing anymore signs of ‘passion’ or ‘effort’. Other than the Detroit game, even before he was injured he played with the same level of effort and indifference.

      Instead, I do think it was his comments that sparked the booing (coupled with the fact that I do believe the franchise, especially BC, have labeled him as the main scapegoat almost indirectly). Now his ‘comments’ might not have been that offensive and they could have been taken out of context, but the way the media works you just can’t fight it. Also, our fanbase sometimes isn’t the smartest when it comes to booing so it’s not hard to believe his comments are the main reason behind it.

      I do think that if he never did that Italian interview he wouldn’t be booed. But since it’s happening, the only real solution is for him to shut the fans up with his game, and honestly he doesn’t even have to hit game-winners or drop 50 points. He just has to do the dirty work that Raptor fans love seeing their players do; he just has to hustle, go all out, and put it all out there…though I guess that’s tougher for him to do than dropping 20 points.

  2. Great article. I completely agree with this.

  3. Raptors fans are probable the worst fans in history like i understand hes not playing well but you shouldnt boo ur own player on ur own team like that thats a shame on toronto fans

    This is why vince carter chris bosh and tracy mcgrady left you shitty fans i hope you guys learn when derozan rudy gay and lowry walk away from the raptors you guys WORST FANS IN THE NBA

    • You’re a moron. Learn to spell.

    • If you don’t know the actual reason why those guys left, then don’t comment. 7 years of this guy on the court has caused fans to visually vomit.

    • This has to be the dumbest comment I have ever seen.

    • Priceless and flawless logic. Hopefully your keyboard has no sharp edges.

    • Great grammar and punctuation. No capital letters, no commas or periods. The “ur” should be “your”. Get it together.

    • If you think Raptors fans are the worst for booing their own players….go watch a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park, and then reconsider your conclusion there. Or a Yankees game any time Arod strikes out in the playoffs.

    • Hey faggot, they have every right to boo him, your probably a New York fan which doesn’t say much about you guys, you go on a 4 game losing streak and all of a sudden it’s “panic mode/season is over/we can’t compete for a championship” gimme a fucking break man. Get out of hear with the worst fans in the NBA when clearly we know that title goes to either Charlotte or ATL

    • Do people think the booing is going to make him play better? The whole thing is just ridiculous. Booing once for bad play is one thing, but continually booing him when he’s checking into the game is a good way to make sure he never regains his confidence. Toronto fans are bush league. How about we get on our opponents to help our team instead of trying to undermine our own? If you don;t like the product, don’t go to the game simple as that, booing banana gives you nothing except more to boo about.

  4. I agree with the fact he is not soft as people call him. I love his one on one defense but his help defense is pathetic. I think he might need to get out of T.O to reach some of his potenial.

  5. I’m just as frustrated with the Bargnani situation as anyone.

    I agree with the nightly performance evaluation instead of this immediate booing bullshit.

    As a fan, watching last nights game when the booing started, I just felt embarrassed to be associated to that fan base.

    Has anyone who is doing this or supports it thought of what it does to the rest of the team and the locker room?

    He’s hardly playing anyway. Try to ignore the financial aspect and just think of him as someone who goes in and spaces the floor for the guys who are actually contributing to winning games now. He’s stuck with the team until the offseason. Guarantee BC moves him then and until now, why not just focus on the core group of guys on the team that are showing a pretty promising glimpse into the teams future.

  6. if Bargs wants the booing to stop..use it as motivation, have some heart & pride to fight through it a have a stretch of decent play, the boo’s will stop SIMPLE.. as it stands he is a shit player who has NO spine!! sounds like he could do with a session with Dr. Phil !!!!

    T.O fans will respect & cheer for the biggest scrubs in the game if they show Heart/Hustle/Hardwork/Toughness..bargs has none of those!

    • That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. How has a fanbase spewing hatred at their own player ever motivated anyone? Raptors fans are creating a poisonous atmosphere for what? To make themselves feel like they’ve made a point? Or apparently in some misguided attempt to motivate Bargnani? At least if the boos were in response to his actual play it would make sense, but these fans are booing before he even gets a touch, no wonder he isn’t motivated.

      • sure, but seriously, dude gets pain $10 M a year. Does he really need/deserve coddling? He’s a professional athlete, paid to bring it every game.

        If he’s checking out because of a couple boos when he gets a touch, he doesn’t deserve to be in the NBA.

  7. I think the “innocence until proven guilty” attitude from this article isn’t deserved by Bargnani at all. He’s getting paid a shitload of money while he has no issues bashing the team and not caring, and we’re supposed to give him the benefit of the doubt until we actually see him not caring – again?
    He should be booed from the start, and he should be all over the floor trying to win back the silence, in my opinion.

