Rudy rocking goggles

Note the blurry basketball

Note the blurry basketball

With the Raptors dropping 16 games below .500 for the first time this season after their fourth loss to the Bobcats in the last two seasons, there isn’t exactly a ton of pressing news surrounding the lottery bound team right now. On a minor note however, Rudy Gay is trying to get used to wearing prescription goggles in practice because of vision issues.

Cue the easy jokes about Rudy’s shooting percentages this season being related to poor vision.

On a serious note, Gay has shot better than 55 per cent over his last three games, which includes 5-of-14 (35.7%) shooting from behind the arc after shooting under 38 per cent from the field and 23.5 per cent from deep in his first 17 games as a Raptor.

Lastly, is Rudy one of those people that absolutely cannot get close enough to his own eye to wear contacts, or are contacts generally not recommended for basketball players given all of the banging and arm/elbow flailing that occurs?