Rudy Gay Press Conference

In a dizzying chain of events that it seems only Toronto sports fans have been forced to get used to, the Raptors announced on Tuesday morning that Bryan Colangelo would be relieved of his General Manager duties while maintaining the seemingly higher position of team President.

The exact terms of Colangelo’s new contract aren’t known (is it possible that just the final year of his current contract has been picked up? Would they refer to that as an extension in a press release?).

In addition, the team says that it has created a “new” position of General Manager “that will have final authority on all basketball-related decisions” and that the new GM should be named within 30 days, after Tim Leiweke conducts his search.

So if you’re following, the team President, who was also General Manager as recently as yesterday, will give way to a replacement GM but will stay on as President without actually having any say over said new GM’s basketball decisions.

Though the new General Manager is expected to have full autonomy on the basketball side, the news release also states that “Colangelo will continue to advise Leiweke on basketball-related matters while also broadening his involvement with the business side of the franchise.”

In a final news item from the release, the team announced that at the suggestion of the MLSE board, Leiweke’s official start date has been pushed forward from July 1 to June 3.

This whole situation is very confusing, but reading between the lines, my interpretation of this mess is that Leiweke obviously didn’t feel comfortable with Colangelo building and running this basketball team (even though in the release, Leiweke states that “all of my due diligence around the League indicates that we have a fine, young core and a few key moves will make us a playoff contender next season”), but that Colangelo was still a valuable resource to maintain with his connections around the league and general experience.

Having said that, I’m sure Leiweke has plenty of NBA connections of his own between his former roles with the Nuggets and Timberwolves and his most recent role which had ties to the Lakers. And what happens if another team wants Colangelo in a basketball role? Are MLSE and B.C. serious about this new move to the business side, or is this just a temporary appointment until Colangelo finds his footing with another franchise?

It certainly seems possible that rumblings about Leiweke wanting something else and the board convincing him otherwise could hold water, and if that’s the case, the potentially promising Leiweke Era in Toronto sports is off to a discouraging start. I mean wasn’t the whole point of bringing him here to save the board from major sports decisions that they probably aren’t as qualified to make?

On Monday, I thought that Tuesday would finally bring us some answers. It turns out I’m left with more bewilderment and questions now than ever before.


Here are all of the quotes in full from the media release

Leiweke – “After thorough evaluation and considering all the options, we have concluded that these changes will be in the best interest of the organization. By splitting the roles and having both men report directly to me, we are adding depth to the basketball operations group and giving the Toronto Raptors the best chance of competing for championships in the future. The new GM will inherit a great situation in Toronto, as all of my due diligence around the League indicates that we have a fine, young core and a few key moves will make us a playoff contender next season.

Colangelo – “The future of this team and this organization excites me more than ever, and I am looking forward to being part of our future success. I will add whatever is necessary to help improve our basketball team while also expanding my efforts to increase brand awareness and influence growth of the game across this great country.

Leiweke – “Bryan is skilled, knowledgeable and respected across the NBA and will be a resource that we count on to help build the Raptors into Canada’s team.


On one final note, I forgot to mention that Colangelo will represent the Raptors at the Draft Lottery tonight. You can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. This feels like the Seinfeld episode when Elaine doesn’t want to fire Eddie Sherman, so she promotes him instead.

  2. Ha, what a fucking mess.

  3. WTF?

    So, our pitch to Masai is now “come work with us, you’ll have full autonomy, free reign to do what ever you want”

    But your old boss, the one who’s errors you have to fix, remains the company president.

  4. Also, BC is incredible. He can even fuck up being fired.

  5. As goofy as this seems, isn’t BC fairly likely to get hired as GM by some other team within the next 2 years? I mean, unless he really wants to be a pure businessman or whatever.

  6. This comment section should be named “Toronto Raptors complaint department”.

  7. i love it. Two heads are always better than one. Great move for the organization. I bet if the raps do well this year, he’ll stay in toronto. I bet he loves this city.

