Bargnani done for season

Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors

Given the way this season has gone for Andrea Bargnani and the Raptors, this shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise, but the team announced on Wednesday morning that they expect Bargnani to miss the rest of the season with a “right elbow avulsion sprain.”

While the injury isn’t related to the ligament tear Bargnani suffered in his right elbow earlier this season, the fact that a shooter who was already struggling with his shot has now suffered two significant enough injuries to the elbow on his shooting arm within the last three months is certainly concerning.

The obvious thought running through most Raptors fans’ minds upon hearing that Bargnani is likely done for the season is something along the lines of “when did he even check into the season?” And that’s a fair question.

In truth, Andrea never did, as after a promising first quarter (11 points) in the season opener against the Pacers, it was pretty much all downhill from there. While this latest injury may slightly effect Bargnani’s trade value, it shouldn’t really make that much of a difference for a guy whose value was probably already at an all-time low, the same way that a couple of encouraging games last week probably didn’t do much to raise his rock-bottom value.

By the time this season is in the books, Bargnani will have missed 98 games over the last three seasons with an assortment of injuries and is on track to miss more games than he played for the second straight season. Couple that lack of durability with some awful numbers – Bargs has averaged 15.8 points on 41.7 per cent shooting and 30.4 per cent three-point shooting to go with 4.5 rebounds in nearly 31 minutes per game over the last two years – and you can begin to see why heading into the trade deadline, I was adamant that even getting a player like Spencer Hawes would be good value for Bargnani (My preference to eventually turn Bargnani into Pau Gasol’s expiring contract for 2013-14 appears to be an absolute pipe dream now).

The obvious question fans and media alike will ask over the next few months is whether Bryan Colangelo and MLSE are considering the amnesty clause on Bargnani, but I maintain that I can’t see Colangelo parting with his own No. 1 overall pick for nothing and certainly can’t see ownership signing off on an amnesty the size of Bargnani’s contract. It would be fascinating to see what kind of offers an amnestied Andrea got on the open market though, wouldn’t it?

Enough words have been spent on the enigma of all enigmas this season and in seasons past, but in closing I’ll simply say this. When it became obvious that Chris Bosh’s Raptors tenure had come to an end with him suffering an injury (broken face) on the road, it was sad and unfortunate in the sense that fans never had the chance at real closure with one of the two best players in franchise history. If this is how it ends for Andrea Bargnani in Toronto – and it certainly appears as though this will be the end – it’s sad and unfortunate in the sense that it almost seems fitting.

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  1. I guess the Raptors are still trying to make a playoff push. Lol

  2. If BC is gone, I could see them using the amnesty on him in the summer. Otherwise, I have no idea how theyre going to get value for him in a trade.

  3. Amnesty will be on Kleiza since it has been said he probably won’t play in another NBA game.

  4. I wish this title read “Bargnani Finally Done As A Raptor!”

  5. This could be a bigger roster addition (by subtraction) then rudy.

  6. Hahahaha, good. This is just hillarious. This guy is the biggest fucking pussy piece of shit. Sorry, I’ve just had it. And yes, I realize it’s poor form saying it’s “good” someone is injured BUT I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!

    • “biggest fucking pussy piece of shit” Is that how you talk? Terrible…..

      • When it comes to Bargnani, you’re damn right bud!

      • @Sly,

        what relevance do you have to pass judgement by turning your nose down on how people should talk!??…you certainly haven’t gained anything through your NBA player evaluation with your insight on Calderon.

        • @youngjames
          You’re right young james, my comments about Calderon have everything to do with my last comment. You’re a smart guy.

    • “kid’s had a horrid year and no matter what you think of him, anyone who likes to see someone hurt needs to re-examine their lives” – Doug Smith

      Well said Doug.

