Rudy Gay Press Conference

In the latest installment of RaptorBlog Radio, Drew, Oliver and I get together to discuss the “sort of” firing of Bryan Colangelo, the current state of the Raptors organization, who may replace Colangelo, and what might become of Dwane Casey.

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  1. Kinda sounded like 3-Dog at the start.

    You can say almost any team is a few moves away, BC has spent years showing he can’t make those moves.

    I think the Spurs are the model.

  2. What a fun podcast.

    It felt like everyone was very passionate about what transpired yesterday although I have to lean towards Joseph’s side of the debate and frankly was puzzled at some of Oliver’s comments about the team being only being “back-ups” away from whatever goal he aspires for this team to reach.

    I wish you expected more of this organization, as Leiweke clearly does.

    • Yep, agree with you again. This team just needs backups???? Are you fucking kidding me?? Amir Johnson is a solid player but starting pf on a contending team he is not. Only val, gay, and lowry deserve to be starting on a contending team in my opinion. Sg and pf are positions which could be upgraded (pf more urgent). Plus the backups. But if you just upgrade pf they are easily a playoff team in the east.

      • This team needs a significant overhaul. 8th seed shouldn’t be the aspiration and frankly they won 34 games. You’ll recognize a good team when you see it and this ain’t it. JV and Amir are good pieces. The rest are all question marks.

        A new GM would be foolish to keep riding BC’s vision. It’s a losing proposition based on BC’s track record here and a complete overhaul gives you a few seasons with low expectations and a chance to accumulatereal talent.

        • The team that started the season wasnt the same one that finished the season. They’re a much better team then the 34 win record shows.

          An you want to scrap everything and rebuild for 3 yrs so we can get a playoff team. Didn’t we just do that. The current team is a 4-6th seed in the East…..calm down.

  3. Great Pod Cast

    Does anybody else wonder if Tim L actually watched any games from last season?
    If so i wonder what he thinks.
    I also wonder if Tim L got any input from the players about the team’s situation?

    Casey said he told the players to practice certain things over the summer…I wonder what the players are thinking about those instructions & if they care that their coach might be fired soon.

    Tim L said that they haven made the playoffs in five years so heads needed to roll…OK but Im confused. Does he bring in a new GM to blow it up and then not make the playoffs for another few years?. If not why not just observe BC for a few months?

    That doesn’t add up.

    This is some weird shit boys.

  4. What benefits of his work Oliver? No championship ceiling for this team. It may be fruitless to believe a Toronto team could one day contend for a championship but I want to have the slightest bit of hope. This core has no hope. Colangelo never had an idea of what he wanted to do.

  5. The thing that I appreciate TL saying was how Toronto should be a free agent destination. In terms of a city, it’s one of the greatest in North America. Culturally diverse, constantly buzzing (similarly sized Houston becomes dead at night), growing at an alarming rate (most highrise buildings currently under construction in North America). Simply put, as far as cities go, convincing people to come here shouldn’t be hard. Put a winning team on the floor and the FAs should come.

    I also loved his bluntness. It’s a nice change hearing someone from MLSE be brutally honest, compared to the smoke screen and secrecy we’ve become accustomed to from BC.

    I’ll give BC credit where credit is due. The man is a natural smooth-talking salesman. It’s probably the only reason he lasted this long as GM. I’m as guilty as anyone for believing his words while he said it (and then later coming to logical conclusions that what he said doesn’t make sense).

    This year I stopped watching the games at around game 60. Hopefully there is some positive change so that I’ll feel like watching the full season next season.

    • The joke is that TL is a natural smooth talking salesman, the same maybe worse then BC lol. Time will tell……

      Toronto is a great city to visit…..but is a black void in the NBA. Mainly due to the fact that Toronto media is all about the Leafs and hockey in general, Raptors get no media coverage in the US which isn’t appealing to NBA players.

  6. Leiweke (border lined giggled on his conference call) when he talk about the speculation T.O media will have trying to guess who the next GM will be – he even said “have fun with that”….no one knows – no-one yet! We do know of possible candidates that have been rumored and TL hinted to some of them being true (Masai, Stefanski mostly), until it happens its all speculation no matter what is reported – and or “sources say” reports…It was said from TL’s mouth…..Nobody knows!

  7. RSS and Itunes aren’t updated. Can you please fix that. Thanks.

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