Times have changed...

Times have changed…

In what is surely going to be one of the more impactful days in recent Raptors’ history, Bryan Colangelo is expected to meet with the MLSE board some time today to both review his recent performance and to pitch his plan for the future.

As Holly Mackenzie reported on Monday, MLSE’s most recent hire, CEO Tim Leiweke, is expected at the meeting.

At his season ending media conference on April 22, Colangelo noted that a resolution with respect to his job status could be expected within two to three weeks. Well yesterday was two weeks to the day, so with the all important face to face meeting set for today, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that we’ll probably know Colangelo’s fate in the coming days, if not later today.

The recent rumours linking Phil Jackson to the Raptors had many assuming that the hire of Leiweke and Leiweke’s reported interest in Jackson would spell the end for Colangelo in Toronto. But there are no guarantees that the Raptors have reached out to Phil, that Phil would be open to the idea of working for the Raptors or that Colangelo would necessarily be out in the unlikely event that Toronto could actually land The Zen Master.

(Sidenote: In terms of an update on Jackson, he’s recently taken on the task of helping the Pistons in their coaching search and has reportedly been reached out to by the Nets)

One of the few things we do know is that if Colangelo is still running the show, Dwane Casey will remain the Raptors’ head coach. What isn’t known is what would happen to Casey should Colangelo be relieved of his duties. Would MLSE axe both at the same time? Would they keep Casey in place and then let a new General Manager decide the coach’s fate?

When it comes to Colangelo, my feelings remain unchanged. If it’s between firing him and extending him beyond next season, then he has to be let go after missing the post-season for a fifth straight season without cap space or a lottery pick to show for it. However, from a stability standpoint, the best decision may be to simply pick up the team option on B.C.’s contract for 2013-14 and let he and Casey prove their worth together next season in contract years.

If it doesn’t work out and both need to be let go after that, at least the incoming parties would have more flexibility to really go in a new direction at that time than they would have right now.

In any event, there will surely be some sort of news (and potentially major news) worth talking about as reports about the meeting emerge later today,  so keep an eye on your computer/phone/tv throughout the day and be sure to check back with us later.

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  1. I love BC’s cringing smile in that photo. Remember when he came here, fresh off all that success in Phoenix, and it seemed like he didn’t want to get his hands dirty by sitting there in that draft lottery? How times have changed.

    • You’re not kidding, he looks like he’s aged 25 years since the day he won the lottery – the Raptors will do that to you I guess…

  2. New GM, keep Casey for a year and get rid of Bargnani as soon as possible.

    Colangelo had 5 years to get something right and he didn’t. Trades that didn’t work, pickups that didn’t amount to anything and some questionable contract deals.

  3. Fire BC, Hire Phil, let Phil hire Sloan….

    Replace Fields, Pietrus, Pasta Man, Lucas with Jefferson (or David West), Kirelenko and Jack …

    Front court of JV, Jefferson, Gay, Derozan an Lowry…Amir, AK47, Jack, Anderson and Gray off the bench….

    • A few problems here. First of all, Al Jefferson is a very poor defender. Adding him to a starting lineup of Gay and DeRozan is asking for the defense to return to the levels it was when Jay Triano was in charge. Besides, how exactly would you even GET Jefferson? The Raptors have no cap room, with or without amnestying Bargnani.

      Secondly, Kirilenko is most likely not opting out, so he’s out. Even if he does, there’s, again, that whole issue with money.

      I’m not sure how you think teams can sign free agents without any cap room.

      Lastly, while Fields is definitely overpaid, he’s one of the few Raptors I’d actually want to keep. He’s a high IQ player who plays defense and should continue to to improve after an offseason of healing his wrist.

    • being a gm is easy!

  4. To paraphrase Ice – T,

    “Bryan Colangelo you can suck my d**k, you ain’t nothin but a f***in piece of s**t on the damn map.”


  5. Keep BC and Casey for another year. The only playoff teams in the East they couldn’t win a series would be Miami, Indiana, Chicago. The team is in a good position now and there’s no need to shake things up in the front office.

    Everyone likes to talk about how we haven’t been in the playoffs. Do any of you look at why we haven’t been in the playoffs. Missing the playoffs on the last day cuz Bosh was injured for the end of season stretch. Bosh leaving to form the super team in Miami and we had to rebuild.

    This team needs a backup pg, maybe another big and a training camp focused on team D. That’s it….

    Even if the team stays status quo we’re a playoff team.

    • You think the Raptors would win a playoff series against New York and Brooklyn? Hell, I don’t see them winning a playoff series against Boston, Atlanta or Milwaukee, either. The Raptors lost 2 of 3 against Atlanta, and only won when it was at the end of the season and Atlanta didn’t care.

      Milwaukee beat them 3 out of 3 times.

      Boston beat them 3 out of 4 times, as did Brooklyn.

      In fact, the ONLY playoff team they even have a winning record against is Chicago, and that was mostly because they took two meaningless games against a Chicago team that had stopped playing the regular season.

      I understand your desire to be optimistic, but you’re vastly overestimating the talent level of the current roster.

      • Yeah….the Raptor team that started the season isn’t the same one that finished the season. Most of the losses to those teams took place when the Raptors had a completely different line up. Try looking at the team Post- Rudy Gay trade and then factor in a training camp together and a focus on D. Don’t look at the team that started the season…..

        ATL, NY, Nets, Boston, Bucks aren’t going to get better. Josh Smith is likely gone from ATL. Jennings is gone from the Bucks and they got into the playoffs by default. NY rides or dies depending on Carmelo. Nets got exposed in the playoffs. Boston need to rebuild.