  8. After listening to the conference i don’t have much faith in Tim Leiweke. There’s so much instability with this team from the very top down. Clearly this is a “destination” city for the NBA.

  9. well, well, well!!!! I have always said that I enjoy this site (@the score) because of the fact that JC is more than just a journalist (IMO) he is a fan of basketball – in his blogs and reports, he states facts, gives insights (that are credible) and raises interesting questions for opinion and debate among his readers…this is why I come on here, everyone is allowed to speak and the host is a fan with credentials. There is another guy in the Raptors community that provides this simple, steady but effective approach as well – Stephen Brotherson. …Does a fabulous job over at Hoopsworld. Then there are hacks – Doug Smith and Cathal Kelly over at the Star (IMO) come to mind. Smith is constantly misinformed and is wrong must of the time – and Kelly with his over use of big words only proves he can memorize a dictionary, his insights are weak…these guys are simply doing a job for the Star as journalists, they aren’t fans of the Raptors. Their readers look to them for information about their beloved team and usually get screwed with misinformation and nonsense insights – I often caution to stay away from them – even to JC and his reader on here…Lots of people agree too which makes this all so even more funnier.
    Doug Smith broke a story over the weekend that EVERYONE jumped on – media and Raps fans included. Doug claims the NBA sources said to him that Leiweke has hired a search firm to assist and help find him qualified people for the current (or what was believed to be current) opening with the Raptors…President/GM job.
    I questioned that report, as a guy who works in the industry (HR) it did not make sense to me…for a guy who also loves and lives “business” and has great interested, knowledge and education in the full business cycle, finances and Investments – why who would Leiweke say that this position is extremely important – this position is literally his right hand man, yet he has “out sourced”??? I questioned it and called it a “smoke and mirrors” show that something else was up, this information CANNOT BE TRUE! And I was right.
    Through this questioning, my intent was to raise the question as to why a search firm” this doesn’t make sense? I was hoping for feedback and all I got were little sounding children responses from a number of the commenters on here. Actually one person, (Tim W) answered my question with a dash of insult but in the end I proved it to be a weak argument – a D- for his effort, though!. I was then challenged by, reader Mike: “What do you really know about business?” He attacks me, when all I did was raise the notion that this information does not make good business sense – so I replied to him by listing my education and current position. To only be attacked again by Boss, SR, Tim W, BK, CDawg, Cc, BP, PBI and Cmoney – all not adding anything informative, knowledgeable or discussion towards my questions – they attacked with 14 year old comments…”nana-nana-nana you can’t spell” shit, useless shit! Calling me out for answering Mikes question, continuously mentioning like mentally ill people about spelling errors and because I won’t double check my work for them – never ever focusing on the discussion, like adults…why? Because they are DUMB!!!!! They are Dummies who make minimum wage and when a smart intriguing business question comes their way, they hide in their protective shells by name calling, pointing out the small irrelevant stuff that don’t matter because that’s all their minds can handle. They proved to everyone through their ridiculous, (only someone w/o business sense could say) reply’s – not once, but a few times!!!!! Proving and displaying just how DUMB they all are…I love it!
    And today at Leiweke’s press conference call (which I was delighted to have heard live), Stephen Brotherson’s question made my day….Leiweke said today after a killer question I was so hoping would get asked – THE WHOLE SEARCH FIRM THING is MISINFORMATON….F’n knew it!!!! TL laughed and chuckled while answering the question displaying to his listeners that it is just ridiculous to have a search firm to do this kind of job for him – Go listen to the press conference – he admit that they will NOT help or assist one bit – he even challenges what they could do that he can’t…which was one of my main points….I KNEW IT – as a guy who works in the industry it didn’t make sense. TL even thanked SB (classy guy he is – check out his Monday live chat at 3:00 on Hoopsworld) for asking that question – like he was hoping to diffuse this ridiculous report as quickly as he could – and continuously called DOUG SMITHS report “misinformation” – TL states that the only thing the search is doing is back ground checks – HR 101 shit – interns work!!!! BUT a big breaking story for Doug Smith.
    I told you so – to those clumsy, weak business minded, childish know nothing loser commenter and their not so smart now comments – I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!! THE ONLY ONE IN T.O WHO CALLED DOUG SMITHS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!! You pathetic fools need to understand – you’re out of your league with me when it comes to sports, music and business – your single A players lucky to even be a late draft pick compared to my leaugue! I am more educated, make more money, married to hotter cooler women, have a big package and I am tougher then all you said little wimps who mocked me – you look like fools! And I proved that this weekend…Please everyone, I beg you, go and check out these loser’s knuckle headed comments on here over the wekend, read mine then go listen to the audio of TL today – me and TL on the same page….Boss, SR, Tim W, BK, CDawg, Cc, BP, PBI, Mike and Cmoney are not and are stuck in loserville and the comments are there to support it!!!!!!!
    DOUG SMITH again is wrong – when will the people learn…remember his “stand down folks” rant in his blog insisting that day that his insiders told him no deal was happening with Rudy Gay – the next day…the next f’n’ day – it happened – Rudy Gay was traded here. Brotherson stated since last year’s draft, something was up with Gay and BC and that BC had his eyes on him and even tried at draft day but failed to make a deal – SB was right DOUG SMITH WAS WRONG!!!!!!!
    Props to reader JOHN GIBBONS – Doug smith should “be flipping burgers”! lol
    OH! There will be mistakes and spelling errors…get over it! – You losers have proven you’re not worth it for me to do something as small as “double checking” the work for your pleasure. Your bottom feeders!
    Back to work for Youngjames!

