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When news broke on Friday that the Raptors had made Masai Ujiri a lucrative offer to take over as the team’s General Manager, most reports indicated that Ujiri would take a couple of days to mull the offer over before ultimately making his decision.

Well assuming that Saturday and Sunday served as those couple of necessary days for Ujiri, we should be hearing something one way or another at some point today.

If you remember on Friday, I stated that whether or not the Nuggets granted Toronto permission to negotiate was the only real hurdle I saw to clear before landing Ujiri, and that once that hurdle was cleared, I was pretty confident in the fact that all we were waiting for was official word.

Now, however, my confidence has been tempered. At the time, reports of a $3 million per year offer were being thrown around (way too much money for Ujiri to turn down and too much for the notoriously frugal Kroenkes to come close to matching). Another recent report however, via Doug Smith, pegs Tim Leiweke and MLSE’s offer at closer to $1.5 million per year, while Michael Grange reported on Monday that the offer was for four years and about $9 million (an average of $2.25 million per year).

That’s obviously not chump change, but there’s a big difference between a $3 million offer and a $1.5 million offer for a guy who reportedly makes roughly $500,000 per year right now. It also means that there’s a better chance the Nuggets can make a competitive counter-offer.

In addition, while Friday night’s report from Adrian Wojnarowski stated that the Kroenke family “doesn’t appear moved to make a competitive bid to hold onto (Ujiri)” and that “Denver ownership ‘seems to be moving on’,” an ominous tweet from Grange on Sunday night stated that Denver is “making themselves heard, according to sources.”

As we await Ujiri’s big decision, we’re all admittedly probably reading way too much into every report, tweet and quote out there. But given how things have usually played out for Raptors fans, it’s perfectly understandable that many are likely losing confidence in the situation with each passing hour.

Masai Ujiri was already another “one that got away” once before. I don’t even want to imagine the buzz kill and negativity that would resurface among fans and media alike if the Raptors fail in their attempt to bring Ujiri back to Toronto after many fans seemed ready to believe that they had this thing in the bag.

Here’s hoping that today is not another of false hope and disappointment.

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  1. A Deal is NOT going to happen – since I have stated that this is respectable source (Raptorsblog) – like a foolish twit, JC has done nothing but quote that blow hard, always wrong Doug Smith…so staying with JC man-love for this old fuck who is never right – here is what Doug Smith (on Friday) said about this situation and I quote “Know this: Masai is No. 1 and No. 1A on the list and they start talking, I can see him being on the job by the end of the weekend” (anyone notice the journalist mistakes in the quote he published on the Star website?)…and since a deal has NOT been done and it is Monday then no deal will done…DOUG SMITH SAYS SO! end of story!!!! Right JC!??! Lets all quote and take Doug Smith reporting and insights for real information and stick our tongue up his ass like Joeseph Casciaro does!!! why even write your opinion if Doug Smith is always telling, feeding you “misinformation” to re-report – a quote from Leiweke himself about Doug Smiths reports….”misinformation” and JC is all over it!…your losing creditably fast with your Doug Smith quotes, your blog will also become miss guided information

    • It’s a ring toss game…

    • Uhh…the original report we all based this on was Adrian Wojnarowski’s, but okay. Also, Doug Smith is a big enough name that when he and another reporter are $1.5 million apart in reporting an offer, it leaves us asking questions.

      Secondly, Grange now reports $9 million over four years. Are you okay with that reference or is Michael Grange also on your naughty list?

      Seriously though, I worry about you sometimes Youngjames.

  2. “your losing creditably fast”


    “your blog will also become miss guided”

    is that like Miss Congeniality?

    • @Boss – exactly…JC is acting like a non-confident clumsy broad! LOL “Doug Smith says…..Doug Smith says”…who give a flying fuck what Doug Smith says – I’m personally not coming on here to get quotes or information that Doug Smith has already falsely reported….SMARTEN UP JC!
      Smith has been proven time and time again to offer false information whether its his insights, inside info from his special people…he is wrong – he got ripped already by Leiweke for his “misinformation” search firm article (that I said was BULLSHIT from day 1 and was proven right) – Smith said Friday a deal would be done before the weekend was over (IF) Masai is the man..well the wekend is over I guess in Doug Smith’s reporting there will be NO Masai…so yeah miss-guided and clumsy is right when relying on Doug Smith as your main source! Congratulations for re-writing Doug Smith’s FLOG!!!! Go listen to Leiweke’s conference call last week he is adamant that NOBODY knows what or when the answers are, on the GM situation – he did admit Masai is his main guy but not only guy and that he (himself) will have a fun time listening to all the “false speculation” till the GM is hired…and what does Doug Smith do – a few days later states that he knows when the deal will be done – JC then quotes this moron right after TL mimicked NOT TOO! hahahahaha – what a joke this is becoming with Raptorsblog and Doug Smiths FLOG’s!