        • Okay, I will look at the team, post-Rudy Gay trade.

          Their main guy is an underachieving, low-efficiency scorer who plays inconsistent defense, holds the ball on offense and too often makes poor decisions, especially in the fourth quarter.

          The second leading scorer is a one-dimensional scorer who shoots poorly from 3, doesn’t have good enough ball handling skills to create off the dribble, takes the vast majority of his shots from the worst spot on the floor (long twos) and is a poor defender.

          The PG, who came to training camp out of shape (very bad sign), is the most efficient perimeter shooter, but makes far too many poor decisions with the ball, isn’t an instinctive passer and gambles WAY too much on defense.

          They don’t have much of a bench, and if Colangelo stays on, it’s a good bet Bargnani will be back, which means he’ll get minutes.

          I do like Amir and Valanciunas, though. And Fields, despite making way too much money, is a good role player.

          If this is the team going forward, then the Raptors are in big trouble. Best case scenario, this is a team that never gets past the second round (like the Atlanta Hawks), but has so many bad contracts it’s virtually impossible to get better without getting worse, first.

          Most likely scenario is that this is a team that perennially fights for a 7th or 8th seed, maybe winning a game or two every year. But with absolutely no hope of actually doing anything in the playoffs. Basically the Milwaukee Bucks.

          Again, I think you’re being WAY too optimistic looking at this roster.

  6. How does getting rid of BC help the team for this coming season? Sure he made some bad moves, but the rebuild is going well IMO. BC is a quality GM in this league. I doubt there is anyone available right now that would dramatically change the look of this team. The core is set. All we need is a quality backup PG who can push Lowry for minutes, a veteran big who can still play (and mentor JV), and to trade Bargnani of course. And like I said last year, any team that is starting, let alone playing Aaron Gray, is not a playoff team. The raptors will make significant strides this year, and could even make some noise in the playoffs. I think BC deserves to have his option picked up this year, and if shit hits the fan once again, then it’s time to cut ties.

    • “I doubt there is anyone available right now that would dramatically change the look of this team. The core is set. ”

      Ok. But how do you know all of that? Also, why does it matter anyways who’s available? IMO, the bigger concern is the plan/direction that any potential new GM would take, no matter who that person is (experienced, or no experience). Trying to get a well-known name is a secondary concern.

      Plus with Tim Leiweke now on board as the President, I wouldn’t say for sure that the core is set. For all we know, he may not like it at all.

      • It matters who’s available because we have a quality gm in place. I’m not saying BC has done a marvelous job in his time here, but he has respect around the league and if there’s talent out there to be added to our roster, he can make it happen. Now a new gm (along with Tim Leiweke) will need time to see what they actually have, as this team has not had time to mesh and play together all that long. A new gm with no experience is not the way to go…..yet. Like I said, give Colangelo one more year. This team he has assemble will actually start paying divedends next year…

        • “It matters who’s available because we have a quality gm in place. ”

          What?? Who the hell is that, because this Colangelo guy has not done well doing his job for him. Overpaying mediocre and often times underachieving players, a seemingly poor understanding of what it takes to build a winning team, and a franchise record five years without a playoff appearance. If we can get that “quality GM” making the decisions instead of Colangelo, this team will be much better off in the future.

        • @ Sly

          Colangelo has not done a good job at all and is not someone that I would even consider a “quality GM”.

          Which is exactly why the name of any new GM means nothing.

          Colangelo IS a name that people know, and whether or not he’s respected around the league (doubt that he is though), came in with a terrible plan and still can’t fix mistakes, or even stop making them.

          As far as him bringing in talent… What talent has Colangelo ever brought in that makes you believe he can bring some in all of a sudden?

    • What rebuild?

      Don’t believe the hype man. BC hasn’t rebuilt anything.

      A rebuild ends when you have the talwent to mvoe forward. This team has 0 all-stars (yet is paying one player like a superstar) yet they are done their “rebuild”?

      BC has been selling talk and hope for years now with no accomplishments to back anything up.

  7. Accountability says that — with 5 losing seasons, no draft pick, and no cap space — the guy at the top must go. Bye-bye BC.

  8. As much as change is needed, I think they give him one more year to see what his changes can actually do for a full season. That starting lineup they had towards the end of the season looked decent. Add a couple changes things could look better, if they don’t then they move on after the season (note I’m saying better, not finals level).

    This is MLSE after all, they seem to be more focused on the last letter of the acronym then the third.

  9. For those of you on the side of keeping BC, I have to ask, what does the guy have to do to get fired?

    At the end of the day, he started with the #1 pick, and All-star PF, and a pile of cap room. He made the playoffs with a first round exit, then lost the All-star. Then he proceeded to avoid the play-offs for 5 years, (which is actually pretty hard to do in the East), and all we have to show for it is Bargs, DD, Ross and Val. I’m not saying they’re a terrible group, but with less OKC got Westbook, Ibaka and Harden.

    As we sit now, we’re a caped out team with no pick, and are locked into Bargs, Fields, DD, Klieza and Gay for ~$45 M per year, for the next several years. All of these players have marginal to negative trade value.

    ‘Stability’ and consistency is great, but we’ve actually had some consistency – we’ve consistently tried to build a team with overpaid flawed players.

    • The whole consistency argument only works if actually got the right pieces (management, coaches and players). The Raptors don’t, so no matter how much consistency there is, the team is still never going to be anything much more than mediocre.

      • Furthermore, what’s with the Raptors not wearing the Huskies jersey’s anymore, I loved just hanging out around the house in my Huskies jersey, eating chips watching the game. They need to go back to the classic fashion fellas! xoxo

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