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When assessing the performance of an athlete, coach or GM/executive, there are two qualifiers that you must abide by – large sample sizes and recent sample sizes. Large sample sizes are necessary to eliminate the effect of outliers. A recent sample size is necessary because you have to give someone an opportunity for personal improvement on the job. If a player or executive shows a large new sample of work, why do we care about what he did in the past?

With that in mind, let’s take a look back at Bryan Colangelo’s tenure in Toronto, with a quick comment on each major trade, free agent signing and draft pick BC has made during his seven years as President and General Manager of the Raptors…




Acquired Kris Humphries and Robert Whaley for Raphael Araujo Colangelo won some fans early in his career by erasing the Hoffa Era, with Hump.
Acquired Rasho Nesterovic for Matt Bonner and Eric Williams Rasho was serviceable for Toronto & although Bonner is better today, he was an expiring deal.
Acquired TJ Ford for Charlie Villanueva Charlie, Andrea & CB4 would’ve been a disaster. TJ played well on two playoff teams as a Raptor.
Acquired Juan Dixon for Fred Jones Meh.
Acquired Carlos Delfino for two second-round picks Second-round picks rarely become rotation players and that’s what Delfino was for Toronto.
Acquired Primoz Brezec for Juan Dixon Dixon at least acquitted himself like a pro at all times. Can’t say the same thing about Brezec.
Acquired Jermaine O’Neal for TJ Ford, Roy Hibbert & Rasho Nesterovic JO wasn’t the right guy to help Andrea’s development. Should’ve kept the pick (Hibbert).
Acquired Shawn Marion & Marcus Banks for Jermaine O’Neal & Jamario Moon Marion was effective during his short stint in Toronto (14 & 8) but his expiring deal made the loss of Hibbert, McGee, Hickson or Batum even worse.
Acquired Reggie Evans for Jason Kapono Kapono was grossly overpaid for his skill set. Evans was the rebounding beast the Raptors hoped for.
Acquired Hedo Turkoglu, Antoine Wright & Devean George for Kris Humphries & Nathan Jawai Turkoglu was a complete bust in Toronto. Humphries has produced the most since this trade but since Turk was moveable, it didn’t cripple the Raptors.
Acquired Amir Johnson & Sonny Weems for Carlos Delfino & Roko Ukic In retrospect, this was a fantastic trade for the Raptors. Amir is easily the best player in the deal and still has room to grow.
Acquired Leandro Barbosa & Dwayne Jones for Hedo Turkoglu Losing Turkoglu and his contract while getting a useful piece in return has to be considered a win.
Acquired Jerryd Bayless & Peja Stojakovic for Jarrett Jack, Marcus Banks & David Anderson Bayless is not quite the same caliber player as Jack. The other parts in this trade were accessories.
Acquired James Johnson for a 1st round pick The pick (Miami`s) the Raptors traded was the 28th overall and could have netted Chandler Parsons or Kyle Singler. Johnson was later traded for a second rounder, so it was a net loss.
Acquired Kyle Lowry for a 1st-round pick & Gary Forbes Lowry currently sits 16th among every NBA player in APER (Adjusted PER) – most lottery picks won`t achieve that
Acquired Rudy Gay & Hamed Haddadi for Jose Calderon & Ed Davis Rudy has had a positive impact on this team during his short time here, but the winner of this trade won’t be determined for some time.
Acquired Sebastian Telfair for a 2nd round pick & Hamed Haddadi The Suns had a surplus of point guards and Telfair could help the ball movement in Toronto’s 2nd unit.

The Jermaine O’Neal acquisition is likely the biggest regret of Colangelo’s career. It stalled the progress and likely hurt the confidence of Bargnani. It was a player who was well past his prime being exchanged for a mid-first-rounder in a very deep draft. That, and the James Johnson acquisition were both indefensible but not cause for dismissal. The Turkoglu trade was far from ideal, but considering how quickly Colangelo “un-did” that trade, it’s hard to make a big deal of it. Most notably, Colangelo may have won his last two major deals for Lowry and Gay. As the man who paired up the two friends who will be cornerstones of the team for the near future, BC should be allowed to see where they take this team.

Unrestricted Free Agent Signings

Name (contract)



Anthony Parker (3 years, $12M) Solid value for his contract.
Jorge Garbajosa (3 years, $12M) Injury derailed what could have been a good fit.
Fred Jones (3 years, $11M) Good athlete that never developed his game.
Jason Kapono (4 years, $20M) One-dimensional player. Highly overpaid.
Jose Calderon (5 years, $40M) Not athletic enough to be paid starter’s money.
Jarrett Jack (4 years, $20M) Great value. Wasn’t given the shot he deserved.
Linas Kleiza (4 years, $19M) Can’t play either SF or PF in the NBA.
Amir Johnson (5 years, $34M) This contract looks better every day.
Landry Fields (3 years, $19M) Not worth the money, but could be a useful piece.