  8. I’m extremely disappointed in my fellow Raptors fans for their actions, but I’ve also accepted that Bargnani fully brought this on himself. The guy is super talented, and has all the tools to be a perennial All Star, but he simply doesn’t care. 7 feet tall and can’t be bothered to rebound or get “dirty” in the post. Toronto fans, and most NBA fans in general, don’t care THAT much if you can score 30 points with your eyes closed, What they REALLY want is a guy who goes out there and plays like he’s dying of cancer and has just until the end of the game to live. THAT, is what separates Bargnani, from guys like Quincy Acy.. Not a good thing for Bargs,

    • That has never been his game and never will be. The sooner people stop expecting bargnani to be some hard-nosed banger the sooner they will stop being disappointed. We knew when we picked him up that he didn’t rebound and these idiots keep thinking they can somehow turn him in goddamn Charles Oakley. He is what he is, a tall shoot first forward and he’s never pretended be anything but. No one booed Calderone for being the worst defensive point guard this team has ever seen and he makes the same loot as bargnani, but some how when it’s bargnani playing good one-on-one d but failing to rebound or rotate this is all of sudden the worst thing ever? Get a grip people.

    • “Play like he’s dying of cancer” maybe the worst analogy for playing hard I have ever heard.

  9. What’s strange is that I barely see his teammates give him the ball.

    I admit AB needs to work much harder to get open, at the same time it’s as if the offense swings the ball away from him.

  10. If we’re to boo Bargnani for bad performances, shouldn’t we be doing the same when Anderson wrongly takes on the role of #1 offensive option and starts jacking up ill-advised shots? How about when John Lucas is 17 seconds into the shot clock running a stagnant offense and just dribbling aimlessly? Or when Rudy Gay forces it into the lane
    (and three defenders) in crunch time, or forces contested shots because he’s so concerned with being THE GUY? I don’t see fans picking on individual players then.

    Listen, I understand that it’s the history of uninspired play that most people have a problem with. I get that Bargnani’s lack of effort and seven-year resume are the bottom line when it comes to the booing and the resentment Toronto fans have for Bargs. But it’s a little bit of a double standard we’re holding him to here. I am in the top percentile of Bargnani haters, I can *guarantee* you that — I’ve been pushing for a trade for years now — but I just don’t think it’s fair what fans are putting him through. Forget this “caliper test” and stop holding this Colangelo assessment against him, I think it’s a little petty. I’ve never heard Bargnani say he doesn’t car what people think of him. How could he, or anyone, not be affected by the treatment he’s been getting from fans? And what good are we doing booing him? The organization knows fans aren’t content and won’t put up with lack of effort, and they’ve finally acknowledged they won’t tolerate it either. So let’s play this season out as positively as we can and trust management to do the right thing when the time comes, in the summer. Casey will pull him from games if he’s ineffective, and Colangelo will get rid of him when he can. For now, he’s a Raptor. No use publicly lynching the guy. No one’s going to benefit from that. Let’s treat him like we do every other player, and see what happens. If he’s still shitting the bed and showing sub-par effort, then I completely understand (and will partake in) the booing. But I think the hate has gotten out of control, and I’m willing to partially blame the media’s recent blasting of the guy for that.

    • should read: I’ve never heard Bargnani say he doesn’t *care what people think of him.

      • I also see the above comments (and the inherent assumption in this post) which assume that Bargnani isn’t trying. I think it’s tough to make that assumption. We have no idea what what’s going on in that Primo pasta-filled head of his. I don’t think Bargnani’s body language has ever been great, even on his best days. I can’t say definitively that he is giving his absolute all, either — that’s not what I’m trying to say. However, I’m still willing to bet that he certainly cares more than most people give him credit for. I just really don’t think it comes across as obviously as it does with most guys and yes, I’ll be the first to say it, that he gives 100% all the time. That said, to paint him as a guy who doesn’t care at all is a little much. I just think that’s his demeanor, as Colangelo and others have said of him before (“it may not look like he cares, but he does,” that he’s competitive, things along those lines). I think Kyle Lowry would be the LAST guy to stick up for someone if he thought he didn’t care or put forth any effort.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The Raptors are a team full of inconsistency. Bargnani has never made me as frustrated ever as games when Alan Anderson thinks he is the man and shoots terribly. And Rudy Gay needs to shoot better shots. He’s the Raptor hero for now, but once people learn how stats work and see that he often shoots well below .500, will he be booed out of town? Most nights Bargnani shoots better than Gay just takes less than half the shots because he doesn’t get a chance to prove his worth. Too many wasted shots on this team. They are getting better at feeding the ball to the hot hand but they need to remove the selfish play..

  11. Sure, wait to see how he plays before booing. But the problem is some fans see one missed shot and start in on the jeers. At what point do you think it’s acceptable to start booing? Is there a shot count? I remember he went 0-for-3 on one possession (last game or the game before?). That required some hustle just to get the ball back. He missed shots. It happens. But to say he was loafing when he gets three shots on one possession is a stretch. I agree, though, he should get in there and board.

    But all you guys in support of booing, do you not support Lowry? If the team doesn’t want to hear booing of one of their own, and you support the rest of the team, why wouldn’t you at least heed his wishes?

  12. Booing any player on the home team is ridiculous to me. Just because someone pays for a ticket doesn’t give them the right to just do whatever they please. That’s like me booing a cashier at the grocery store, because they forgot to pack my apples in a bag. Such a gesture only makes this fanbase look bad, especially when another player on the same damn team feels the need to address it through Twitter. I’m not sure how kicking Bargnani while he’s down is supposed to motivate him to play better.

    I’ve witnessed this garbage while growing up watching Leafs games (Larry Murphy and Bryan McCabe come to mind), and it makes me embarrassed as a fan of the Raptors, knowing that what I thought was a smarter and more reasonable group of fans has resorted to this garbage.