    • 90% of this was a rant about yourself…..whateva makes ur day I guess.

      • I know, I know, I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but this paragraph is a thing of beauty:

        ” I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!! THE ONLY ONE IN T.O WHO CALLED DOUG SMITHS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!! You pathetic fools need to understand – you’re out of your league with me when it comes to sports, music and business – your single A players lucky to even be a late draft pick compared to my leaugue! I am more educated, make more money, married to hotter cooler women, have a big package and I am tougher then all you said little wimps who mocked me – you look like fools! And I proved that this weekend…”

        Classic – don’t ever change, youngjames. Enjoy your lofty education, untold riches, bigamous hotties, large package and toughness – and thanks for deigning to honour us with your wisdom. Keep this up, and in no time, the internets will bow down before you.

        • Thanks for high-lighting that paragraph. I usually don’t read youngjames’ walls of text, but you know, may be now I should.

          Youngjames brings back memories of Herbert Kornfeld, RIP. That ************* accountant could represent!

        • there are tidbits of information/statements within your rant which make it seem like you at least somewhat know what you’re talking about…. but then your pettiness, grammar/spelling, and close-mindedness outweigh those moments by a tonne.

          • What do you expect? He’s an “HR professional”. They’re usually the biggest and most clueless douches in any organization.

          • @ Teddy

            Don’t talk about spellling/grammar if you can’t even spell ton. LOL

          • Sly, teddy did spell tonne correctly. ‘Ton’ is used to as a word to mean 2000 pounds while ‘tonne’ is used as a word to mean 1,000 kilos.

            I’m actually more used to the tonne spelling than ton.

          • Didn’t know that, thanks John! lol

      • Yup, gave up 1/3 of the way through his rant. Started to sound like a tool and it had no substance.