      • Why don’t you stop coming to this site then?

        It’s pretty comical that you have to make not one, but two childish remarks towards the the writer.

        If you are so certain that you know better, go start your own blog. Then see how many people listen.

      • Why dont you start your own flippin blog so others can come hear you rant there. Nobody cares what you think, however we do care what JC and the others thinks which is why we read Raptorblog. Most “News” outlets rely on other news outlets for ….guess what…news…so get a life and stop complaining frig…you absolutely added no value to the discussion at hand.

      • I like how youngjames totally misses how boss was making fun of his grammar and spelling.

  3. @youngjames Man o man, it must be tough living in this world when you’re (see what I did there? It’s called a contraction) right all the time. On the one hand I want to suggest that you should stop visiting the site since a lot of the posts seem to give you a seizure, but on the other – you’re a constant source of entertainment.

    Keep fighting the fight, bro!!

  4. Why don’t we just hire youngjames as GM?

  5. yes!!! then we can call him youngmoney!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think the lower initial offer could just be bidding bait. If the Nuggets match or increase then MLSE may offer more. If not, then they get their guy at lower cost. It’s a smarter business move by TL, which it seems like thats all he really is.

    Hopefully it doesn’t deter Ujiri away though, I’d like to have him with the Raps.

  7. AHAHAHAHA Young James, you are a fool! Lay off the crack bud.

  8. Now that it seems like it’s only a matter of time until they work out a deal with him, I wonder what approach Ujiri takes with this roster.

    Does he keep all the main pieces (Gay, Lowry, DeRozan, etc.) in tact and try to add on to make a run at the playoffs? Tim Leiweke really seemed fixated on the five year playoff drought and seemed to want it to end right away so that’s definitely a path they could go in.

    Or does he tear the team down a bit, try to add a draft pick this year and take a step back (Trades Lowry, amnesties Bargnani, shops DeRozan, etc.) for the 2014 draft and do a bit of a retooling because he’ll reportedly have 4+ years to shape this team. I could see him facing a bit of pressure whether it’s from the board or from himself to put his mark on the team right away instead of staying the course with Colangelo’s team.

    • I think his (or whoever the next GM will be) biggest challenge will be to see how much he can get for Pasta Man….and the coaching….but Casey should be given at least 3 yrs in rebuild mode…..i think canning him after 2 season in rebuild is a bit harsh…i dont anticipate he would move lowry, gay or derozan….but if he can upgrade any of the following the raps will be set next yr to make the playoffs….lucas, gray, fields, pietrus, klieza….

      Keep Anderson….SIGN DAVID WEST…..that would be hugeeeee with JV at Centre…..

    • I seriously hope that the team doesn’t continue to make this unnecessary push for the playoffs. They’re already headed for mediocrity with this roster and they have no assets left other than JV that they can trade to get something better.

      If the goal is to keep going for the playoffs, then I could see Uriji ending up like Bryan Colangelo 2.0. All hype when he’s hired, but does nothing worthwhile.

  9. Youngjames = fat bald man in mothers basement with nothing better to do then come on here and act like he has more insight on the situation then anybody and is TL little buddy , just stick to your youjizz bud

  10. PBI, always enjoy reading your comments, always adding value to the article….

    On another note, I hope Ujiri comes back to tdot. Anybody ever think about the relationship between Ujiri and BC? I mean maybe back when Ujiri was the AGM he had all these bright ideas only to get quashed by BC and his bright ideas…..and now he is coming back to be technically under BC again? I reallly realllllly hope Tim L. keeps his word and lets Ujiri run teh team and make the deals necessary to bring the Raps back to legitimacy….

  11. Ujiri has done good work, but I’m not emotionally invested enough to care if he doesn’t come. I mean, how do we know he is neccessarily better than Pritchard or Weaver?

