Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors

In the season finale of RaptorBlog Radio, Drew, Oliver and I look back on yet another disappointing season in Raptor land and look ahead to what we hope are better days to come.

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NOTE: While this episode may serve as a sort of regular season finale, you’ll still hear from us from time to time throughout the off-season as things develop.

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  1. based on derozan’s better numbers as an SF, can we hope for a small-ball line-up next year of lowry-ross-derozan-gay-amir ?

    • i’d rather see demar (continue to) work on his shooting and perimeter D and become a more rounded two guard. he’s not big enough or a good enough defender to match up against bigger SFs.

      lowry-demar-rudy-amir-JV is the sink or swim line-up for next year. ross is a nice to have but i’d trade him in a second if it meant getting something for bargnani.

  2. Was this season disappoint because of no playoffs? If you look back at when this rebuild started back in the 2010/11 season we finished that year 22-60. In the shortened season we finished 23-43, if you take that winning percentage and extrapolate it to an 82 game season that’s a 28-54 record. This year we again have an increase in wins and finished 34-48. So between 2010/11 to 2012/13 we’ve increased the win total by 12 wins. We’re on the upward trend. When the team was constructed this season I’m not sure it was even a playoff team, a 30-35 win team more then likely. That’s where they ended up. Now moving forward this team has piece that can still grow. Jonas Valanciunas can get better, Ross can get better, DeMar can get better etc.

    Next year should be the year where the goal is playoffs.

  3. A mention of the infamous 13-game stretch!

    Thanks for a season of opinions, updates and podcasts, Joseph/Oliver (and even my arch nemesis Drew), look forward to some of the Raptors related content over the next few weeks as I have no interest in the playoffs.

  4. I agree the Raptors need another big, but I don’t see a team being able to be good if a big man who’s as poor a defender as Carl Landry is playing 25-30 minutes a game. Of course, I can’t see a good team having Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan as your two leading scorers.

    How tradable is a mediocre SG making $9.5 million a year? Colangelo keeps overpaying mediocre players and that means their trade value lessens.

    I think the Raptors SHOULD be more picky about extending their own players considering their history. I think $12-13 million for a slightly above average PG is WAAAAAYYYY too much. That would mean the Raptors would be paying Gay, DeRozan and Lowry nearly $40 million a year!!! For a core that simply isn’t good enough to be much better than a .500 team. That is really not a good use of payroll.

    And Lowry does have weaknesses. He doesn’t make good decisions and he’s NOT a good defender. Like Gay, he has the ABILITY to be a good defender, but doesn’t do it consistently. And as Raptor fans have learned, if you don’t do something consistently, who the hell cares whether you have the ability to do it?

    To finish off, I just read this on Grantland. I think it summarizes things pretty succinctly.

    After bashing the Celtics (who didn’t care) by 24 points on the last night of the season, the team finished with a five-game winning streak, with every victory coming against a team with a winning record. While an arbitrary accomplishment, the feat was last achieved in 1970-71 by the San Diego Rockets. Leading the way was Gay: In nine April games, he shot 48 percent from the floor and 50 percent from 3-point range, both mammoth jumps over his dismal season averages. Sure, the Raptors are destined for a future of hopeless mediocrity, but a meaningless hot streak and Rudy temporarily earning his paycheck are more compelling than whatever the Milwaukee Bucks have planned for the postseason.

  5. Hate to be honest, but

    you know how many times you guys have left a note at the end to not follow through? i hate being that guy but this is like 2 weeks late, how do you expect us to keep coming back when nothing gets posted lol

    • Between vacations, one of us being sick, and the move to the new building, was hard for us to nail some dates down. But again, we’ll record podcasts as things happen throughout the off-season and we’ll also try to nail down some interviews.

      Thanks for the patience.

    • Ya, I mean. What exactly are we paying all this good money for?

      Oh, wait.

  6. I think getting a backup point guard is a lot more of a pressing need than a third big. We can’t start the next season with John Lucas in the rotation.

  7. How do you guys feel about a possible contract extension for Rudy Gay this summer?

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