      • and there it is…anyone who quotes Doug Smith is an ass-clown IMO. Doug Smith is the furthest thing from NBA insight anyone deserves. I encourage people to read his blog though (even though its not working – he averages around 15 comments per article, but I digress) – two things you get out of a Doug Smith blog: One, you can see how more effective other blogs are (and their followers) by comparing the DS blog and its commenter’s to other blogs and understanding how low the bar is with him and high it can be with others: like this blog for example. Two, with the DS blog you will get a great laugh, if anything – his responses, attempt at logic and game insights, his repeated verbiage on Calderon, how he consistently bashes Lowry (not because he using great points are great talent evaluation insight – but because Lowry is the one who replaced Calderon) and that becomes comical…you will get a great laugh at his responses.
        About 1/3 of his whole blog and “live chats” are basketball related – the rest is about him….the only guy in sports that thinks he is bigger then the team he covers.

  7. I hope I’m wrong, but I think what people may fail to realize here is that this may be ANOTHER excuse that Colangelo can use to justify keeping Bargnani on the team a little bit longer.

    I can just imagine the silver tongue’s quote now: “Once he got injured…blah,blah,blah…that severely hampered any trade talks we would have had going into the offseason….blah, blah…Like I’ve said countless times before, I want to do what’s best for this organization and so it’s not best to just trade a player for the sake of trading him.”

    Oh, but Colangelo, in THIS case, it most certainly is.

  8. Must have sprained his elbow from throwing up bricks all season…

  9. It’s an outrage that he’s still a Raptor.

    • It’s sad, it’s frustrating, but it’s far from an outrage.

      • @Sly,
        Nope your wrong, its an outrage!
        here are some numbers to show how non-existent your player assessment/evaluation skills and abilities are on what talent and winning is in the NBA. Example one your man love for Calderon has you mouthing off last week about how much of a winner he is and worth 10 million per year because he had good in Detroit 1 game notching 16 assists. AND here it is:
        Since JC has been in Detroit this is how much they have won 5 games – FIVE games….and 13 loses – count ‘em jack ass – THIRTEEN LOSES….the team is in the midst of a 6 game losing streak, winning only 2 out of their last 13 games…TWO, that’s it! against ELEVEN loses.
        Explain to us how that is a winner – explain to me how being a “locker room leader” or a “classy guy” or a “good floor general” couldn’t make him a winner here in T.O and he is doing even worse in Detroit?….how is that winning, there Sly? – JC’s scoring is slight up since putting on a Pistons jersey, and so are his turn overs – his steals are still non-existent and his assists numbers are down – but somehow you see him as WINNING as being a WINNER! hahahahaha, yeah Joe Dumars is brilliant if he agree’s with you and feels JC is the guy to lead his team to the play-off and feels this so much he pays him 10 per do do it! I mean he hasn’t won in the NBA ever, and his 5-13 record so far has proven he is so worth 10 mil per and the chance to start next year for the Pistons!
        Keep ‘em coming Sly ol’ boy – your comments are great comedy! I get a real laugh at your logic and player talent evaluations

        • Listen dickface, I’m not a huge basketball fan, I’m a raptors fan. Calderon gave it his all when he was here, he made everone around him better, has tons of fans, and played some great games as a raptor (a lot more than some). To me that’s a winner. A loser on the other hand, would be someone like you. Thanks for all those stats! lol It must be nice to have all that free time on youre hands…. Let me know when you get a job in the NBA then maybe I’ll take your rants a little more seriously. Until then, your opinion is nothing more than just that, an opinion. Shove those stats up your ass and have a great day LOSER! hahahahaha