    • Wow!!!!!! This rant confirms what I’ve always though about you. Bragging about or even just discussing your credentials on here does not give you credibility. Assuming someone works a minimum wage job and then using that against them shows all of us your true colors. Your self centeredness is shining through all of your bullshit posts. Doug Smith is not a fan of the raptors? lol Whether Doug Smith is a fan or not, the fact that you keep going out of your way to try and get people to NOT read his blog is sad IMO. So you know more about sports than most people, that’s great! (good for you btw) Music? I’m not even going to open that can of worms. Now if you are a businees man, here’s some life advice for you: don’t EVER think you know it all or think you’re better than anyone. Open up your eyes and shut your mouth. You are so insignificant in this world (as we all are), and the quicker you learn that, the better off you’ll be. But some people are just assholes and such is life.

      ps: If you decide to list your education and what you do for a living, then you should care about spelling errors, and we now have every right to comment about it.. The reason people are pointing out your spelling mistakes is not because you made mistakes by typing too fast and not reviewing….it’s because you repeatedly misspell common words.

    • I know I shouldn’t….I just can’t help it…this combination of stupidity and ego is too hard to resist.

      youngjames, let me assist your goldfish-like memory. originally, you were the one who freaked out about Leiweke hiring a headhunter and asked, in a plaintive yet grammatically challenged voice, how you could trust someone who would “outsource” such a crucial decision.

      i responded as follows:

      “…for starters, we don’t know whether TL has “outsourced” anything. All we have are vague media reports that MLSE has hired a headhunting firm to assist in the search.
      We don’t have any idea whether these reports are accurate (Doug Smith doesnt have a stellar record in this regard). Given his multiple diplomas, youngjames will no doubt be aware of the importance of critical thinking.”

      Now, when Leiweke confirms that he hasn’t, in fact, “outsourced” anything and that your panic was misplaced, your response is an emphatic, self-congratulatory internet rant?

      If the youngjames identity is a subversive, cutting comment on the absurdity of internet communication, I applaud the effort. On the other hand, if youngjames is an actual living, (mouth)breathing person, I fear for the future of our country.

    • “I was hoping for feedback and all I got were little sounding children responses from a number of the commenters on here.”

      “…they attacked with 14 year old comments…”

      It’s funny that youngjames mentions childish and 14 year old comments despite all of the dumb posts he’s made recently.

      Just when you think he can’t look any stupider, he comes here and makes even more posts…

    • @youngjames –

      Seriously dude, I’m not trying to attack you but you sound like an insecure guy living in his mom’s basement planning world domination. Your posts make you sound un-educated and childish, the exact things you accuse everyone else of being.

      I’m sure the only reason you haven’t been banned is because your writing is actually hilarious and I’m sure everyone is getting a kick out of it. You’re filling a fraction of the void left by another playoff-less season.

      If you wanna continue to contribute to this blog, I suggest you tone it down and take a more mature approach with your posts.

    • “I am more educated, make more money, married to hotter cooler women, have a big package and I am tougher then all you said little wimps who mocked me – you look like fools! ”

      I love the internet. You sir deserve a participation ribbon at the Troll Olympics.

    • Is your one point here that Doug Smith is/was wrong about the headhunting firm and you’re the “only” person who thought he was wrong?


  10. JC why no mentioning of the “misinformation” report on the search firm??? It was a HUGE part of the discussion today and the discussion over the weekend! – also why not much mention of the “branding” focus that TL is insistent on making, he was adamant about this change and spoke lengthy on the topic…Is the “Raptors” name gone?????

  11. MLSE is fucking hilarious and not in a good way. We could be in for more dysfunction than ever in the front office this coming season and Im sure it will be reflected on the court.

  12. I suppose with no direct financial implications of incompetence with their sports franchises, if you’re liked at MLSE, you fail upwards. I guess they didn’t give the polished turd treatment to Burke because they didn’t take to the gruff and bombastic egomaniac.

    This franchise is a colossal joke that trades in Orwellian double speak. I know sports are just digressions, but at least it should be, or hope to be, a somewhat meaningful digression. With Colangelo still around, the architect of 5 seasons of completely meaningless basketball, I have no idea if the new GM will be immune from Colangelo’s useless meddling.