Colangelo has made plenty of unfortunate free agent signings during his time in Toronto but he is always able to unload these contracts and often find a piece in return. The Kleiza contract can be amnestied. The Kapono contract was quickly flipped for Reggie Evans, who can be somewhat credited with planting the seed for a more defensive culture in Toronto. Calderon’s expiring deal turned out to be very useful in helping to acquire Rudy Gay. The Amir Johnson signing, which many people were very critical of, has turned out to be the diamond jewel on Colangelo’s resume. Incredible value for a player who is becoming a darling of the advanced stats community.

First-round draft picks

Player (Pick overall)



Andrea Bargnani (1) Bargnani has been and will continue to be the poster boy for Colangelo’s tenure in Toronto, whether fair or unfair.
DeMar DeRozan (9) Has improved tremendously. Appears to be far from his ceiling. Only all-star taken after DeMar in 2009 draft is Jrue Holiday.
Ed Davis (13) Not one player taken after Davis has more potential. (Your argument is invalid, Mrs. Vasquez)
Jonas Valanciunas (5) Consensus is that he should have been the second pick behind Kyrie and that he would have been the second pick in 2012 after ‘Unibrow’.
Terrence Ross (8) Has a tremendous skill set but needs to work on ball-handling and passing. Gives Toronto lots of depth on the wing.


Whether or not Colangelo is given the opportunity to deal Andrea Bargnani is a major question. Either way, it appears the writing is on the wall for the seven-foot Italian. The mass booing of Bargnani on his home floor made it clear that this fan base is no longer willing to accept him on this team, and it’s hard to blame them. He hasn’t come close to living up to the expectations placed on any first overall pick, not due to a lack of talent, but due to a lack of effort. Any GM sane man knows that it’s time for both sides to get a fresh start.

Having said that, there weren’t many good options in that 2006 class. LaMarcus Aldridge was too similar to Chris Bosh. Adam Morrison, Tyrus Thomas and Sheldon Williams clearly weren’t the right choices. Rudy Gay was a reach considering he went 8th and Brandon Roy had red flags about his knees (rightfully so). This needs to be considered when we use Bargnani as a symbol for Colangelo.

Another important aspect of the General Manager’s job is to pick the correct head coach. Colangelo failed in his first attempt (Jay Triano) and legitimate questions can be raised about his second attempt (Dwane Casey). I believe Colangelo deserves to outlast Casey but if a change is needed, it will likely be Bryan’s last chance to get it right.

In his defence, Colangelo has nailed his last four draft picks. It wouldn’t shock me if all four of those players made an all-star game at some point in their career. This should be reason enough for Colangelo to keep his job, but if not, it will be enough to get him another GM job very quickly.

Four picks, a couple of trades and a very shrewd signing later, the Toronto Raptors have found themselves a very athletic core of six young and talented players: Jonas Valanciunas (age 20), Amir Johnson (age 25), Rudy Gay (age 26), DeMar DeRozan (age 23), Terrence Ross (age 22) & Kyle Lowry (age 26).

Given the performance of this group, it seems fair to allow Colangelo the chance to see if they can compete in the Eastern Conference. If the ownership group had a “playoffs or you’re fired” message for Bryan Colangelo at the start of this season, they should rethink that, because his work is worthy of a new contract.

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  1. Are you kidding? Bad contracts, bad trades, over paying mediocre players, trading away picks and young assets, etc.

    Despite Colangelo’s ability to get himself out of some pretty bad contracts and trades, you can’t forget that he is ultimately the one who did them in the first place.

    Colangelo does not deserve more time with the team.

  2. Oh god no, he does not deserve a new contract… what is this?

  3. You can’t just grade every transaction on an equal scale of 1-10. Primoz Brezec for Juan Dixon can’t be judged on the same level as Ford/Rasho/Hibbert for Jermaine O’Neal’s corpse.

  4. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Have you seen Michael Grange’s unimpressed look in the photo above? Puhlease NO.

  5. is this a troll?

    what planet are you living on?

    this is EXACTLY the example of the dumbass fanbase at work.

    shame on this article. shame. shame. shame.

  6. I have to disagree with many of your scores as they seem to be way higher than they should be. Regardless of the signings he has done, one thing is absolutely clear – Colangelo has no definitive LONG TERM plan in place. He wheels and deals players like they’re playing cards which makes it impossible for our teams to grow and build chemistry together. Every year our roster goes through major changes. It’s getting ridiculous. It’s time to get an experienced GM here who has a clear vision and strategy in place for the organization.

