Golden State Warriors v Toronto Raptors

After a crazy couple of months of Raptors-related trade rumours in January and February and an actual blockbuster in the process, I didn’t think we’d be talking about potential moves again until at least April.

So much for that, as Marc Spears reported in his weekly power rankings (where the Raptors held firm at No. 20) that according to a source, “the Raptors are looking for a veteran power forward and could make a run at Golden State’s Carl Landry if he opts out of his deal this summer.”

For what it’s worth, it was also Spears last week who revealed reports of Bryan Colangelo “likely” making an extension offer to Rudy Gay this summer.

When you look at how the Raptors’ roster is shaping up, barring a significant change over the final quarter of the season, it looks like Kyle Lowry will start at the point next season with DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay manning the two and three spots, Terrence Ross logging minutes behind Gay and DeRozan and then Jonas Valanciunas and Amir Johnson slotted in as Toronto’s primary bigs. Looking at that setup, the most glaring needs to me are a backup point guard and a veteran power forward to start alongside one of Amir or Jonas or to at least provide some stability behind those two younger bigs, with the assumption being that Andrea Bargnani will be plying his trade elsewhere.

Carl Landry would obviously fill the second part of that equation, as a veteran four to play alongside Valanciunas and Johnson. Landry’s been a pretty consistent and dependable option throughout his six-year NBA career, with the former second pound pick averaging about 11 points and five rebounds in nearly 25 minutes per game during that time but posting impressive per-36 minute career averages of about 17 points and eight rebounds. In addition, Landry has a career field goal percentage over 53, a career true shooting percentage of .595, a 2012-13 true shooting percentage of .602 and he’s posted a well above average PER of at least 17.5 in five of his six seasons in the Association.

Landry’s a very good offensive big man with defensive liabilities, but his defence has improved in the last couple of years and him logging the minutes next season that Andrea Bargnani and Aaron Gray have logged this season would be a significant basketball upgrade for the Raptors. He’s got a $4 million player option for 2013-14 and is expected to opt out after an impressive season off of the bench for the playoff-bound Warriors, but he won’t cost a team an outrageous amount of money and probably won’t get very long-term offers given his age (he’ll be 30 at the start of next season).

As for Bargnani, if Spears’ source is right about the Raptors’ interest in Landry, they’d obviously ship Andrea out of town. The question is, will the Raptors simply take a low-ball offer for the enigmatic big man with Bargnani’s trade value at an all-time low, or will they actually consider amnestying him if it meant clearing the requisite space for a player like Landry? I still have my doubts about Colangelo’s and MLSE’s willingness to amnesty a contract that large.

There are obviously better free agents and trade options out there, but the Raptors’ cap situation will likely limit them from making a run at those players, so “settling” for a cheaper, dependable veteran like Landry while potentially ridding themselves of Bargnani as a result would be a step forward given the current scenario.

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  1. dont extend rudy gay please

    • At least not this summer. Consider it next summer if he learns to be a team leader, like Lowry, and only shoot when he is the best option to shoot.

  2. Amir Johnson per 36

    13.1 pts/ 9.4 reb/ 2 ast/ 57% fg/ 9.5 fga

    Carl Landry per 36

    16.7 pts/9.4 reb/ 1.2 ast/53% fg/ 11.4 fga

    Look, landry is a good player but hes a marginal upgrade over amir johnson. Hes not a difference maker like a gasol or millsap. This would be just another stupid, pointless BC move that will do nothing to improve the team. BC has to make it look like hes doing something, thats all.

    • My preference/ideal situation would be turning Bargnani and something else (not one of the core guys) into Gasol’s expiring contract for next season, but I’ve lost faith in the Raptors’ ability to pull that off. I’m still a big Pau guy.

      • Yep, gasol would actually make the raptors a 4-6 seed in the east. Landry would bring them to the 8-10 range where they basically are already.

        • Let me get this straight… So you’re saying if we get rid of Bargnani and pick up Landry, we will finish pretty much in the same position as this year? Are you well? I’m not even going to get into why this team wil be much better next year.

    • The difference is that Landry is a guy you can give the ball to in the post. When was the last time you actually saw Amir do a traditional post up? Amir is great but he’s not a post up threat.

    • Can’t we have both?

    • They wouldn’t be getting him to replace Amir. Amir should still be playing every single minute that DD and Gay are on the floor jacking long balls. We need someone who can not only rebound those misses, but immediately make something out of nothing. This is what Amir does best. It doesn’t hurt that he is pretty good defensively either.

      Landry would be an Ed Davis replacement.

      I’d prefer management, whomever that may be after the end of the season, try to trade for Ed Davis, and pay him $4M or whatever it would take to land Carl Landry, after his contract expires. Ed’s per 36 numbers are in the same range as Amir and Carl’s are. That said, Memphis letting Ed Davis go this summer would be difficult for them. Especially if they lose in the first round. On the other hand, if they get to the Western Finals, it would be an easy decision as they’d have to keep their two stars on the floor.