          • @Sly,

            ha! First off, unlike you, I can handle a message or two, and 5 minutes of research w/o turning it into a half days event. I actually left those message and gained those stats on my train ride home from work – it really wasn’t that hard or time consuming.
            BUT, seeing your temper in your response w/o the ability to over come my statement just proves I am right and of coarse you are wrong!.
            The numbers are their man, I didn’t make them look bad, JC made them look bad – if you want a “nice” guy who hasn’t made his players better (even though you feel he has w/o any backing to show proof in your statement), not on 1 but 2 teams, then fine, you made the point that people like him…so in the social world he is a winner….so what!??? how does that make MY TEAM WIN???????
            What I don’t get is: you call yourself a fan of the Raptors, so tell me then, ass-clown, how can a true fan want only his team to have “nice” guys who don’t actually on a consistent basis win games and or play-off games or series? how can a fan want his team to be mediocre in the name of “good sportsman ship” and “social winner among the people’ instead of a player who actually wins games and get his team in the play-offs?
            The PG position is similar to that in the NFL with the QB…if your PG or QB suck, its extremely difficult for the team to win…period! If you don’t want to like that, then don’t – but it don’t mean your right!…it doesn’t make JC a winner – he hasn’t won anything when talking about competition…. competition is about winning and losing, with JC he loses way more then he wins. As a fan I want want my team to win, let the competition keep the “good guys” that played hard but lost in the end. I want the winners on the court that win the games….you don’t!
            Finally, I don’t want you to take me seriously – because honestly, if I start agreeing with your horse shit insight, I might as well give up on this sport!

          • @youngjames

            You took it way too far dude, you’re hilarious. I don’t need to sit here and prove anything to you. This is entertainment while I’m at work. You’re smarter than me. Your points are much stronger than mine. You’re right about everything. I should start consulting you from now on about which players I should like and cheer for.

            The world would be a sad place if it was only populated with people like you.

  10. A bargs release wouldn’t happen under BC right?

  11. Having Ed Davis would have been nice right now. But nope, we had to trade him away so that we could go after more overpaid players and keep Bargnani.

    • Ed Davis is still playing amazing and agree it would be nice to have him. But what did that trade have anything to do with keeping Bargnani!?!?

      • IMO, part of the reason why Davis was traded was so that Bargnani could potentially stay and play a bigger role on the team.

        Casey a couple of months ago even said: “It will ve bery difficult to take Ed out of the starting lineup”. Well, Davis got traded, and Bargnani was put back into the starting lineup. Not a coincidence.

        • I really hope the media holds Colangelo’s feet to the fire for this.

          The Andrea problem the team has now has been caused by BC’s continuous desire to try and make him into something he is not, a good player.

          His stock is at an all time low now? Well, he should have been moved when we were getting offers for him all the time like BC has stated repeatedley, instead of trying to build around him

          If Andrea has no value now and has to be amnestied, Colangelo should be held accountable. Up until the first part of this season Andrea was the guy “come hell or highwater” BC deserves all the blame for this debacle. They had Ed collecting dust for the years he was here when he should have been playing ahead of AB. Shameful.

          • As much as you are right, the media have been largely acquiescing to the incoherent rumblings of the used car salesman that runs the franchise. Doug Smith has largely suckled at Colangelo’s teat and seems incapable of casting a critical eye to the SS CAPCLUSTERFUCK that is the Raptors.

            The most critical piece I remember was from Jeff Blair, calling Bargnani a poison that the team must get rid of. Other than that, I don’t recall too many recent pieces, though if there was a time to tar and feather Colangelo in print it probably was in December when the team was mining the depths of NBA irrelevence.

            I think Colangelo is a closeted Anosognosiac, in that he is too stupid/unaware to realize his own stupidity when building an NBA roster. How else to explain the Riverboat Gambling trade mentality that has continually had as its destination the bottom half of the NBA table? Once Colangelo’s gone I will reattach any remaining enthusiasm I have for this team back, until then, I expect a whole lot of nothing.

          • BB Smitch – I had to bring out the thesaurus for that one!

        • You’re really stretching this, when you infer getting Rudy Gay (and losing Davis), was really all about putting Andrea back into the Starting rotation.

          Bargs is certainly the lightening rod, and reason for everything that happens. I suppose the Pope was chosen from Argentina because of AB.