    We don’t. This isn’t like anticipating word from an actual player, this is an executive. Don’t get me wrong, the executive decision is the most important one for the team. However, like I said, it isn’t neccessarily the case that Masai > Pritchard or Weaver.

  12. Wiggens or Parker here we come. Ujiri is going to blow this team up , while Bryan sits in his corner office loosing more and more dignity. But seriously I’m pretty sure Ujiris thinking big things , big picture. I doubt he’s saying this team is a Spencer Hawes and Jarret Jack away from being a factor in the East.

  13. Shits chess, it ain’t checkers

  14. HA! You guys love me on here – I get more responses then the actual article, whatever I say has the attention of everyone, not the story! Dance little puppets dance!!!!!! bwhahahahahahahahaha!!!!
    No need to worry about me JC, worry about getting a story that Doug Smith hasn’t insisted on and maybe it will be something to read! Yes Grange has the credibility – he doesn’t run off at the mouth with wild predictions and “here say” reporting that turns out wrong more times then not…It’s nonfactual reporting!
    To the readers, (most of whom barely have a high school diploma) don’t listen to me – listen Tim Leiweke’s phone conference…I’m just repeating what you all refuse to listen too – yet you all have such a strong opinions…blind comments aimed at me instead of saying to yourselves “hey, why don’t I go listen to this phone conference first, that has been brought to our attention” and educated yourself on the topic and you’ll see I’m looking out for the readers best interest – on second thought, look at the mentality of low-life’… bottom feeding citizens, who I’m tryin’ to talk “sense” with here – why would these losers do that? even if it would be the smart thing to do instead of reading second hand news (Raptorsblog) that is not even news, it is Doug Smith’s opinion – All I did was lead you all to the actual source and what TL says will happen with HIS own decision – what is the problem with these Doug Smith DUMMIES!????
    In the words of Jim Carey “lalalalalalalalalalala – losers!”

  15. Since I am so popular and I am on such high demand nd have the time before the train arrives – on the hiring of a GM topic only – here are the facts:
    Fact – Doug Smith said TL hired a search firm and then bragged about breaking the story here in Canada
    Fact – Raptors blog ran 2 stories that weekend covering Doug Smith’s report
    Fact – I stated many times that weekend “why?”…why would such an important decision be sourced out? Didn’t make sense, so I called “bull shit” on the report – to only have the Raptorblog readers call me names, say I know nothing, laughed at the notion, calling out spelling errors!
    Fact – That following Monday, TL dismissed this “search firm” report (borderline laughing) at the notion and called it “misinformation” on his phone conference.
    Fact – Doug Smith, Raptorsbog and the readers were WRONG and I was RIGHT – those fucking stupid readers who acted like childish DUMB fools with their responses were proven to be WRONG and proven to be DUMMIES!
    Fact – Youngjames coins the phrase “DOUG SMITHS DUMMIES” … to all faggots that doubted me!
    Fact – during that same phone conference (heard live by me and listen to again after), TL stated that NOBODY will know nothing along the way about the hiring of the GM job (except the few possibilities on his list, he admitted too being his top targets) – he also said he will have “fun” listen to all the non-factual “here-say” during the process from the media and warned the fans NOT TO LISTEN!!!
    Fact – within a few days, Doug Smith lays down a prediction “Know this, Masai is No. 1 and No. 1A on the list and they start talking, I can see him being on the job by the end of the weekend”. Not only is Doug Smith hoping you all didn’t listen to TL’s phone conference (because he is hoping your the Dummies you all make yourselves out to be) he is adamantly telling you all the way, how it is going to be – he even goes as far to give “business advice” ,a lowly reporter stepping outside of his comfort zone, to prove that he is not as stupid as he is coming off lately and like he usually comes off…here it is “And then they can get on with doing the stuff they have to do like making sure Ed Stefanski knows he’s going to stick around and deciding what to do with the assistant coaching staff”…how does he know ES is sticking around? TL warned us not to listen to the media!…BUT all the readers on Raptorsblog and DS’s flog are listening to the media (and TL) with full attention!
    Fact – Raptorsblog then goes on to post this continuously Bullshitters reporting insights (Doug Smith) – like the Enquirer!!!! all non-factual, made up journalism – which TL warned you all about!
    Fact – I post to everyone to becareful, go listen to TL and his advice instead – history has shown us, Doug Smith is consistently wrong. Also, TL is the proof need and his statements are all there for us to listen too – not Doug Smith.
    Fact – you all forget the near past – and once again show your brutally bad, dumb thought process’ and still believe what Doug Smith is saying and not TL..ignoring any advice to go and listen to TL’s phone conference…so much so, you again aimed your ignorance at me – HOW STUPID CAN YOU ALL BE???????
    How many time are you all going to make the same mistakes (listening to Doug Smith) and expect different results???????
    Have fum working at your “jobs” today – but I have a”career” to attend!