    • Bargnani deserves to be booed until he puts up significant numbers. These guys are playing their hearts out, they don’t need a player who isn’t going to do the same.

      • bargnani plays for the raptors, therefore if you are a Raptors “fan”, you should be supportive of him so that he feels the need to play to his potential. dont be so stupid, these guys are not robots and the overall hatred of Bargnani is completely hearltess and shows the lack of class that most Toronto fans have.

  13. This guy needs to get moved, I agree with Glendon. He doesnt give it his all, hes rated the “softest player in the league” in an article I read. Hes an overpayed-underachiever that blames the team for their termoil. Put the team in a (4-17) start to the season after he got injured and called this team the worst team in the league, i dont know about you guys but i think our (Toronto) fans have a right to boo this guy. Aaron Gray goes out there every night and plays like his contract is on the line and if you ask me thats what this team needs. I would trade Bargnani for a cup of Ovalteen .

  14. Keep booing and watch when lowry, derozan and gay leave you stupid canadians haha FUCKING IDIOTS LEARN TO RESPECT YOUR OWN PLAYERS

    • @JR
      I rather “Boo” then act like an Americans – which would be”shoot with guns” the people we jeer and ask questions later!. It’s typical for a Yank to cowardly hide behind their keyboard with big tough words!

  15. Next game i am going to score 15+ points 6 rebounds. You guys Have no respect for me

  16. @Teddy Graham..

    If you can’t see for your own eyes, the lack of Bargnani’s passion and hustle (Or any player when they have checked out), then that’s too bad for you. One doesn’t need to be a “scout” to see the difference in a player who cares and who doesn’t care! you don’t need to know what is going on in their head – Bargnani is wearing his heart on his sleeve right now.
    Why your example of Anderson and company not being treated like Bargnani is simple. They care and Bargnani doesn’t – Yeah Anderson misses, but hits too – he hustles – he mixes it up with the other team – he plays defense…enough for you!??!… maybe in his head AB cares, but in his actions he displays on the court, he doesn’t! If you can’t see that, then I personally cannot take your opinion seriously.
    I watched the Knicks feed last night, and the announcers were talking up big about how Bargnanii consistently displayed a lack of interested…they talked like they couldn’t believe how obvious it was – they mentioned his lack of hustle and his lack of effective playing, it was an on and off topic they whole time AB played.

    • I’ve watched every single game this year and for the most part of the last several years. I have seen the consistently poor effort, and I’ve also seen the inconsistent flashes of greatness. You don’t need to feel sorry for me. You can discount my opinion based on an assumption that you’re making that may very well not be true (that *anyone* should be able to see he gives *no* effort). And feel free to base your judgements on what the Knicks commentators believe about Bargnani, because surely they are experts on body language and effort, as you are. Look, I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to be criticized and I’m definitely not saying Bargs is Alan Anderson when it comes to effort. It’s obvious he’s not. But I personally don’t believe it’s our duty as a fan base to make him aware of this DURING GAMES, but rather to show support.

      I know exactly what everyone is saying. I know exactly where the frustration is coming from. Bottom line for me is, I just don’t see how anything positive is going to come of this booing, and that the hatred has gone to new, unwarranted levels (to the point of irrational thinking and public venting). He could be a useful player for us in our playoff push, but it’s going to be that much harder with this garbage from the fans.

      • @Teddy Graham

        Myself (nor the Kicks commentators) need a degree in counseling or psychiatry to determine or “base judgment” on obvious human behavioral actions. Its like if he was happy and smiling or hanging his head and moping, I think I would be able to see that he is either happy or sad – I have the talent at my adult age to determine certain human behaviors, thanks!…so do 99.9% of the people watching him – including you who admitted, he doesn’t always give his all. To say his behavior, actions and body language (which is fact because we all can see it) is subject to what is going on his head, is silly!

        • I guess what it boils down to is, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt that he IS trying because I don’t see how he, a professional basketball player, can go out there and not try. But I will say, as I have been earlier, that I just don’t know if he has that internal drive, x-factor, desire to win, or whatever you want to call it that really makes a good and/or hard-working player. I fully acknowledge that he doesn’t dive for loose balls as much as he should, help/rotate on team defense like he should, and other things of that nature. But I do also believe that his demeanor short-changes his actual desire a little bit, and fans are really harping on this perceived complete lack of effort.

          And further to that, I know Bargnani probably doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt because we’ve seen this act again and again over Bargs’ tenure in Toronto. But what I also know is that I genuinely feel bad for the guy, and that’s just my humane side talking. Like I’ve said above (not to be a broken record), I hate Bargnani. But I do feel for him. I don’t think he deserves this. It seems since this injury, he’s gotten a much shorter leash from fans because the media harped on how much better this team was without him (their record certainly reflects that), and planted that seed in a lot of fans’ minds that he was a poison. He’s in one of his classic dry spells, but since we have him for the rest of the year, should we not be rooting for him to get out of his funk and help us on our desperate playoff push? Because I think a lot of us have forgotten, when he is on his game, despite all his many flaws, he still provides a lot of positives for the team too. Bottom line, again, I just don’t see any way in which booing him benefits anyone.

          • Maybe if he showed contrition, like a “mea culpa” to the fans via the press, Raptors fans would be more sympathetic. The last thing we’ve heard from him was his belief that the Raptors were the worst team in the league.