      PS, if I wasn’t clear, Fire BC.

  3. If the Raptors were to amnesty Bargnani, how much of his contract would they have to cover? I’m not too familiar with the whole process, so how would it work in Barg’s case?

    • @hsc

      My understanding is that teams can bid on an amnestied player and the highest bid gets the player. The team that amnestied the player is on the hook for the difference between the player’s salary per their contract and the winning bid amount.

      • I could see a couple of teams bidding $1.5 for Bargs, but even at that level, I doubt he lives up to that contract.

        Fire BC.

        Amnesty Bargs.

        Hire Carlyle and make DC his assistant again.

  4. I don’t know why he would pick Toronto of all places.

    If he’s going to opt out of a gauranteed $4M, he’s probably looking to get a raise, to get something long-term, or to join a contender.

    Assuming that the Raptors only have the MLE to offer, does he really take that from the Raptors? He’s already on a playoff team, so it wouldn’t make sense to potentially take less to join a worse team.

    • That too. Im thinking he would want a little more than the mle.

    • Maybe if they offer a longer term contract he’d be interested

      • He cant get a long term deal he could only get a veteran contract maybe like 2 or 3 year 14mil or someting

    • If Landry did come here, it would be to maybe make a little more, with a couple of extra years of job security, plus to split PF minutes with Amir. Amir is best suited as our starting PF, but also as our backup C depending on the matchups. This means more backup PF minutes than most other teams could offer Landry.

  5. Honestly Carl Landry shouldn’t be our #1 focus for this offseason, first try to get millsap in a sign and trade (possibly trading barg or fields in that trade). If that fails then see what other options there are for example al Jefferson or ilyasova. If that fails then Landry would be a good grab and there’ll be a battle for minutes between amir and carl. Great thing about both of them is that they don’t struggle when they start or come off the bench. The biggest focus should be to develope Jonas and have him take that next step. This could be one dangerous team if they land big al, millsap or ilyasova but not that much worst if they land Carl Landry.

    • Yes, Milsap would be the best option. And you don’t have to trade for him. Just sign him to more cash than anyone else. However, in order to do this, MLSE would really have to want to make a top 4 in the East push. It would mean they have to Amnesty Bargs one minute before making the offer to Milsap. And then, there would be no guarantee that Milsap would accept Toronto’s offer, or that Toronto would be offering more than any other team. It would be a leap of faith, necessary to clear the cap space required to sign Milsap.

      But what a perfect player he would be for this team with Rudy and DeMar. A rebounding, PASSING PF. Yowza! He is about the only guy I’d want starting over Amir

  6. This is a positive blog for once lol so sick of barny and colangelo/ casey . This is a huge upgrade from aron gray and barny . Id take him in a heart beat . Amniesty barny get his contract / drama out first of all . Cant get landry until barny is gone . 2nd trade klieza for expiring contracts …. Much easier to move him then barny . We will not survive unless we get some good bigs to start or come off the bench w.e it be . I like the idea of landry and j.v with amir beasting off the bench basically getting starting minutes anyhow . Let anderson go or sign and trade so ross can feel usefull and him knowing he will be the guy off the bench will motivate him . I like ross and landry as swing men ..just get that hand better landry ! Then you gotta get a decent back up point guard that can shoot or pass spread the floor for the 2nd unit . If they get landry this team just gets a huge upgrade . But lets see in the off season if the city of t.o can actually persaude guys to come here . Hopefully its not colangelo pulling the strings !

  7. The wordplay trinity of Kyle Lowry, Carl Landry and Landry FIelds is clearly on Colangelos laundry list. Let’s see what Matty D’s calling is made of.

    • The wordplay trinity of Kyle Lowry, Carl Landry and Landry FIelds is clearly on coLangelos laundry list.

      Matty D better be wrong about extending Gay this summer.

  8. Replacing Andrea with Landry = huge upgrade.

    Still, the team needs are defense and 3-pt shooting – areas where Landry will not help much.

  9. I’m hoping that they’ve kept Kleiza nailed to the bench to frustrate and encourage him to opt out and consider a return to Europe. Then Bargnani can be full on amnestied.

    Carl Landry would be a reasonable mid range target.

    If Raptors media gets players mixed up today, how well will they do with these three on the same roster?:
    Kyle Lowry
    Landry Fields
    Carl Landry

  10. Anyone see mlse is raising ticket prices 2.5 percent next yr ? Lol how about they get a winning product before they go and do that lol just as dumb as colangelo giving gay an extension . Why would you let a gm on the ropes make a huge extension when he may be fired ? This team is doomed . If gay gets it you know it will be over paid hardcore . Bc ALWAYS over pays everyone . Just gonna bury this team befor ge gets let go ….. I dont get it ?

  11. Carl Landry is not good. They should not acquire him.

    Kleiza, Pietrus, Anderson, Lucas, Telfair and Vegetable Lasagna are all garbage and should all be dumped ASAP.

  12. What money do they have to sign him

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