Times have changed...

Times have changed…

In what is surely going to be one of the more impactful days in recent Raptors’ history, Bryan Colangelo is expected to meet with the MLSE board some time today to both review his recent performance and to pitch his plan for the future.

As Holly Mackenzie reported on Monday, MLSE’s most recent hire, CEO Tim Leiweke, is expected at the meeting.

At his season ending media conference on April 22, Colangelo noted that a resolution with respect to his job status could be expected within two to three weeks. Well yesterday was two weeks to the day, so with the all important face to face meeting set for today, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that we’ll probably know Colangelo’s fate in the coming days, if not later today.

The recent rumours linking Phil Jackson to the Raptors had many assuming that the hire of Leiweke and Leiweke’s reported interest in Jackson would spell the end for Colangelo in Toronto. But there are no guarantees that the Raptors have reached out to Phil, that Phil would be open to the idea of working for the Raptors or that Colangelo would necessarily be out in the unlikely event that Toronto could actually land The Zen Master.

(Sidenote: In terms of an update on Jackson, he’s recently taken on the task of helping the Pistons in their coaching search and has reportedly been reached out to by the Nets)

One of the few things we do know is that if Colangelo is still running the show, Dwane Casey will remain the Raptors’ head coach. What isn’t known is what would happen to Casey should Colangelo be relieved of his duties. Would MLSE axe both at the same time? Would they keep Casey in place and then let a new General Manager decide the coach’s fate?

When it comes to Colangelo, my feelings remain unchanged. If it’s between firing him and extending him beyond next season, then he has to be let go after missing the post-season for a fifth straight season without cap space or a lottery pick to show for it. However, from a stability standpoint, the best decision may be to simply pick up the team option on B.C.’s contract for 2013-14 and let he and Casey prove their worth together next season in contract years.

If it doesn’t work out and both need to be let go after that, at least the incoming parties would have more flexibility to really go in a new direction at that time than they would have right now.

In any event, there will surely be some sort of news (and potentially major news) worth talking about as reports about the meeting emerge later today,  so keep an eye on your computer/phone/tv throughout the day and be sure to check back with us later.