            The booing could have a positive effect. It would make it clear to management and Bargnani himself that the fans do not want him around. Booing is the only leverage fans have.

          • @Teddy Graham
            Feeling bad for him is alright – means you care, nothing wrong with that….I guess for me, I stopped caring enough about him!

            IMO him and Jose need to move on from this team – its time. Jose is gone and we are 7-3 (Jose’s team by the way who was on a 4 game win streak before he got there are now 4-6 since the trade)…I was hoping AB was next at the deadline – but I will say that maybe with a better ball distributor like Telfair, AB’s game will improve enough to actually help this team and help the upgrade chances of something decent in return this summer for his services.

  17. How do some of the above ppl think that booing him will help improve his game. I agree you can boo if he comes out and plays like garbage and deserves it. Demotivating him by booing before he walks on the court isn’t going to help him play better. He’s going to continue to play, accept it. At this point everyone should be encouraging him as a Bargnani that puts in half decent numbers can only improve this team.

    On another thought…

    Andrea Bargnani WILL become the 1st Raptor player to get louder and an even more negative reaction then Vince Carter, when he comes to T.O. in another uniform.

    • @J May
      I don’t think anyone believes that AB’s game will improve by booing – its just that when there is not refund for a hugely bought item whne its faulty or a compliant department or a in store credit given back for a faulty product – the fans have no other way of saying “I paid lots of money and this product is not working or this product sucks”…unless you have another suggestion that doesn’t include doing nothing, then lets hear it.
      I wonder would Maple Leafs Entertainment ever put a product caution on for the paying customer!???…Something like “buyer beware, our 10 million dollar guy will show up tonight, play, shoot some baskets but won’t care or hustle enough for the teams benefit”….do think they would ever say that while they charge us 200$ (in and about’s) per ticket!??? if they did – then your right, we have no right to boo.

    • (1) “demotivating” is not a word. Did you mean “discouraging”?

      (2) “He’s going to continue to play. accept it”
      No. Raptors fans don’t and can’t accept it. We want him out. BOOO!!!!!!

  18. If a paying customer cannot boo – the I ask what can they do to get “replacement value” for the product they are paying for? else do they voice frustration?
    Can I get a refund on my ticket?
    Can I complain to a supervisor or manager about the broken product?
    Can I get a refund on tickets already bought?
    Can I take back my Bargnani jersey and get Maple leafs sports to give me a store credit?- the product is faulty!
    Will the cable companies that charge me extra for the extra sports channels that I paid to watch refund a part of my money for AB’s lack of playing? – the charged me full value to watch him!…I just don’t understand, why AB gets to earn close to 200,000$ dollars a game that we all invested into and we just have to sit there and watch him NOT CARE! – we are OK with slumps, but consistently showing no hustle, passion or heart is a kick in the paying customers NUTS! So now, we just have to sit here and be polite to him!..that’s the suggestion!

    Question: How many of us would keep our jobs if we went to work and put in 50% or less effort? What if we hurt ourselves, went on two months of workman’s comp, came back, then was sick for 4 days and took that time off, came back and put in minimal effort forcing my co-workers to pick up the slack. How long would we keep our jobs acting like that? Well remember, when your suggesting that the fanbase not boo AB for all what is gone on, remember that while you make roughly 100$ – 250$ (if your lucky) per day – AB is making close to 200,000$ a day and that money comes from US….It cost us a whole days pay (close too or more) for most tickets – Do you think AB would be fine or happy paying 200,000$ for a “broken” product!???..not once, but multiple time??…I don’t
    Also, when these players come to Free Agency – are these the situations they are bringing up when they say Andrea Bargnani is worth 10 million a year!????….are those Agents giving back some of the money, because its a fact AB is giving less then 100% effort but collecting 100% pay!…is that fair!???

    • Caring is fine. But do you want your team to win? What do you stand to gain from this angry attitude? Is it going to have ANY benefit in any way? Are we going to win more? Is Bargnani going to disappear? I just don’t understand what positives come from booing.

      • @Teddy Graham

        Under your logic, I should do nothing. Showing “dislike” on my lack of dollar value is negative and won’t change anything – so does doing nothing change Him? How will I really know if Bargnani is upset that he is ripping me off?
        If the Raptors had a “customer service complaint department for players” I would take it up with them and not boo, but they don’t. So I take it up with AB – if he doesn’t want to play or hear my complaints, don’t play and give back the money you get to play at a certain level…simple!

        Question: You want an addition built on your house, you have 20 grand to spend. A guy comes in and says I’ll build your addition for 20 grand and this is what you’ll get for your cost and it will be done in two months. BUT, it takes six months and the final product is no where near worth 20 grand – do you complaint and show your dislike or do you do nothing and eat it because it’s negative?
        I would like to believe you feel you deserve the full value of product for the money spent!? Why does Bargnani get a flyer when he and his agent are charging the Raptors 10 million a year and the Raptors are charging us (not to mention the cable companies and the internet companies, and the clothing company using their logos of my favorite team charging us on their behalf), but the product on the basketball court is not of full value from AB? As a team, its a full value product as individuals (as they are paid) its not with all players. In a union setting, those players are called “deadwood employee’s” and they hurt the over all value of the union for the whole team.