  7. Who would of done better then Colangelo with what he had to work with ? You Raptors fans are nuts I can understand not winning but the team as promise and if Gay signs to a decent contract they will deff be either the 6th to 8th seed next year without any trades. Maybe im “retarded” I dunno I like Colangelo

  8. I knew an article like this would get a resounding ‘NO’ from the raptorblog readers. I support this article and am very much behind BC coming back for another year and seeing this through. I’ve mentioned before that he is a high-profile GM. There are not many of those in the NBA. If the team doesn’t start 4-19 to begin the season this year, there is no discussion.

    • For seeing in through? He has been seeing it through for 7 years now. Year after year we hear the same story, just different excuses. How this guy still makes 4 mil. a year, with absolutely nothing to show is beyond belief.

  9. For those wanting Colangelo out, who do you want in?

    • Alex Anthopolous.

      How funny would that be.

    • This argument always drives me nuts. Like those Wall Street clowns who say they deserve $20 million/year or else the company won’t be able to get a top executive. We’re LOSING. We’ve consistently lost for most of Colangelo’s time as GM. What’s the worst that can happen by signing someone else to run the team? We can’t give back old wins. Law of averages says anyone will probably do better than 0.398.

      Accountability means firing the leader who cannot perform. Time for BC to say bye-bye.

      • Perfect comment

      • Raptors keep losing because franchise players “KEEP LEAVING”….you name it from McGrADY, Vince, Chris Bosh..etc..”NO NBA Player that has a “NAME” or…made a “NAME” to ever want to play here….you need those type of guys to be able to sustain a winning record..
        BC had done a great job of getting players to play in this basketball market here (except Bargnani)….we’re even so lucky GAY likes to play here! thanks to Colangelo.

    • I used to subscribe to this theory, but the fact that he’s crippling the team into the future means he has to get replaced no matter who is hired. The DeRozan contract was bad at the time and he has not defended it this season. The Gay trade ties up cap space into the future, and today there’s talk about extending him this offseason?

    • Anybody available. Can he do much worse?

  10. I agree with you Oliver. I’ve always liked BC and considered our franchise lucky to get him after the work he did in Phoenix. The coaching decisions are the only ones I’ve disliked. Firing Sam Mitchell after an 8-9 start I thought was a bit harsh and Triano is the furthest thing from an NBA coach. I hated watching all games he coached. I don’t mind Casey and think the players do respect him and will play hard for him.

    As far as player personnel goes, each season I’ve looked at the roster and said its up to the players. There is enough talent there to do good things with them. This season is basically over but with a fresh start from a 0-0 record, I think this team could finish 5-8 in the Eastern Conference, and if that happens I’m guessing fans won’t be jumping all over Colangelo’s back.

  11. Completely agree. He deserves an extention. This franchise is a unique situation for a GM. There are more factors that need to be contended with. BC has tried to find the right formula to operate under and I think he’s done better than most.

  12. Completely disagree. Colangelo is terrible and has no idea how to evaluate assets or build value. In general, your grades were inflated by 1-2 points — after all, if Colangelo consistently made above-average choices, we would have an above-average team.

    His best trait is the ability to semi-fix his worst mistakes, which is more than a little damning by definition. Also, if you are going to grade a GM, you have to include the talent he loses — losing Bosh was pretty frickin’ huge.

  13. My problem with this post is that it looks at all the moves in isolation. Sure there have been a lot of great individual moves, but everything can be looked at more positively in that context. When you look at the moves as a whole, it shows the problem with Colangelo’s tenure – no coherent plan.
    No rebuilding when it was necessary (or going all-in to do so), choosing the wrong pieces when attempting to build a competitor, or improperly identifying talent on-hand as competitive.
    There is poor asset management
    *giving up 1st rnd pick for Jones, and getting 2nd rnd pick back)
    *TJ Ford, Roy Hibbert (or pick) , Rasho Nesterovic& Jamario Moon for expiring Shawn Marion & Marcus Banks is another example
    It amounts to an uncertain future, and I have absolutely no confidence in the front office, or management.

    I also have some issues with your grading – how does something you can only say “meh” about deserve a 7 (Dixon for Fred Jones)

    • You said what I was trying to say, but more clearly. I agree, you can’t look at the trades in isolation but rather what the player does for the team.

      The simple fact that since 2007 the Raptors to date have a .398 win percentage while playing in the East for me is reason enough for the Raptors to part ways with Colangelo. To paraphrase Rasheed Wallace, ‘The stats don’t lie’!

  14. Is this a joke? And some of those scores are patently absurd.

    For example, you give the Reggie Evans for Kapono move an 8, yet it was Colangelo who signed Kapono, ‘who was grossly overpaid for his skillset’. I’d think that the 8 should be diminished since he created the initial problem – signing Kapono – in the first place. Why give favour for his ability to solve a problem when he created that problem in the first place? Same goes for the Turkoglu transactions.