    All the Raptors need to do is trade for Kwame Brown and then they can comfortably settle in to Bobcats/Hornets levels of complete irrelevance.

    I refuse to give any money to this franchise while Colangelo is here because I don’t want part of my money going in to Colangelo’s pockets. Yes, I despise the conman that much.

  13. they got a good core of players
    they need a top point guard and slot lowry in the 2 hole and the need a more gritty bench.
    maybe they should go after paul he would be a great fit here considering he wants to play here or they should persue bledsoe he is another great point guard and 5 years younger then paul at only 23….
    lowry is not a point guard he is better as a shooting guard and he’ll have more success there

    • Yes, they have a good core. They just need to get rid of most of it, bring in players who are better and make less, and everything will be fine.

      • Who should they get rid of besides Bargnani? Rudy Gay? So we can go back to looking for a guy who can hit clutch shots? The only other bloated contract I can think of would be Fileds, but glue guys are also hard to find.

        • Rudy Gay is not a clutch player. He hit a couple of clutch shots, but actually plays fairly poorly in the clutch. And the Raptors are paying him $17.8 million next season and more than $19 million the next season. All for a non-All Star who doesn’t score efficiently, doesn’t defend consistently and makes bad decisions on the court.

          DeRozan’s contract, starting this summer, is also bad. $9.5 million for a SG who is a below average defender, can’t hit the three and doesn’t score efficiently. Hard to argue that’s even close to a good deal.

          Of all the bad contracts on the Raptors, Field’s is probably the only one I’d keep. He’s got the highest IQ, is the the best defender, and is least likely to get ANYTHING of value back.

  14. It would have been much cleaner for Leiweke to have shown Colangelo the door. That said, the panic and hyperbole on display online is a tad premature. At this point, we should give Leiweke the benefit of the doubt. He has lanced the angriest of the boils on the Raptors backside. Who knows what went on behind the scenes that led to this (interim) outcome. But we should assume that Leiweke would not have agreed to this course if he thought it would affect his plans for the franchise or the future success of the franchise.

    So, do what most on the internet find very difficult….suspend some judgment and see how this plays out. This is only the first of a series of moves. See where the team is at the end of the summer and then assess whether panic is justified.

    For now, enjoy the entertainment.

    • Amen, but I would go further than that. There’s no way in hell BC is going to have any direction over personnel decisions with the Raps. If the new GM, Stefanski or Leiweke want to consult him, that’s their prerogative. No new GM is going to accept this job if the condition is that BC has to approve every decision they make. Not even MLSE are that ridiculous and Leiweke is not going to run the ship like that.

      I staked my continued support for this franchise on them letting BC go, and while I also would have preferred a clean break, this is an acceptable compromise. BC is not going to stick around MLSE for much longer anyway, and as much as I hate the job he did with the Raps, that doesn’t mean he has no skills that can be tapped into. He does have relationships in the league, he may be useful for marketing purposes, Canada basketball stuff, etc. I’m surprised he was willing to stay on, but I don’t really care so long as he’s not making the personnel decisions anymore.

      It will be interesting to see if Casey stays with a new GM, but obviously we’ll have to see who they land.

    • It is early, but this process just reeks of board leadership at its worst. Plodding, inefficient, and final decisions that are so full of compromises intended to keep all the stakeholders happy that the organization can’t make any real progress.

      MLSE gets unjustified flak for their spending habits and the accusation that they supposedly don’t want to win. Their real fault is that they’re a board and this is how they run things. Too many internal politics, too many chefs in the kitchen.