        • Yes, I would rather you do nothing. Because as fans, what we do can in no way change the reality that Bargnani is a Raptor. In your example, you have the right and the control in that situation to do something yourself about it. In this case, what can you do that is going to result in your desired outcome? Booing the guy is going to do accomplish nothing positive. I agree that we should all feel frustrated with Bargnani. But as fans, WHAT can we do? That’s up to the coaches and the management. They will (or should) play him according to his effort and what he’s bringing to the table, and then deal him when they can/if they want to. I’m putting my trust in them to do those things properly.

          • @Teddy Graham
            “Booing the guy, what will come in your desired outcome”…makes me feel better. Feel like he knows I don’t care for the fact he sucks and is ripping off money out of my pocket! and I have the right to display that emotion – if you want to speak about negative. AB’s play is negative, he is acting in a negative way towards his team and the paying customer…7 years we have been patient with this guy to see only “flashes” of a number 1 pick – now I see a “who gives a shit” attitude on top of those 7 years…that’s negative. So I am letting him know…..makes me feel better, like I am getting value back for my money and time spent.

          • The whole, “I’m a fan! I pay for my ticket, so u can do whatever I want!” Excuse is so tired. Making the choice to buy a ticket doesn’t give you a free pass to act like a moron. Your not obligated to drop money on tickets to watch a game. Fans like you need to stop acting so goddamn entitled to everything.

        • Well said. I’m not sure why some of the people commenting have such an soft spot for AB. If you’ve played sports you know that AB isn’t trying. Bottom line man. All these suckers need to watch Bronx Tale. There’s a great scene in the movie where the kid is in love with Joe Dimaggio, and the Mafia boss asks him, “Does he give a shit about you? If you can’t pay your rent will he help you.” C’mon man, these guys are pros, booing him doesn’t mean you don’t support the raps. Tools…

  19. At the end of the day booing him doesnt do anything helpful. It will not make him player better, in fact it has made it worse. It is not a coincidence that he played his best ball under jay triano, the softest ,easiest coach the nba has ever had. Being hard on him wont work. STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT HE CANT DO! Just let him do what he can do. He can score. Let him start scoring, build his value and let BC do his job and trade him in offseason for a fair return. At this point the fans are making the situation worse and deflating any momentum and value he may have. If this keeps up BC will have no choice but to give him away. Which is a shame because despite his terrible play, the potential is still there to be an above average player. He may flourish under a new system and than the same raptor fans are going to be upset at BC for trading him.

    • Who’s to say it will be Colangelo who will be responsible for “give him away”? Bargnani and Colangelo can leave town on the same plane, as far as I’m concerned.

    • @the show

      How does us not booing allow him to score?

  20. Some Raptors fans are honestly pathetic. If he doesn’t care to play anymore, I don’t blame him.

  21. I still thinks Bargs tries, his game doesn’t exactly fit with the rest of the team, and he just has this unathletic lethargic look. But right now his confidence is at an all-time low, which hasn’t been helped by the media and fans, and he is trying to be unselfish with letting gay, derozan, and lowry have more of the ball. Injuries haven’t exactly helped his cause either. But determining effort and hustle is an extremely unscientific art, the fact is he has had to carry this team in the past, and he does done decently in previous years but he was just surrounded by garbage. He isn’t that great, which we know, but booing his perceived lack of effort is BS.

    • I agree, and whatever about anything else it’s unfair to hold someone to higher standards because they were drafted number 1 – this is something the player has no control over. Being drafted number 1 but not being good enough to be a franchise player (and not just skills-wise) is the fault of the organisation not the player.

      • @ALB
        but what is his fault is – He and his agent “negotiated a price value on him at 10 million a year. To do this, it means AB’s agent sells his skills and projections of what he can do and sells that to the team. The team agree’s…pays out 100% of their commitment, the fans pay out 100% of their commitment, and AB doesn’t own up to his 100% of the commitment (and not because of injury) so this is in his control. The way you act is your control and certain is in his – stop giving him excuses!

  22. I dont agree with booing him necessarily but i am pleased to see the fan base voice their displeasure with the organization. For far too long the organization has gotten away with putting fringe nba talent on the floor . Its about time raptor fans said something about it . Its unfortunate that this is the way in which it occurred

  23. I dont agree with booing him necessarily but i am pleased to see the fan base voice their displeasure with the organization. For far too long the organization has gotten away with putting fringe nba talent on the floor . Its about time raptor fans said something about it . Its unfortunate that this is the way in which it occurred.

  24. Watching the game last night – felt bad for Barnes. As much as he’s been portrayed as a ‘talented’ player with just a lack of motivation, perhaps its more of a talent issue that perpetuates lack of motivation.

    For example, Barnes has only one move which he uses over and over again. Head fake that no one falls for and tries to lean into the opposing player trying to draw a foul. When left open he’s deadly – but then again, most half decent NBA players can hit open shots consistently.

    Just because he’s a 7-footer with decent range, doesn’t really make him a ‘talented’ player by any means. Most euro-league centers can shoot from that range as well. He’s been overrated by media, sports analyst, BC, etc…hence, he’s had to live up to this expectation without really having the ability to do so – very discouraging for someone who just doesn’t have it in him.