    Also, I don’t think you can add up his moves on a numerical scale to determine the evaluation of success as some moves have greater impact than others. In other words, you can’t just evaluate the success of a trade on the talent brought on, but more importantly you have to evaluate it on what it does for the team. To suggest that the Lowry acquisition – an 8 value on your scale – and the Reggie Evans acquisition – also an 8 – have the same impact in terms of trade valuation may be fair, but it doesn’t translate into what kind of meaningful impact the player has to the team. I’d think because Lowry’s impact on the team is probably greater than anything Evans brought to the table, those two 8s mean two largely different things, which kind of skews your evaluations in some cases.

    I can’t for the life of me make a compelling reason as to why he should stay. Under his guidance the franchise has a winning record hovering around 40 percent or so for 7 years. 7 years! And this is in the weaker east, not the west. I think in professional sports very few executives are given such a lengthy opportunity to demonstrate their general incompetence the way Colangelo has. Kick the bum out already.

  15. This is bad comedy. What would he have to do to get a 0 or 1? Sign an actual corpse?

  16. Larry sanders has potential and also patterson can be a solid piece.

  17. The only record that matters is playoff appearances. The first 2 seasons, with teams he had a very small footprint on they made the playoffs. He then replaced his most successful coach for Triano and hasn’t seen the playoffs since. The season he fired a COY and failed to make the playoffs should have been his last year in Toronto. Luckily for him, he had the support of an ownership group who cared more about ticket sales than wins.

    Colangelo has kept Bargnani instead of trading him at his highest value, fired his best coach without reason, allowed a mediocre coach to maintain employment for 2 years, etc. If any of us failed this consistently we would be unemployed.

  18. I’m on the fence about Colangelo’s tenure here but I’m certainly not as ready as some people to just can the guy with no Plan B. I mean, uf he leaves, is there an apparent replacement (don’t you dare say Ed f*cking Stefanski)? I would hate to see another replay of the Babcock era happen. The notion that Colangelo just gets the axe without a vision of where this club goes is nonsense that derives from a line of reasoning that is both ignorant and immature.

    There’s no reason for this team to destroy what very little credibility it has left by recklessly firing a GM with no plan for what happens afterwards.

    • What’s so reckless about firing someone who has helped the team flounder to .398 win percentage the last 7 years?

      Also, aren’t you contradicting yourself a little bit in that last sentence? I’d like to think that Colangelo has done his fair share of destroying what very little credibility the team may have, so I don’t think you can use that as a point for keeping him just because you fear the unknown.

      As for who to replace him? Canvass some of the smarter smaller market teams for budding assistant general managers who want to be general managers. Really, I think Colangelo’s reputation is overblown — see record and the bloated contracts currently on the team – so replacing him with a relative unknown really shouldn’t hurt the team’s credibility.

      • Fair enough. I’m not exactly for extending Colangelo, especially when the club has an option on his deal for one more year (extending him now would be silly). But I’m of the opinion that his option shoul be picked up. That way, he and Casey get one last chance to prove themselves and a succession plan can be formulated if things don’t work out. That seems more reasonable to me then axing the guy now as the team is finally starting to show some promise for the future.

        • Life is too short to let colangelo guess what type of 9 round reject to add to Raptors starting
          lineup. The writer is a fool and everyone that reads this article probably agrees.
          Colangelo is a loser here weve watch humber college type games while paying proffessional salaries. Ido not acknowledge colangelo as had any success in Toronto.
          colangelo is a absolute wastematter.
          If the Raptors can avoid extinsion by cutting colangelo welfare or free money if you will and raptors could choose a real Gm they could make the play offs next year.

          The only thing I agree with is that Casey is questionable. He is a yesman pupet.,no real coach would play players for 40 mins when they are not competing. Even hall of famers at times found themselves on the bench..
          We needed a center 7 yrs ago and now our center is a rookie…. Terrible job…that why bosh left.
          It quiete unusual that people beg for other s to keep their job even though they are failures. Seems likes weve these beggings before on colangelos last contract. Shameful disgrace.

  19. If BC comes back he has got to do a better job of scouting for lateral quicks… That is the one thing we’re missing

  20. Some of the rating are far too high. If Kapano is a 5 then what is a 1 or 2? Signing Marbury to a max contract today?

  21. BC deserves to to carry this through to next season. As mentioned in this article the Raptors have a nice young core with lots of upside. This offseason and what happens with Bargnani will determine if they are a playoff team. I still feel the team is missing that veteran presence that will keep everyone focused. Like an Antonio Davis or Charles Oakley type of player.

