Toronto Raptors v Philadelphia 76ers

If you were hoping that the end of a realistic playoff race last week meant more minutes for the Raptors’ rookies, you’ll probably be disappointed by the news today that the team has reassigned Quincy Acy to the Bakersfield Jam of the D-League.

With the final 22 games likely meaning more for next season and the future in general than for the present day, I would have preferred to see Acy log some NBA minutes instead of D-League minutes, which are often useless for big men (D-League is filled with hopeful guards and swingmen chucking  shots and often looking off their bigs) unless part of a conditioning/rehab stint.

So much for that. Looks like we’ll have to wait at least a little while longer to see Acy on the floor in a Raptors jersey again.

Fun fact: While I understand it means next to nothing since it’s an incredibly small sample size and he doesn’t even qualify for most stats (Quincy’s only played 154 total minutes this season), Acy’s PER of 18.32 ranks 18th out of 197 listed forwards this season.

By the way, I’ll have more on the game later tonight in my Game Thread, but the team announced that Rudy Gay will return to the lineup tonight while Andrea Bargnani will be a gametime decision after a “reaction to medication.”

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  1. Well at least Acy will get some playing minutes in the D-League, though I too was hoping to see him get some more NBA minutes now that the season is pretty much done. Acy always seemed to have the most energy off the bench in what little minutes Casey gave him.

    I hope “reaction to medication” means that, in an effort to look slightly less lethargic on the court, Bargs had too many Red Bulls and now doesn’t feel so well.

  2. I hope Bargnani doesn’t play tonight so that we can get an actual game recap tomorrow. Half the blog’s content is whining about how Bargnani doesn’t deserve minutes.

  3. Andrea should bethe one sent down to the DLEAGUE.

  4. Why send him down now when their basically eliminated ? Does he have to stay down for a certain amount of games? What’s the reasoning behind this? THIS TEAM FRUSTERATES ME

  5. Somebody please tell me why I continue to follow this team…

  6. colangelo is messed in the head. bad move

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