    Yes, he’s also very lack-luster in his approach, but only a handful of players are hard working. As in any organization, Talent can only take a person so far, the rest is effort. Barnes lacks both, and frankly as fans we should be angry at BC, not at Barnes.

    BC is the real reason Barnes is still here after 7yrs, with a huge contract. BC has pushed his agenda and made some huge mistakes. Landry Fields, Pietrus are his most recent dumb moves. He’s maxed out Raps cap space and now left holding the bag without any takers stupid enough to take Fields or Barnes.

    Stop booing Barnes, start booing BC!

  25. I disagree with the booing because it could benefit the raptors if barg plays well and the boos takes every confidence he has away. He obviously needs to be traded this off season for whatever value he has because he clearly doesn’t belong on this team if he performs like this every night. But if fans stop booing then I think he’ll have a good role, improve his trade value and hopefully Toronto gets something good back in return.

    • No. I have this feeling that when Bargs start playing well for the last few games the management and some fans would think again of his upside and the cycle of believing in Bargnani would again continue. Giving Colangelo another reason keep him Case and point the infamous 13games gave the Raps hope of what Bargs can do and eventually deciding not to deal him when his value was at an all time high.

  26. 7 years of disappointment……cry me a river about some boos. Primo pasta deserves every boo he gets.

    Play with some effort… that is all us fans ask. For fuck sakes your job is to put a blown-up rubber ball through a metal hoop with string.

    Entertain me!!!!

  27. Too many hockey fans going to the Rap’s games. It occurred to me that fans want a losing team….because it’s more fun to boo than it is to cheer.
    Booing your own team, and that’s what’s happening here, will back fire, but the hockey fans don’t care. They want the team to lose to prove they’re right.

    No way quality players like Gay or Lowry will stay with this team when their contracts expire after seeing how the bush league fans react like this.

    Bargs was never a star calibre player, yet management promoted him as a star and paid him star money. Not his fault. All these years fans bought what management sold without question, now we see him for what he really is, a limited player, like a hundred other players in the league.

    Don’t blame Bargs, he’s only doing his thing, blame management for pulling the wool over our eyes all these years, expecting that fans won’t know what real talent is anyway.

    If you want to send a meaningful message, don’t boo, boycott the game instead. Your money is what it’s all about.

    Don’t boo Bargs, the team is playing well and deserve support in the push for a play off spot.

  28. I can’t understand why you self-righteous ppl abuetting so sensitive about Bargnani being booed. To say someone has issues or they’re pathetic because they boo him is ridiculous. If you ask me, any fan of this team that is so against the booing, really isn’t a fan at all…& probably hasn’t watched the 7 heartless years this guy has performed in the uniform that’s supposed to represent OUR city while we pay him a hefty salary.

    I can understand why someone wouldn’t boo him, but to all the ppl that are overreacting to the boos: shut up & get over it, the guy has earned them.

    • Are getting so sensitive *

    • And just because Toronto fans boo their own player, doesn’t make them bush league and all this sissy bullshit you guys are coming up with…it shows that we’re passionate about the game, we know exactly what’s going on and we’re gonna voice our displeasure the only way we can. It’s not like he hasn’t had a chance, he’s had plenty. Look at some of the markets where the pressure to perform is high and players are put under a microscope: Montreal Canadiens, New York Yankees, Chicago Bears….fans of those teams will most definitely boo a player for lack of effort, does that make them bush league? No..cause in all those cases, those fans are some of the most passionate & knowledgeable in the game.

      Quit bitching about the boos and change your tampons.

    • I agree with you. Anyone who thinks he doesn’t deserve it is either just a casual fan or simply not that knowledgeable about the game in general.

      That’s true about the other teams too. If you’re not scoring, fans can at least appreciate the effort in other aspects of the game. But frankly, when Bargnani isn’t scoring, he isn’t doing anything else to help the team.

      Reggie Evans is a great example of the opposite. The guy has zero offensive game, but you know he’s going to go all out to get the rebounds.

  29. Yes Duke – I was just going to say that!

    If it was me and I was told at work that I wasn’t working up to expectation….I wouldn’t cry and sulk and cave into a cocoon hoping mommy and day would come comfort me and massage my ego – especially if I made 200.000$ a day (NOT A YEAR) a day!. I would take it as a challenge to be better and prove to them I am not a “softy” or “bad worker/player”…AB takes the “wimp way” out and anyone who defends that are wimps with no soul to improve IMO…these are the same people that when told to “smarten up” they go to doctors and counselors and whine and cry and ask for pills to help through the factual criticism – they well deserved criticism, instead reaching down deep, controlling their insecurities and telling themselves it is time to change – change for the better. They rather give excuses and argue split-haired arguments to save their weak ability to be under performers.

  30. I hope he gets traded because I’m fed up with all these idiodic reactions. Bargnani is a scorer. He is not a rebounder, or an energy guy. Now that his role has changed and he is not the main scoring option and he’s coming off the bench, it’s natural for his scoring to suffer. But now that the elite scoring isn’t there, everyone says he’s not trying. He’s not rebounding enough, he’s not trying enough, he doesn’t play help defence, he doesn’t look like he cares enough. That’s hilarious. He is what he is, that’s not going to change because he is no longer a good fit on this team. The guy was drafted first overall, and nothing about his game has changed since then. (Hustle and defence wise). All these media types have been bashing him all year. They are just as sad as the paying fans that boo him. Fucking ridiculous. The guy has done nothing to deserve this.