    • Then what if we r in the same position next year come February just from the outside looking in. R we giving him another year next year aswell just because we believe he can perhaps improve the team again. You have got to say enough is enough

      #get that garbage out of here

  22. No fire bc please all of his short term fixed cost the team in the long term

  23. SC would be mad.

  24. Your score are grossly in Colangelo’s favor, but I do agree that he deserves an extension.

  25. On the one hand I agree, Oliver – Colangelo has drafted well, overpaid role players, proven able to flip virtually any contract and get something in return, and as of just this season put together an interesting young core.

    At the same time, as all the critics point out, he’s been here 7 years and the team has accomplished nothing in therms of actually winning games. Post-Bosh, he does also seem to be unable to resist trading picks for a splashy deal with immediate benefits and a low long-term ceiling.

    I’m a little torn – I’d rather give Colangelo a couple more seasons to work with the core he has now (honestly, after all this roster turnover this team – and the coach – needs some time together) than have Rob Babcock 2.0 drop into town. On the other hand, you may just get a GM who actually builds a playoff team.

    • Some might disagree, but this guy is Babcock 2.0.

    • babcook 2 has nothing to do with firing colangelo. fear should not be afactor in making right
      decission. The owner haver esponsibility of picking right candidate. Plus I think that bobcock
      classified as a sex offender (because he raped the raptors of our best including pride and dignity, making us a laughing stock around the league) Colangelo just have us in endless circle of euro farmteam ism.


    Apparently, the Raptors willing to offer Gay an extension. Great, throw more money at an overpaid player…

  27. I barely looked at the individual grades because it’s ridiculous to judge a GM based on individual transaction grades. You don’t build teams by individual transactions. It’s the sum of the parts that is important. The big picture. Let’s take a look at that…

    - In 7 years, Colangelo will have made the playoffs only 2 times.
    - It has taken Colangelo LONGER to get back to the playoffs (5 years so far) than the Raptors did starting from scratch at the beginning of their franchise (4 years).
    - In 7 years, Colangelo has failed to acquire one All-Star and has, in fact, lost one (Bosh)
    - Next year, the Raptors will have the 6th highest payroll in the league, and aren’t even close to a contender
    - Gay, DeRozan and Bargnani are the teams 3 leading scorers (now and probably for the foreseeable future) and are inefficient shooters who take far too many long jumpers and all three are inconsistent defenders (at best).
    - Gay and Lowry, who are the two players that have the ball in their hands the most are poor decision makers who tend to take bad shots or throw bad passes at the worst times.

    The fact that Bargnani is STILL with the team after 7 years, and that Colangelo is probably going to continue to keep him would be enough by itself to warrant not keeping him. Add everything above, and you’ve got to be insane to argue for a new contract for him.

    • So you would blow it up and start over again? With whom as GM?

      • Me, personally? If I was in charge I would blow the team up and go after one of the potential franchise players coming out in 2014 (Wiggins, Parker, Randle and Harrison). With four potential franchise players, the 2014 draft is the best chance the Raptors have had in a long time at acquiring an elite player.

        The team, right now, is built for a decade of mediocrity. Colangelo will be able to sell the “potential” of the team for a few years, but blowing the team up now will save the organization and fans from even more heartbreak.

        Realistically, I don’t know what a new GM would do, and I don’t know who I would replace Colangelo with, but I’m not the one making the decision, am I? Keeping a mediocre (at best) GM because you’re afraid you can’t get a better one is a horrible excuse. There are numerous options out there, and I’d rather take a chance on a new one than put up with more of what we’ve seen over the last 7 years.

        • You say there are numerous GM options out there, without naming any. The pool of qualified and available NBA GMs is actually quite small. The management and board of MLSE can’t blow up a profitable operation without having a better alternative available. It’s not a matter of being afraid – it’s a matter of making prudent business decisions for shareholders.

          • @ dc

            How are any of us supposed to know who’s available right now, or will be once the season is over? You certainly don’t either, so don’t say “The pool of qualified and available NBA GMs is actually quite small” because that’s probably not true at all.

          • “The pool of qualified and available NBA GMs is actually quite small.”

            Says who? Have you looked through all the organizations and interviewed perspective candidates, doing research on them? Hell, have you interviewed me?

            Bottom line, Colangelo has been a mediocre, at best, GM. If you want to become anything more than a mediocre, at best, team, it makes no sense to re-hire him. Period.

  28. “Bayless is not quite the same caliber player as Jack. The other parts in this trade were accessories.”

    So you give up the better player, yet the trade ranks 6/10? Curious.

    The move to get Hedo is a 5, and to get rid of him is a 7. So you’re saying the Hedo experiment nets out to a 6/10 transaction.

