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After weeks of virtually nothing happening, the Bryan Colangelo saga and ensuing search for a possible replacement has really ramped up this long weekend. With today being the deadline for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to make a decision on Colangelo, we seem to be reaching a climax…

(My favourite part of this is Woj referring to MLSE as “The” MLSE like The Iron Sheik would)

The obvious questions we all have would revolve around just what exactly Colangelo’s new “significant” business role within the organization would be and what kind of terms he would be under. Is Leiweke looking to sign Colangelo to an extension to put him on the corporate side, or is this merely an example of MLSE just finding a job that Colangelo can fill on the option year and final year of his contract before he eventually moves on?

In addition, even if Colangelo were to be offered a high paying job on the business side of the Raptors, would that really satisfy him? No matter what you think of B.C., he’s a super competitive guy who enjoys putting his stamp on basketball teams, and whether it’s Ujiri or someone else who comes in to replace him as General Manager in Toronto, note that Wojnarowski mentions that person having “full control.”

On to Ujiri. We know from previous Wojnarowski reports that his contract in Denver expires this summer and that he’s currently one of the lower paid GM’s in the NBA. But just how major would that “major financial offer” from the Raptors have to be to pry him away from a young Nuggets team that he has quickly built into a quasi-contender out West? The Raps have some nice young pieces and building blocks and they can offer the global metropolis of Toronto (no offence, Denver), but Ujiri would be taking a significant step back in terms of how immediately competitive his team is.

And while many assume that MLSE can make a financial offer that would blow any executive away, keep in mind that Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke, who is a big supporter of Ujiri, is worth an estimated $5 billion as one of the 100 richest people in the States (according to Forbes). Can MLSE make Ujiri a mind blowing offer? Of course, and they probably will. But just don’t assume that Kroenke won’t be right there to make an incredibly lucrative offer of his own.

Lastly, there are still questions to be answered about the status of Ed Stefanski, who has one year left on his contract, Dwane Casey, who also has one year remaining on his deal, and the rest of the coaching staff, who are all on contracts reportedly set to expire.

We should finally begin to have those questions answered sooner rather than later, and we’ll no doubt have more questions to ask as this process moves on. For now, the gist of it is that the Raptors are trying to replace Bryan Colangelo with Masai Ujiri, and that’s quite alright with me.


UPDATE: Michael Grange reports that Colangelo will be officially relieved of his duties on Tuesday morning (though he also confirms reports that Bryan will still likely have a job with MLSE) and that the Raptors still haven’t been given permission to talk to Ujiri.