  31. What the hell? This is longer than a PG controversy thread! I guess we all have to move on to something else now. Might as well whine about whether freedom of expression should be allowed at NBA games. Give it a rest. Boo. Don’t Boo. Do whatever you want. Just don’t get so pissy if the guy next to you is doing something different.

  32. I just don’t think it’s very smart to boo your team when they’re playing well. And yes, you are booing the team even if it’s only directed at one player.
    Support the team, finally we have something to cheer about.

  33. Bargnani deserves everything he’s getting right now. We’ve had to go through several years of him and fans are finally beginning to show their frustration. Colangelo appears to be too stubborn to get rid of him himself, so it’s good that the fans are finally helping the cause to let management know that he needs to be shipped out.

    If the guy can’t take it the boos and negativity, he’s clearly in the wrong career.

  34. Maybe booing isn’t the right thing, it discourages the whole team instead of pinpointing fan frustration on the pasta man. Why not chant primo or barny or 15k (this is what you pay per point).

  35. Im not a fan of booing the guy while the team is starting to play some great games together … This has been an exciting stretch of games why throw any negative vibes in the building.

    He will be gone in the off season … Boo him when he comes back next season in a new uniform not now.

    Go Raps Go!

  36. Lay off him raptors fans he’s better than you at basketball

  37. Barny is the outlet for the booing. Where the booing really resides is at the executive level. Bargnani should have been let go a while ago but stubbornness or politics is what kept Andrea in this position. The booing is for the executives and if the board hasn’t figured it out yet, they need to figure it out fast.

    Carter left and got boo’d cause he said he didn’t try in Toronto. Bosh got boo’d but it’s because the organization failed to build a team around him. Bargnani’s role needs to be reassessed. He’s never been what they wanted him to be, he’s never been what the fans wanted him to be and we’re stuck with who he is. He needs to be off the payroll and working else where where his game is accepted and we need the appropriate person to replace him.

    Time to move Bargnani… over due time. And yea… the boo’s are more more for the organization than Barns. Take the message and do something.

  38. toronto fans showing class. and they wonder why their great players leave? Would they be glad if he got a career ending injury? what a bunch of whiners this toronto team have. You expect him to play good? then surround him with great talents in the first place. clueless fans should just shut their mouth

    • Well… if you walked the mile in the Toronto fans shoes, you may have a greater understanding. When they went 2-17at the beginning of this season and he got injured as the “star” player, he said Toronto was the worst team in the NBA. Then they went on to play .500 basketball without him. Since his return as this marketed “star” player, he’s dropping easy passes, made lame turn overs, shot poorly from the field still cant rebound for a 7-footer.

      Although I agree with not booing your own player, and although I agree with his expectations were set too high. He is getting booed based on his own actions. If Bargnani wants to gain fan approval, he needs to do something about it. (or like I said in my comment, management wants to gain fan approval, they need to do something about him!)

      • that accusation was just something that got lost in translation. He could be saying they have the worst record right then but he was not blaming anyone or asking for a trade. He just pointed out they have a bad record and he may be unsatisfied with that as a player. The media then took it as a negative way and classy toronto fans believe he’s a bad player who bad mouths his team. Toronto fans don’t know how hard these type of players play and they boo him like he never cared for the franchise. Toronto fans are just ungrateful to who they think are bad players by name. Now watch as another great player leave toronto.

        • Well…. I wont argue there could be a misinterpreted message. His English ain’t great. But come on…

          His last 5 games have produced 15 points, 6 boards and 1 assist…. not averaged… totaled in 90 minutes.

          I used to play competitive sports and not being gifted with height, I eventually succumbed to an alternative career which required a lot of similar types of skill sets and countless hours of practice. What this guy is putting up for $10,000,000 a year is offensive. I can get the raps better numbers in my over aged, out of conditioned body. He needs to move on. The change would do both he and the raps good. It’s obvious he lacks motivation and it’s apparent he needs to get it from elsewhere.

          Change isn’t an insult.

  39. Simple solution, change his name to Boonani. Then he can be cheered or jeered him with the same sound and we can all move on to more important things.

  40. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if all the current momentum, good vibes and WINNING suddenly unravelled in a giant boo-gate situation, that basically comes down to fans ripping a player, when really the GM is the one who let things get OUT OF HAND.

  41. Couldn’t read all the comments, but one of the reasons the booing is stupid is because it can’t be good for the rest of the team. Think about how his teammates react…It’s a bad distraction. The thing that really bothers me about it is that I think it’s misplaced. Bargs is pretty much who he was on day 1…largely indifferent, pillow-soft, with flashes of talent. It’s not his fault his GM couldn’t do the right thing and part ways a long time ago.

    The only redeeming aspect of this booing to me is that it must eat away at BC. I don’t think I’ve seen too many people like him whose ego so outweigh their accomplishments. Fans can debate his worst move as a GM but I think you can easily make an argument that his commitment to a player so indifferent and soft, for so fucking long, is as big a badge of dishonour that he wears. Next to fans booing BC every time his face appears in the ACC, this is the next best thing.

    I guess the other redeeming thing about the booing is that people who argue that it’s affecting Andrea’s game/confidence have clearly forgotten about the caliper test. I’ll be making jokes about that one 20 years from now.