    These rankings are the definition of nonsensical.

  29. Troll Oliver makes his return.

    Hilarious piece.

  30. Oliver, love the blog and love your work generally. But I must say, however, that your analysis of the BC situation is just off. I am not going to yell and scream like others on this board above, but there really shouldn’t be a debate. BC clearly has been a failure. 0 playoffs in past 5 years. Think about that for a second. The team has been atrocious to bad for 5 years.

    He botched the Bosh free agency, which you never mentioned. Furthermore, you routinely give 1-3 points higher than you should for the grades… the JO for Hibbert deal is a 4? Okay so almost “average”? A 5, by defintion, is average or a net of neither a win or a loss. So you are basically saying that deal was almost net neutral, or a small loss. Hibbert is an all-start center and max player. JO has been a 13th man basically since he arrived in TO. I seriously cannot understand how that deal is a 4 and not a 2 at best. And the Turk signing is an average 5? Dude was a total bust. Again, that deal is simply no more than a 3 at most. It’s factually impossible to argue otehrwise; sorry man, it just is.

    Finally, you view every signing in a vacuum (i.e. giving a good grade to the Jarrett Jack acquisition, without docking the grade for BC giving up on him and trading him, as he’s done numerous times – Delfino, Humphries, etc), which makes for a flawed criteria system. Part of BC’s failure has been his trigger happy ways, where he has often not let his dealings play out before cutting the chord. This ad hoc philosophy of “team-building” is why the Raptors have perpetually been in a spin cylce, and what makes it so frustrating for fans (re: Gay trade right when we finally were building slowly and the right way, with tonnes of cap flexibility). Colangelo does not have the patience required to be a winning GM in this league. Phoenix was a gift, and the man has been a TOTAL failure since.


    • 1st – There was no way Bosh was gonna sign with Toronto. Not many (if any) would give up playing with Lebron and Wade in Miami to win Championships. He turned that into a draft pick that became JV

      2nd – At the time of the draft, no one thought Hibbert was going to be an all star. That’s why he fell all the way to 17th in the draft. You might as well go off on all the GM’s who were ahead of us in the draft for not drafting him. It’s nice to look in retrospect @ that draft and say the Raptors screwed up, but at the time of the draft not many ppl were criticizing the deal when it was made.

      Part of being a GM is taking gambles. GM’s who do not take gambles do not keep their jobs.

      What is there out there with all that cap flexibilit??. Toronto isn’t the Hot Spot in the league for players to come to. If Bargnani’s contract comes off the books this season then there will room to pick up another piece.

      • JV was our draft? What are you talking about getting him for Bosh? We got NOTHING for Bosh. BC thought he’d resign, which was retarded, and instead of trading him once he declined the max extension for some valuable assets, we got NOTHING. JV was our draft pick. You can have your opinion about BC but it’s simply inarguable that he flunked with Bosh – getting nothing for a perennial all-star is INEXCUSABLE.

  31. Good article. I agree, Colangelo should keep his job and see this process through. There aren’t too many quality replacements out there either.

  32. HEY HEY
    HO HO


  33. Where r the all stars? Only Bosh who he didnt draft.

    Nailed the picks for JV and Ross? Coach doesnt show much confidence in either. Has JV had one break out dominating game yet?

    Consistent losing record. Held on to Bargs too too long. It was obvious a long time ago he was a dog – a mediocre shooting non rebounding big. One of the reasons Bosh split. Always draft the best athlete despite position or it will bite your ass. I would take Drummond over JV or Ross

  34. Bryan Colangelo is my lover

  35. R U ON CRACK ????? I stopped reading after I finished the title and skim through to check if yoi actually were going to apologize for this cruel joke

  36. I’ve been a fan since day 1, and I’ve never, ever said I was going to quit being a fan. That said, if Colangelo gets a new contract, I’m 100% done with this team until there’s new management in place. I thought Scott quit the blog/the Raps prematurely, but his line about tolerance for incompetence would just be too glaring if BC gets a new contract.

    The fans who think this clown with a horrible track record should keep his job deserve the joke of a team they get in return. You’re asking ownership to reward constant failure, and you can’t dress that up to make it sound better. What matters more than the fact that the team is consistently shitty and there has been no consistent vision at all guiding the ship? BC epitomizes throwing shit at a wall and hoping something sticks.

    The fans who turn around and say “do you think you can do better, or who would you hire instead” are too ridiculous for words. That’s not my job you stupid idiots. We’re all lining the pockets of ownership and it’s up to us to hire a GM? What planet do you people live on?

    Demand better, for christ’s sake. Otherwise, embrace losing and aim for nothing better than mediocrity.

