Dwayne Casey Press Conference

With Oliver and I providing our arguments for and against keeping Bryan Colangelo around last week, the Colangelo debate dominates this week’s edition of RaptorBlog Radio.

Of course, Drew, Oliver and I also touched on the Friday night collapse in L.A., Dwane Casey’s lack of late game faith in Jonas Valanciunas and the comeback win over the Cavs on Sunday.

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And shoutout to faithful RaptorBlog reader/commenter PBI, whose Kobe-related comment after the Lakers game had Drew fired up in the opening.

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  1. I can only speak for myself; but fire Colangelo! He has failed.

  2. Dwayne Casey is a good guy, and really helped change the culture of this team, but he isn’t head coach material and there needs to be someone with more experience (ironic, I know), and a more winning coach.

    I’m sure if Colangelo is staying around (God I hope not), he can get someone to coach this team. I would be ecstatic if we could get a good, winning head coach and keep Casey around as an assistant, similar to what he did the Dallas.

    • If Casey is let go, there’s no chance he’ll be demoted to assistant coach with the same team. They may say that he’ll become an “adviser” or something until his contract ends, but coaches don’t go from head coach to assistant coach within the same organization.

      Having said that, I still think Casey will be here next year if Colangelo returns. I just can’t see MLSE allowing Bryan to bring in a fourth coach in his tenure.

  3. One argument I would have liked to hear about Colangelo is his contribution to Basketball Canada.

    Unlikely that he has the same positive influence as a GM abroad, so it’s somehwhat tied to his evaluation I’m sure.

    I agree with the point that his draft picks have been solid, he’s been efficient at cleaning-up mistakes and as frustrating Casey can be, he’s still a young coach learning on the fly that managed to squeeze out wins at improbable times (see no Lowry, Bargnani).

    Ultimately, the question is this: Is the current Roster better then the one Colangelo inherited in 2006? I would say yes.

    Is the current roster filled with young talent? I would say yes.

    Is the product entertaining when the roster is healthy? I would say yes.

    I light of this I vote for his extension to be picked-up and see how he handles the 2013 off-season.

    • I still don’t agree that it was Casey that made those wins (i.e. no Lowry, no Primo). It was individual lucky plays by Gay or Derozan, or lights-out shooting by AA or JL3 that made it happen not smart set plays and good rotations. And I think there are more games that Raps could’ve won but didn’t because of bad coaching decisions on the fly.

  4. Great Podcast! Would love to hear your guys take on DC’s contract and his possible extension for the next season. Personally, I think he should be let go along with BC. I appreciate his motivational skills, but he just lacks too much knowledge when it comes to the X’s and O’s.

  5. How about those Denver Nuggets? 42-22 just two years after dumping their franchise guy for young talent and draft picks? How can I get to the parallel universe where the Raptors got value for Chris Bosh/Vince Carter? How about the parallel universe where MLSE keeps Masai Ujiri and cans Colangelo?

  6. I agree that Colangelo didn’t have a lot of flexibility with Bosh during his last season, and that you wouldn’t have gotten much if he was traded anyways. So, I don’t fault him for having him stay to potentially make the playoffs if he actually believed Bosh would come back.

    But the thing I hate the most about Colangelo, more than his careless trading and spending, is his failure to properly rebuild the team in the post-Bosh era.
    Outside of Bargnani, which was even before Bosh left, he never got high enough picks to draft better players in the first place.

    We’re only in the third year after Bosh left. Instead of actually tanking for a couple more seasons like he should have, he’s already trying to position the team to make the playoffs without an elite player on the team.

    I think most people and maybe even MLSE would be a little more easy on Colangelo if he had set out to properly rebuild the team considering they lost their best player. But the fact that he’s now set out unrealistic expectations on the team, to attain a goal that shouldn’t have been set is his own fault at this point.

    I liked the Lowry trade, and the Fields signing, but the lack of talent made trying to get the playoffs a terrible strategy to begin with. One that shouldn’t have been set for at least a couple more years.

    • Ummm……….

      Look at the teams that tanked the last 3 yrs and where they are now. There wasn’t exactly game changing players in those drafts. We’re ahead of all of those teams in the rebuilding process.

      Plus, the attendance would have been at Detroit Piston levels. Ratings are already much lower compared to Hockey, imagine the attendance and tv ratings if the team they put out there was tanking every night. In the end it’s a business, they have to put out there a competitive team and rebuild at the same time….mission accompished i’d say.

      • Ahead of them in terms of what, rebuilding phase? Sure. But there are teams below the Raptors in the rebuilding phase who already have more talent than the Raptors. Cleveland, New Orleans, Detroit, even Washington all have a potential franchise player. Charlotte has a good chance of landing one next season. The Raptors don’t have one, and most likely can’t get one now either.

        Not sure where you’re getting that information from, but the Raptors have actually had pretty good attendance levels in the past few years despite putting a terrible team on the court.

        My point was, the Raptors accelerated the whole rebuilding process even though they shouldn’t have. They needed to stay high in the draft lottery for the next couple of seasons in order to have a chance at something down the road other than being stuck in mediocrity. The way that they’re headed now is back to more first round playoff exits, which is not exactly a successful rebuild.

  7. One thing I’ve thought about this season with the Jonas Valanciunas situation is perhaps the organization is consciously taking the extremely opposite approach they did with Bargnani. In my mind, it could be possible they’re taking the Kevin Love/David Lee route. I remember how everyone was up in arms about unleashing Love and Lee a few seasons back, considering how productive they were in the minutes they got. I may have mentioned this here before, but I’m not sure. In any case, what are your thoughts?

    I don’t particularly fancy this approach, but I think that there could be some psychological merit. It keeps JV hungry and keeps him productive in the minutes he gets, instead of entitled.

  8. You guys can make the case for one of the worst general managers in the league, you can even criticize me for my sometimes trollish comments but comparing Alan Anderson to Mike James (especially from his brief Raptors tenure) is where I draw the line!

    Let’s give Mike James props for his insane 2005-2006 season where he put up a 58.3 TS% and never put him in the same sentence as Alan “Voshon Lenard” Anderson.

    I have to agree with Joseph, though, his arm cocked and loaded celebration is pretty awesome, will have to use that one myself one day.

  9. Do everything possible to get Kevin Love with Val as the only untouchable…

  10. Playoffs missed for 5 consecutive years for the first time. Nuff said.

  11. Weird, I posted a positive comment about the podcast this morning and it seems to be gone?
    Anyways, I liked the comments about asset management.

  12. Decent podcast, was worth a listen.

    I’m not sure who made the point, I think it was Oliver, but I’m not so sure that being near the top of the salary cap is a kind of non issue.

    Imagine you have a portfolio manager of a mutual fund in which the fund has been underperforming for five years. The portfolio manager asks his manager for more funds in order to bolster the fund’s performance with some new investments. Now, seeing the track record of performance that the hypothetical fund manager has had, would you, as a manager of him, agree to his request? No. No sane individual would.

    You know this, but going over the cap shouldn’t be based on if MLSE has the money to do so, they clearly do, but if it would be a sound investment to do so. Being near the cap and a losing franchise is a pretty clear statement that Colangelo doesn’t know how to manage assets. Why would or even should MLSE give him even more money to mismanage?

  13. Fire him already. BC sucks. He’s horrendous at his job

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