  42. I am not one who boos his own team but, on the other hand, I am one of those many fans who has slowly faded away until I am no longer seen. I have seen too many jacked shots, limited interest in play making, and defensive apathy from AB. I can’t watch any more. He has had ample time to improve like so many others have but he hasn’t. I doubt he even sees the inside of a gym during off season. Then look at the work that many of his teammates must go through. Basketball is the only sport I watch…now I switch channels. The disappointed I became with AB, the more I focused on him. And the more I focused on him, the more angry I got. There were times especially in defence where he actually stood completely still as opponents blew by him. No wonder he doesn’t get many fouls or rebounds, he has developed a knack to be just near enough to the basket to make it look like he’s trying to defend but , at the same time, carefully distancing himself from any actual opponent. As for the fans who are booing…give them some forgiveness…at least they,re still watching

  43. It’s weird cause fans are booing cause of his lack of effort, but Bargnani isnt a guy that will get himself motivated trying to prove himself to the fans. Either way Bargnani probably isnt going to try whether he gets booed or not

  44. All this talk of Bargs not caring is wrong. Remember last year when he was playing at that great all star level spree, then he had that bad calf injury? Remember him sitting on the bench tearing his hair out in anger and frustration at his injury, knowing it was significant?

    He hasn’t been the same since.

    Bargs isn’t perfect, but all this talk of his indifferent attitude is akin to bullying someone when they’re down,
    Don’t boo him.

    • Actually, I remember that very well. I also remember thinking, probably like a lot of other Raps fans, that this is the first time I’ve ever seen him with that kind of emotion. Again, it’s all about sample size with Bargs. Was that display of emotion more indicative of who he is than all the displays of indifference we’ve seen throughout the rest of his career? I was hoping like everyone else he had turned it around, somehow, against all odds. Turns out we didn’t witness a small miracle.

      Again, I wouldn’t boo him. I’m just trying to reinforce the point that one of the reasons it doesn’t make sense to boo him is that he hasn’t changed, so why boo him after this long?

      BC attached too much of his ego to seeing Andrea blossom into the player he imagined when he drafted him. He saw those 13 games last season and for him, it was literally like a dream come true. Unfortunately it took him too long to accept reality and he’s paying the price.

  45. Canadians…..pfft……when will they learn eh?

  46. Hey neutrino, of course I remember last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before. It,s all just a simple case of miscommunication. The fans shouldn’t,t express scorn towards someone for just being what they are. It,s not polite and feelings could get hurt. The man has really tried. But with what appears to be limited gym time during many offseasons Bargs is simply not equipped for the physical duress involved in doing his job. Thus no rebounding and no hard defence. Few fouls because that would require body contact. And even less assists despite a lot of ball touches and a lot of floor time. The fans have had enough of Bargs treating each game as a glorified shooting practice at the expense of a very hard working support cast. We could patiently wait for a miracle remedy but many coaches have tried and many have failed. They stopped getting paid…Barnagni didn’t. But to Boo or not to Boo…that is the question. The Canadian thing would be to say “I,m sorry I hurt your feelings. It is wrong to publicly scorn a person because they are disliked. But you have desecrated something which I once valued and I am truly upset.” So I guess we really shouldn’t boo. BUT the second question is: If that same person frequently walks by your house and shits on your property , at what point does one lose one,s composure? How much tolerance we afford before civility is sacrificed? We,re not bullying…not targeting someone for the joy of being mean. WE ARE PISSED. Have you ever observed that distant and forlorn gaze on a dog,s face when he nonchalantly shits on your property? Well I,m tired of seeing it on the basketball court.

  47. To all the people defending Bargnani and saying how we’re gonna hurt his feelings and all that nonsense: Just to put it in perspective, AB gets about $38,000.00 deposited into his bank account every 2 weeks (not including his lucrative deal with Primo pasta). If you can’t learn to box out, grab a rebound or dive on the floor for a loose ball, your ass deserves to get booed. It’s not like anyone is sending him death threats.

  48. Bottom line is the guy is getting paid more than he deserves; if fans are to boo anyone associated with the Raptors, it should be Colangelo.

    • Thumbs up. I think the boos are required and Bargnani shouldn’t feel the weight of it as much as the office should. That’s really where the boos are going. I think that message is finally getting sent.

  49. cant wait for bargs to get traded this summer and come back and shut all of you losers up.

    Really he’s probably the most talented guy on the team when he’s on and engaged, what’s the point of booing…he’s been off for 2 months, regualted a bench role where he NEVER touches the ball, and when he does you guys boo him…morons!

    • The last 2 months? Fans are booing cause of the last 7 years, and most of it has to do with the fact that he’s only ‘on and engaged’ when he feels like it…which is pretty much never!
      The most talented guy on the team? Not sure what you’ve been watching.

      Seems like just another casual fan trying to weigh in on things cause they watch raptors highlights every now n then.

  50. I understand Mr. Colangelo is trying to salvage his reputation that is put in the line with Mr. Bargnani’s performance. But recently it looks like AB’s presence in the court, has wrought damage than good result. The team and the fans had sacrificed enough.

  51. It’s too frustrating…raptors just lost to Cleveland. Mr. Bargnani shouldn’t have played. He is a poison.

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