    • Here’s a guy who gets personally offended if people attempt to argue why Bryan Colangelo should not be fired as the GM of the Toronto Raptors.

      Might be time for a vacation dude…

      • Learn to read, dipshit. I take offence at stupid fans who expect other fans to be in charge of hiring another GM. I am not personally offended at all if people want to argue that BC deserves another contract, and nothing I wrote indicates that. If anything, I am just embarrassed for people arguing this.

  37. I’m not convinced BC has a good idea of what kind of the team Raptors fans want and will really get behind. The fact that Ed Davis is gone and Andrea Bargnani is still here is my main evidence.

    • It was necessary to trade Davis to get Gay. There have been no takers for Bargnani since he has been on the trading block (yes, in retrospect, he should have been on the trading block sooner).

      • @dc

        1. “It was necessary to trade Davis to get Gay.”

        Ok, but it was also unnecessary to get Gay in the first place.

        2. “There have been no takers for Bargnani since he has been on the trading block”

        Have you been following the NBA news at all? There were potential deals in place for Bargnani that Colangelo turned down. So, I have no idea where you’re getting that from.

  38. “No one else is available” “Well then who would you hire instead”

    Horrible excuses not to fire Colangelo. Would any of you keep someone around who has continuously made bad decisions at their job? Would any of you want someone to continue to make front office and personnel decisions who has done a poor job managing a team and its assets?

    Right now, anyone would be a better alternative than Colangelo. Not firing someone because there’s “no one else available that’s qualified” is not true at all. Clearly the GM we have now does not seem to be “qualified” either.

    There will be PLENTY of available candidates once the season is over, it would only be a matter of picking which one best fits the requirements/goals that MLSE is looking for.

  39. I really want to know if this is a troll piece. Could totally go either way.

  40. I love my BCE dividends. And that is what it’s all about, making money, not winning games. Colangelo will be rewarded for making owners and shareholders money, not for his performance on the court.
    Grow up Rap’s fans, you’ve been sold a bill of goods. You’ve swallowed it whole because you love sports and want to win. Ra Ra Go Go Raps/Leafs. Boo Bargnani, the best player on the team in cartoon fashion. He’s now the sacrificial lamb, take a low blow for the team Bargs, while the turncoat Colangelo identifies him as the greatest loser, for his own gain.
    The joke is on you Rap fans, because management knows you/I are not literate regarding the game of basketball.
    Colangelo = mediocrity = full attendance=mediocrity.

  41. Jermaine Oneal, Hedo Turkoglu, Andrea Bargnani; FIRE BC!

  42. this is a joke lol he should of been fired along time ago , can never grow a team when he signs bad deals and moves them to fix it and gets crapp washed up bums in return , this was suppose to be a playoff yr last yr BC said ! despite man making despite moves to save his job , exactly why casey is playing barny so much , if BC is extend casey will be safe aswell by being a bitch and running barny like a good whipping boy , if casey refuses to play barny and BC comes back next yr …. bye bye casey , sam mitchell all over again . lets see how much he over pays anderson and gray if he comes back . get BC out while we have the chance !!!!!!!!!!!

  43. [" Rasho was serviceable for Toronto "]
    Rasho (back then), would fit nice with next season’s “roster” – however that roster might play out.

    [" Should’ve kept the pick (Hibbert). "]
    Hibbert was Indiana’s choice. But if Toronto had the ability to choose a draft pick, and we were looking for a Big, I’d be leaning towardes Ibaka, who went 24th in 2008.

    [" Marion was effective during his short stint in Toronto (14 & 8) but his expiring deal made the loss of Hibbert, McGee, Hickson or Batum even worse. "]

    Deal did suck. Marion didn’t.
    Despite his goofy shot, the gazelle could really defend.

    [" Kapono was grossly overpaid for his skill set. "]
    Yes — based on his production.
    In 2006-07 (with Miami) … Jason was .514 3pt% … shooting 3.1 shots per game
    In 2007-08 (with Toronto), he was .483 3pt% – a top notch stat. Trouble was, Kapono cut his production in half, to 1.46 shots per game. I’m still wondering why that is. Or was.

    [" Turkoglu was a complete bust in Toronto. "]
    I think it was more about timing. The Big Turk arrived in Raptor land, in the same season as Jarrett Jack. As such, Raptors went from a lack of ball-handlers, to a surplus. Plus JT was the wrong guy for this guy. I will say, Jarrett’s shoe tie-up scene while game was in progress (and JJ had the ball), that would be my favourite (Raptor) game moment. As for Turk, we could’ve used his skills the year Barbosa filled in on the quarterbacking.

    [" Amir is easily the best player in the deal and still has room to grow. "]
    Amir – during the past 3 games (last two off the Bench) – is sporting the highest eff. rating on the team (25.3).