    • “I have a “career” to attend!” and “childish DUMB fools”.

      youngjames is the gift that keeps on giving.

      Fact – youngjames is a pathetic insecure internet brat who brags about his imaginary family and mediocre credentials
      Fact – youngjames’ “career” allows him the flexibility to make lengthy rants on internet forums at all times of the day
      Fact – youngjames’ purpose in his sad life is to troll Raptorblog

      Don’t ever change!!!

      • I like that he put “career” in quotations. And it’s very possible that he got his credentials from the University of Phoenix. They’re accredited now, from my understanding.

    • You been smoking that Rob Ford Sh*t?

    • “because he is hoping your the Dummies”

      It is unreal how ignorant this ‘businessmnan’ is. Funny as hell, but unreal.

    • FACT- it’s not uncommon for front office personnel to lie to the media about what is truly going on behind the scenes.

      Works the same way in business because there are details that they can’t publicly talk about…You should know about everything about that, right Mr. Businessman?

  16. Oh and now that the Monday (DS predicted) has come and gone and he again has proven to be wrong on his prediction – He is now talking out both sides of his mouth. He now states that a decision like this needs time (after the fact, he has such insight). He said that yesterday, that when a decision like this is so important it needs to be done sooner then later so he AGAIN predicts in the next 48-72 hrs that Masai will have the answer for TL on his decision. Again, who does Doug Smith think he is??? How does he know??? He thinks he is bigger then the team he covers!!! But he is WRONG! So lets see what happens by Thursday morning – lets see if Doug Smith’s “throw shit against the wall and lets see what sticks” reporting insights and predictions isn’t proven to show him to be wrong again. It is not about “being on a list” – its about doing your fucking job right – Doug Smith doesn’t! I’m not making this up – the fact are there boss – The question will be JC – how long are you gonna be this bumbling fools Robin!?????

    • I legitimately need to know what Doug Smith did to you to draw such contempt? Like, an unnatural, frightening level of contempt. Not even mocking you. There must be something.

      By the way, ever thought of the fact that Doug Smith also has a “career” and it’s as a Raptors beat reporter? He has obligations and requirements and bosses telling him he has to produce an article that day. While I don’t care for his articles, his job is to present Raptor-related news and he’s one of the few people Torontians can turn to for consistent basketball coverage. His predictions aren’t perfect, but whose are? If you put the microscope on nearly any sports reporter (or blog commenter, for that matter), you can make them look like a fool. Just like Joseph has an obligation to touch on Raptor-related speculation from a reputable journalist like DS, DS has an obligation as a journalist to report facts and even rumours about the team that the public may want to know.

    • 8:25 am “I have a career to attend to”

      Next post: 8:29 am!

      Must be a demanding “career” when the first thing you do when you wake up is go immediately to Raptorblog……or maybe you’ve been up all night from your crack cocaine binge. You should run for Mayor! LOL

  17. I’d be willing to bet youngjames has some sort of weird sexual obsession with Doug Smith. Like creeper-pictures-all-over-the-wall-of-his-mama’s-basement type obsession.

  18. I KNOW WHAT YOUNGJAMES DOES FOR WORK! He’s a sleezy door to door salesman who calls what he does “a career” because he wears a suit. That’s the only explanation for all the bullshit he is trying to sell. News flash “young” james: Anyone can get a sales job, and the ones who are successful don’t try to feed shit down people’s throats all day. Oh, and they don’t spend all day trolling on the net. ;)

  19. Stop stealing mcdicks free wi fi you fat fuck ( young james ) and go die of a heart attack . Your only getting responses because you are a douchebagg and sound like an arogant jack ass . Your on a blog trying to point your nose down on everyone its pretty pathetic . Probobly some pedo driving his van around looking for kids thats his “career”

  20. haha Bunch of losers arguing about something not remotely close to being important.

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