  15. The next logical step for this mess is a new GM coming in and keeping Casey.

  16. I’ll be the one to say it…..

    BC should still be GM of this team. It’s really not a bad team and wont be a lottery team next year if they add a back up point guard and another big. The team is close to where they need to be. Yet everyone is ready to throw BC to the wolves for the teams lack of “success”. The team finally has a good small forward that can even play the 4 if needed. They have one of the best promising big men in the league who’s shown the improvement and motor to be successful. Amir Johnson should have gotten consideration for Most Improved and is a work horse. Lowry found the balance to run the team. Gay and DD rank 20 and 21 in scoring per game. Fields is an effective bench guy with a high basketball IQ.

    Looking at this draft………is the number 12 pick gonna be beter then Kyle Lowry…..highly unikely.

    The Raptors have continued to rebuild since Bosh left (they got JV’s pick from that) and it’s acceptable that they’ve had losing seasons since. The product has always been competitive every night. See through the hate…….

    • What a ringing endorsement for Colangelo. The team isn’t that bad. Sure, it’s massively overpaid, inefficient and full of mediocre talent, but hey, it’s not that bad. That’s what I want from my GM.

      By the way, that was sarcasm, in case there was any doubt.

  17. Doug Smith Dummies: Sly, PBI, Sr, Cc, Tim W, Jojo, Teddy Graham, Noah, John K.
    ALL BIG DUMMIES!!!!!!! How’s your minimum wage work you useless good for nothings! I call you out and still you ALL response like mental retards – “ahhh, duh, he didn’t spell properly” – hahahaha, I said I wasn’t going too – so what is your FUCKING POINT?????? Besides looking like bigger DUMMIES! You have NOTHING – no response but name calling to try and protect your useless have nothing to input because your DUMMIES statements…I keep on purposely leaving mistakes (more and more) as I leave these messages to show that the “thought process” of these idiots is stuck on stupid!!!! And Even though the spelling is so bad, you all understand me, you all read my shit – you all CAN”T leave me alone! You all come on here to SEE ME!!!!! You know how I know, your dumb responses – I’m living rent free in your head!!!! The ALPHA DOG has spoken!

    • I find you utterly fascinating. You seem to completely lack ANY self awareness. Most people would realize, by this point, just how ridiculous they are appearing, and stop commenting. You seem to draw some sort of energy from it, and get even more ridiculous the more people laugh at you. I’d suggest that you were doing it intentionally as a joke, but I actually don’t think that’s true.

      You seem to suffer from delusions of grandeur, narcism, and about a dozen other mental disorders. You’re either 13 years old, which would explain a lot, or you need help.

  18. @Teddy Graham – any time you want to meet and say that to me, you can! Pussy!!! You are a weak fragile pussy who hides behind his key board! Keep talking, your always wrong and nobody’s listen – but keep talking coward

  19. SLY – is the biggest RETARD on here – he is the DOUG SMITH DUMMY leader….Hey Sly it ain’t my fault your little dick never gets laid – it ain’t my fault you have no game (with broads, business, friends or life) – BUT keep following me, I should get my own blog – people seem to response to me…even if it is the low life of city like you. Quick when’s the last time you made over $80 in a days pay!???? Keep jerkin’ off to the porn sites in your moms basement….. Prediction on Sly’s response: “ahh, duh, you can’t spell”….I love the fact that “double checking” my work is my biggest problems – your biggest problem is whether your welfare check is going to come in on time and when and where you ca get that next hit of crack or Oxy cottin in ya!

    • “people seem to response to me… even if it is the low life of city like you” And this guy is going to get his own blog! LOL Apparently you’re also a psychic because you know everything about my life! LOL This is way too funny! You’re showing everyone on here how dumb you really are. Your comeback to everyone is that they are on welfare…….. I’m actually getting paid as we speak. I doubt any successful business man would conduct themselves the way you do. You result to childish name calling time and time again towards people that you have never seen or know anything about…..that sounds like someone who is insecure to me. Crack? Oxy? Welfare? Mom’s basement? That sounds about right for you. The crack addiction would actually explain the sketchy rants that never seem to end.

  20. First rule of the internet — don’t feed the trolls. Come on people.

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