    [" Acquired Leandro Barbosa "]

    [" Acquired James Johnson for a 1st round pick "]
    Johnson had/has talent as a Defender. Had he gotten over his Starter fantasies, JJ would`ve been ideal Bench material for Toronto …. good energy, and an engaged defensive ability.

    [" Kyle Lowry for a 1st-round pick "]
    As much as I miss Jose, Lowry has greater potential – erratic or not.
    For Kyle, Rudy, and Andrea, this is their 7 year itch time, with each having their own level of “have more potential” issues. But if one of those 3 Amigos excels (along with our rookies improving), then this is a good team. Two going well – with DD & Bench – and this is a great team. Make it 3, and it’s a Contender.

    [" Acquired Rudy Gay "]
    BC is making a gamble here. But relative to finding a Rose/Lebron/Durant lying around somehow (slim to none), the odds favour one with Rudy involved.

    [" Acquired Sebastian Telfair for a 2nd round pick "]
    Telfair gets his chance to shine. And Raps don`t have to fret about not having adequate support in the Point Guard department.

    IMO though, a Back-up PG is tops amongst Raptor needs. It should be the priority position to seek out – unless Telfair alters the thinking during this next stage.

    [" Bargnani has been and will continue to be the poster boy for Colangelo’s tenure in Toronto, whether fair or unfair. "]

    Andrea’s place has been an “all or nothing” during his tenure. A Number 1 pick saddled with expectations – almost like the proverbial ball and chains. Add a volume of disingenuous fans, and a hungry media to that mix, and one can understand all the noise.

    For Andrea, his chip value may not be great right now, but it could be very valuable to this club when it`s most needed. A time when the youth have gained experience, and the parts are starting to gel.


    Great article to discuss. I think for the most part, fans need to be patient.
    In BC’s tenure, Raptor make-up didn’t usually feature a lot of 1st round picks. But in this current season, Raptors fielded games with 3 draft picks. Not what I`d call a BC typical design. Whatever one may think about the past, it`s the future that counts. And good futures are built on many mistakes.

    That experience also helps when looking for ways around the Canadian effect. To which Bosh defined as “the air smells different here”.

    It cetainly does.


  44. Every commenter here: are u on crack, what a troll Job by the authour

  45. Kudos to Oliver for posting an entry to increase the readership on the site!! Score mgmt will like that.

    Many arguments have been made to convinve anyone that BC should be let go (hanging on to Andrea for 7 years, caroussel of player movements, overpaying players, handling BOsh’s potential resigning).

    It’s time to give someone else a try. This person would need to have a long term plan and follow it. San Antonio is not a big market team, yet they perform quite well (same goes for Utah, OKC). Why can’t we have that here? Look at the current Denver GM: went into a Melo situation and did very well.

    I’m tired of drinking the BC kool-aid. #Fire BC.

  46. Surely there is front office person with the Raptors or another team that is a suitable replacement for Colangelo, someone with the ability to make savvy basketball decisions that don’t involve jump-starting a rebuild by expending 1st round draft picks and taking on a butt-load of salary.

    I can understand the argument to keep him on for another year or two, finish what he’s started with Lowry and Gay now on the team, but how many chances does he deserve? This team is marginally better than it was before. BTW, the jury’s still out on Ross and JV, way too soon to say JV was an outstanding pick. Remember, scouts were high on Bargnani once as well. With JV’s injury and lack of playing time, there’s no telling what the Raptors have in the big man, but as it stands the Raps could have been as well served reaching for Nikola Vucevic.

    Whatever, in the end fans don’t get to make the call on BC (otherwise it would have happened 2-3 years ago), but we all know in a year or two when things are looking undoubtedly grim, that BC will make some more “I need to save my job now” trades, sign Gay, Lowry and whoever else to ludicrous extensions and the giant wheel of mediocrity will continue to turn in Toronto.

    I’ve said it before elsewhere, I have more faith in what the Cavs’ GM is doing rebuilding that franchise than I do with whatever BC is trying to do.

    • Me too. What Cleveland is doing is an actual rebuild, with a star player.

      What Colangelo has done is get a few lottery picks and then try and make a push for the playoffs without any elite talent or franchise player.

      • +1

        I’d much rather be the Cavs.

        As a fan the question is would you rather see your team be a contender and the sacrifices that come with it or are you conent with being an occasional playoff team?

        Some fans are happy with cheering for a team that might play a few meaningful games every other year. I’m not one of these fans, but I think MLSE knows there are many of these type of fans of the team and BC knows how to feed this audience which keeps interest up.

        Bad scenario for those wanting to see a run at trying to be a contender, instead of a 2nd tier team trying to quick fix their way to a playoff spot.

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