          • Not sure why this comment posted in the wrong location.

            My Reply is directed towards BP.

            You’re really stretching this, when you infer getting Rudy Gay (and losing Davis), was really all about putting Andrea back into the Starting rotation.

            Bargs is certainly the lightening rod, and reason for everything that happens. I suppose the Pope was chosen from Argentina because of AB.


    • I miss Davis – He had a good line last night in Z-Bo’s absents – The Memphis papers we’re loving him, boasting about his ability to get to the rim quick off his jump…in two years from now Davis is gonna average a double double. I said it a few times before and Ill say it again – Ed Davis reminds me of a young Antonio Davis – If big Ed turns out a career as good as ‘Tones, Ill be pissed!

  12. I never want to see him “play basketball”again.

  13. Done for the season? What else is new.

    He’s been done the entire season, the only difference is that now the injury justifies his non-existence.


  15. BC, bargani and kleiza need to go… trade them all for 3 bucket of pucks for the leafs

  16. Looks like he has time to film some more pasta commercials!

  17. While I wish injury on nobody and its extremely easy to write 50 primo pasta jokes, I think we all wish it could have gone differently and its clear that he has played his last game as a Raptor, perhaps even in the NBA.

    An unceremonious way to end a dissappointing 1st round draft picks career, but when you are a guy like Bargnani who is 99.99% confidence, his ability to “stretch the floor” is completely moot.

    I wish I could say thank you Bargnani, but that would be a huge lie.

    On another note, a good friend of mine dated him in his rookie season. They broke up in the offseason and then his play diminished. She takes credit for his demise.

  18. More guaranteed minutes for Aaron gray!!! Hoorah

  19. Thanks God we don’t have any draft picks to waste this year.

  20. It was about damn time. Hope I’ll never see him in a Raptors jersey again.

  21. Great news.

    Fuck off Bargs.

    • Well-said. Only here’s betting stupid BC will be too “pride-ful” to actually get rid of this waste of space. I pray I’m wrong.

  22. Im sure he will be on a italian radio show soon talki g trash again about his team … Even though kyle tweeted about booing him and the bench had to stand up and cheer him on lol you watch he will trash talk something i garuntee it ! Should of traded barny for adam morrison atleast he cries and showz alittle paasion and heart haha

  23. You all act like this is the last time we see Bargs in a raptors jersey, am i the only 1 that thinks he’ll still be playing next year?? Still pissed they didnt trade him at the deadline for a 2nd or first round pick or anything…oh and Sly it is an outrage, YoungJames is right your an idiot

  24. I really hope he’s not done in the NBA. It would be a damn shame if he never got to return to the ACC in a different uniform and get to be a part of the only tradition this team has: Booing opposing players who take no pride in wearing a Raptors uniform and inevitably get traded/bought out/leave as free-agents. I just hope if he does come back fans chant “Primo Pasta” all game. This bum gave nothing to the franchise and deserves a worse reception than Carter or Bosh ever got.

  25. I agree it’s all on Andrea this year…i mean the Raptors kicked the celtics butt last night, oh wait, NO, they got beat by 25….but wait, they beat the Cavs at HOME with Irving injured, and without Bargs…they managed barely beat a lottery team at home without their best player…congrats…wait until next year when Bargs is lighting it up and Raps are sniffing the lottery again…

    • its really not about winning anymore ? its getting j.v and ross minutes and hopefully acy . they beat the cavs with two rookies starting wich is impressive to me . you act like the raps suck without barny ? they were 4 – 19 to start then he got hurt and went on to go 21-20 . they will be just fine without him . maybe when hes gone you two can have a nice spaghetti dinner together …. but be careful he probably wont show you any heart or passion , hell he probably wont make any contact aswell lol get my drift ? he sucks cant wait to begin a new era without him lol hopefully Bc joins you guys , im sure he will over tip the waitress hes really good with money

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