Toronto Raptors v Los Angeles Lakers

In a report that should come as no surprise to anyone who’s followed this team in recent years, ESPN’s Marc Stein tweeted the following on Saturday morning…

Bargnani has two years and $22,250,000 remaining on the contract that Bryan Colangelo prematurely signed him to in 2009, though he does have an Early Termination Option ahead of the 2014-15 season. With Colangelo now out of the picture (sort of), you’d have to assume that the amnesty provision is at least worth considering for Ujiri, but it’s also wise to explore the trade market in hopes of finding some semblance of value for the enigmatic big man.

If Ujiri decides there’s nothing worth acquiring after those trade talks but is hell bent on cutting ties with Bargnani, teams can amnesty players during a one-week window in July (Remember that Linas Kleiza picked up his $4.6 million player option for next season, which is also amnesty eligible).

Either way, whether it’s by trade or amnesty, ridding himself of Andrea Bargnani will garner Ujiri immediate praise in Toronto from fans who see it as Masai doing in a couple of months what Bryan should have done a long time ago.

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  1. Good to hear. I’m curious to see what happens.


  3. A 3 pack of tennis balls would be an improvement.

  4. Klieza is a douche , he should of just retired and signed somewhere else . They need to amniesty barny and trade klieza . Much easier to trade klieza money wise but we will see . I still woukdnt mind gasol for barny . Get rid of barny and have gasol of the bench and a free agent at the end of the yr . Or if the season is terrible trade gasol to a team making a serious run for some picks . Gasol is an instant upgrade over barny by far . Gasol 6-10 boards easily any night . Barny 6-10 boards over 5-6 game period its brutal .

    • Why would ANYONE take Bargs and his huge contract for Gasol? It’s the biggest reason I never understood that trade rumour… The lakers aren’t stupid enough to fall for that crap.

  5. There is some hope here.

    Under the new CBA, I believe teams are required to spend a MINIMUM of 90% of the projected salary cap in 2013-2014 and beyond so there could be several teams looking to get up to the cap floor and might convince themselves that he’s worth gambling on to meet that requirement.

    Regardless, if a trade scenario doesn’t pop up, you pretty much have to amnesty him because this issue can’t be allowed to linger any longer especially with a new GM on board who’s already set himself up to deal with a lot of the same issues that the team dealt with last year (Gay/Derozan, Lowry/Casey dynamic, etc.).

    • Yup. Amnestying Bargnani and trading Kleiza is the better option to me than the other way around.

      If you trade Bargnani, you likely have to take back a bad contract yourself and amnestying Kleiza’s $4.6 million doesn’t do much in the way of cap flexibility.

      But if you can find any taker for Kleiza’s expiring deal and you amnesty Bargnani’s final two years, that significantly affects the cap situation going forward.

      • Somebody would definetly take Klezia’s expiring, for the only reason as it could be a trade chip?

      • Oh, I agree, learn from the Golden State Warriors, wasted amnesty on Charlie Bell’s expiring deal with a number similar to that of Kleiza’s (< $5 million) and now are stuck with Biedrins for another year who'll prevent them from re-signing Jack/Landry.

        You don't waste the amnesty clause on guys with only one year left on their deals unless they are near max guys. There will always be a market for guys like Kleiza regardless of how broken they are, I'm just not confident in MLSE actually using the amnesty on a guy who still has so much money owed to him so I still think they will consider every possible trade route before they even contemplate the amnesty option.

      • That all makes sense, except it means that the Raptors will have to eat a much bigger salary. I know that MLSE bathes in money and all that, but they didn’t exactly make that money by lighting cigars out of trillion dollar bills (I assume, anyway).

    • Also i think the leverage ujiri has will be compromised because teams will know primo will be just amnestied and they can get him for less. I think amnesty is the more likely scenaio at this point. Amnestying kleiza with his modest salary and one yr remaining is dumb. Something BC would have done if he was still in charge.

  6. I dunno if the lakers can take barnys contract anyway . That all depends on howard and how much he wants to get paid . Idk im cool with him traded or amniesty i dont really care at this point ! Wherever he ends up i hope the coach is already bald lol so many nights jve wanted to ripp my hair out over barnys poor shots and rebounding

  7. Even though it is a weaker draft and the Raps do not need to get younger (and following PBI’s “ceiling cap filler” theory)….There are some nice late 1st round/ early 2nd round bigs to be had in this draft – projected serviceable NBA payers that I would flip Bargs for,. To one of those “ceiling requirement needing” teams for an early 2nd, if they can…Jackie Carmichael anyone!??!

  8. Please don’t use the clause on him, it’s a waste on money and you get nothing. Use it on kleiza and trade bargs for a 2nd rounder or try to get back that hawes for bargs trade that was rumored so long ago that colangelo did not accept. He may not be good but he is cheaper and a great upgrade over aaron gray as a back up Center

  9. If he can get anything for Bargs, he should win exec of the year again.

    Well not really, we got Hump for Hoffa…NBA trades seem really random.

  10. LOL @ anyone who thinks the Lakers will take back Primo Pasta for Gasol.

    Even with bad feet, Gasol is still a better (to much better) scorer/passer/defender/rebounder than Bargnani.

  11. Why these douche haters hating on Bargnani so much, I played with him and we didnt get the nicknames killer B’s if he couldnt play ball. Just bunch of poor haters with no dough hatin…Sad

  12. if we amnesty bargs, do we get a cap discount for whatever he signs for?

    He’s going to have a huge year elsehwere, mark my words…

    • Regardless of whether or not he has a huge year on another team, it has become clear that he will never have that huge year here, so it is still wise to get rid of him.

      I believe how the amnesty works is that whatever another team signs him for, we would be capped for the difference. So if he makes 10 mill, and someone signs him for 4 mill per, then we’d be capped for 6 mill.

      I may be slightly wrong on the second paragraph, but definitely not on the first. Regardless of HOW it’s done, getting rid of him improves the team.

  13. Even if the Raps amnesty Bargnani, they are still over the cap. Whether they keep him or waive him, they can still only use the MLE to upgrade the 4 spot. So they should seek a trade to get depth so that they can sell the MLE for starters minutes at the 4.

    I think they should target Carl Landry.

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