Toronto Raptors v Indiana Pacers

The Raptors look to bounce back from a couple of disappointing losses and win the season series with the Pacers in the process.

Start time: 7:00 PM ET
Channel: TSN

Probable starting lineups
Toronto: Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay, Amir Johnson, Jonas Valanciunas
Indiana: George Hill, Lance Stephenson, Paul George, David West, Roy Hibbert

Injury report
Toronto: Linas Kleiza is out
Indiana: No injuries to report

Random Thoughts:

  • The Pacers are on the second night of a back-to-back after losing to the Clippers last night, the Raptors have won two of three games against Indiana this season and have been awful in their last two games against the Wizards and Cavs, so there is reason to believe they’ll bounce back with an upset against the Pacers tonight. Having said that, Indiana will have a boost tonight after Roy Hibbert served a one-game suspension against L.A. and the Raptors have yet to take on the Pacers this season with Danny Granger in the lineup. In three games since returning, Granger is averaging just 6.3 points on a wretched 25.9 per cent shooting in 18.7 minutes per game.
  • The last time these two teams met up in Indiana, fake “tough guy” Tyler Hansbrough took a cheap shot on Jonas Valanciunas. I’m really hoping that Valanciunas or another member of the Raptors looks to settle the score with Psycho T tonight. On that note, Valanciunas has enjoyed some of his best games against the Pacers this season, averaging nearly 12 points, over 10 rebounds and one block in just under 24 minutes per game in three games against Indiana.

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  1. When did Bargnani become a special Olympics athlete or some kind of handicapped child that he needs to be forcefully applauded every time he takes a step without falling on his face?

  2. How the fuck did Bargnani play 33 minutes tonight?

    This situation gets more surreal by the day.

    • What’s even worse is that in those 33 minutes not a single rebound was to be found in Primo Pasta’s hands.

      23 games left to explore just how useless Bargnani is to this team. Can’t wait!

    • amir had foul problems?

  3. I love this team win or lose – that’s why I have to walk away for a minute and coollect myself. There is TOO much wrong with this team ” This situation gets more surreal by the day” from @PBI sums it up very well!
    Its obvious, BC is influencing Casey’s rotations (just like Sam Mitchel had mentioned happen to him with BC and AB this past Jan in an interview), the same thing is happening to Casey. The Rudy Gay trade was fine – I still am a big fan – BUT, it was a move that if made would have to have had another small to medium move(s) to insure balance of the trade, some trade are like that….However nothing happened and the effects of that are showing big time. AND, it is because of BC and his love for AB, it is killing this team more ways then I can take right now. Its hard watching my favorite team lose consistently and watch our manager be behind it all because of his stubbornness to be right on a bad pick. Davis was a better pick, but you can’t tell BC that!
    I have backed BC 100% up till the past 10 days or so – I want him gone. Not from the team, because I think he makes a great President, but not as a GM.
    As a “sports” guy, I have my first love – The Leafs – playing well right now and looking like a play-off team; My beloved – Blue Jays – are getting ready for an exciting championship optimistic season…The Raps are just bringing me down. It’s not the losing, I watch every Raps game win or lose – its the “politics” going on that are killing me.
    1) Bad rotations
    B) The kids aren’t playing in what is garbage time for the season (whether or not we are mathematically still play off alive)
    C) Lack of trades that were needed to complete the Rudy Gay deal (because of bad decision making on BC)
    All this sours and taints the Raps for me right now – SO! whats the best thing to do when you feel this “put off”…walk away and take a breath. That what I’ma gonna do!..I’ll read the blog and watch the high lites, but this team has internal disease right now.

  4. IMO what needs to be done in the off season for the Raps to improve. They are not far off, but 5 key moves are much needed:

    1 – A starting PF…now don’t get my wrong, AJ is my boi, he’s tough and most certainly can do the job. BUT, he is such a trooper with a great attitude that if he is coming off the bench, he just does it and doesn’t complain. He is ready to go whenever needed at PF or C position and that is a huge asset to have on any team as a back up – he’ll still get lots of minutes.
    2 – A solid back up PG – reason that are very telling right now with this team.
    3 – JV and TR to take the next step….JV is awesome, he looks like All-star material, but he needs to be more of a force next season, cementing his mark on these deeper and so does Ross, we need him as a force off the bench who rebounds, plays defense and hit three’s (like earlier advertised) – that’s why the next 25 games or so they both should be logging heavy minutes.
    4 – a back up SF (someone who can do what Vince Carter is doing for the Mavs this year). Fields can be our “swing man” 3rd option (PF in a small line up) rotation guy – come in and play if one of the 2nd tier wings are having a bad night or come in on special occasions like defending Melo for example. I like Fields, there are minutes for him and his game and that should be his role unless he proves other wise.
    5 – A new GM..I’m an advocate of the “out with old in with new” when it comes to the Raps. We said goodbye to JC now its AB and BC’s time so we can turn the corner.

    • Those points are well and good, but the Raptors are capped out as it stands and being able to properly address just one of points 1,2 and 4 will be difficult, let alone all of them.

      The team needs a new coach and a new GM, for starters. If Colangelo’s meddling, as admitted to by Sam Mitchell in a recent interview, is true, then lord knows how many layers of meddling he would have at his disposal if he were to remain as President. I shudder at the thought of giving the starched collar half wit even more power.

      • IMO the make up of this team is just wrong, the type of players we have just dont make a good playoff team

        Scorers: AB, DD, RG, AA, LK, JL3, MP, TR all of these guys are scorers first, everything else 2nd (not bashing them, just pointing what they like to do most, and not a single post scorer, also cant beleive i called kleiza and pietrus scorers)

        Passers: KL ( more of a balanced guard but hasnt taken many shots since rudy)

        All-around/Role guys: LF, JV, AJ, ST (JV and amir are great players but arent dominant scorers, and Sebastian is still new)

        Just kinda there: AG, QA (Acy should receive minutes but doesnt other then last night)

        any lineup you put out there, 2-3 of the players are shoot first and if they have off nights its basically game over, and 2-3 of them cant/wont play defence, and 2-3 of them cant rebound

  5. thoughts on the game?

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