Denver Nuggets Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri named 2012-2013 NBA Executive of the Year

As we continue to await Masai Ujiri’s decision between taking over as the Raptors General Manager and staying put as the Nuggets GM, we’re still unsure about just how much money the Raptors have offered Ujiri.

With the Kroenke family’s reputation for undervaluing their front office staff, Adrian Wojnarowski’s initial report of a $3 million per year offer from Toronto seemed like an offer Masai couldn’t refuse and one that the Nuggets surely wouldn’t match.

However, in the days since then we’ve had three additional reports stating varying MLSE offers.

First Doug Smith reported on Saturday that the Raptors’ offer was closer to $1.5 million per year.

Then Michael Grange reported on Monday that the offer was for four years and $9 million, which amounts to an average of $2.25 million per year.

Finally, later on Monday night, veteran NBA columnist Peter Vecsey tweeted this…

Vecsey also later tweeted a reply stating that the offer was for four years.

So there you have it, Tim Leiweke and MLSE have either offered Masai Ujiri a $1.5 million per year contract, a $2.25 million per year contract, a $3 million per year contract or a contract worth even more than $3 million per year. All clear?

About the only thing that seems to be agreed upon (by Grange and Vecsey, at least) is that the offer is for four years.

Now, back to waiting, which we might not have to do for much longer…


Wednesday UPDATE: Another day, another reported offer, still no word on a decision. reported Wednesday night (though it’s according to Chris Broussard, so keep that in mind) that the Raptors offer to Ujiri is for five years and is “worth nearly $3 million annually.” In addition, the report states that Ujiri’s decision is expected “sometime this week” and that Broussard’s (often ridiculed) sources told him “it’s a virtual certainty that Denver can’t match Toronto’s offer.”

Though reporting a five-year offer is different than what we’ve heard from others (see above), it really doesn’t take “sources” or any inside knowledge for that matter to predict that the Kroenkes won’t match an offer that large or that a decision will come before the end of this week.

Now let’s see what Thursday has in store for us…