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If you’re confused, you should be. Ty Lawson is a near All-Star caliber point guard for the Denver Nuggets, with no known Toronto or Canadian connections, so him showing up to KS 107.5 Summer Jam in Denver on Friday night wearing a Raptors hat is at the very least worth a photo post here at RaptorBlog.

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For the record, I don’t believe this means anything in terms of Lawson being interested in playing for Toronto or even being a Kevin Durant-type Raptors fan.

But when you consider that Nuggets players and fans are probably shaken by the team losing Executive of the Year Masai Ujiri (to the Raptors, of course) and Coach of the Year George Karl within a week of each other, perhaps the odd fashion choice is a bit of a statement to the organization and Nuggets ownership, or perhaps some sort of shout out of appreciation to Ujiri.

Regardless of Lawson’s intent here, the Nuggets (and Denver fans) can’t be happy about it given everything that’s gone on recently.

That’s all I got. You?

(via Beyond The Buzzer)

Shout out to theScore’s Toby Fowlow for making me aware of this.

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  1. Masai drafted him right?

  2. He was between 11-15 years old when (at times) VC and T-mac played for the Raptors.

  3. Well I love it. Lowry and Casey for Lawson and Karl.

    (and I really like Lowry)

  4. It’s being reported that a trade is in place involving Ty Lawson (plus Javale McGee) and Kyle Lowry (along with Bargnani). A trade exemption is also heading Denver’s way.

  5. You think Lawson will end up acknowledging those photos in the same way Rob Ford acknowledges photos of him smoking crack?

  6. Very unusual to see a player wearing another team’s logo.

    Hope we can find out what’s going on with that…

  7. Seems like a bold statement to the front office by the team’s best player not being happy with their decisions, doubt he’s actually wanting to come here/

  8. How about everyone calms down. Is it possible that he just likes the hat?

    • As I wrote, I don’t think it means anything in terms of player movement or Lawson’s desire to play in Toronto. In fact, I think we can pretty much guarantee it doesn’t mean anything along those lines.

      But given what’s gone on in Denver these last couple of weeks, how the Raptors were involved, and the fact that he was attending a fair sized event IN Denver, you can’t tell me Lawson wasn’t aware of the reaction he’d create by wearing a Raptors hat. And it’s another thing if he just wore it to the event but took it off for photos, but again, leaving it on for photos that he had to know fans would post on their social media pages later…

      Lastly, as a Raptors fan, if a Raptor showed up to an event in Toronto wearing the hat of another NBA team, I’d be bothered by it, as I’m sure the organization would be too.

      • i agree with Joseph. he brings up very good points. i would have just upvoted the comment but for some reason The Score doesnt have that feature.

        • I couldn’t care less if DeMar showed up to an event with another teams hat. I think people take these things too seriously sometimes.

  9. Word i’d be pissed if i saw rudy or demar wearing a nuggets hat

  10. My only thought is – “hell no!”. Probably my least liked PG in this league. After his stint in Euroleague for Kaunas Žalgiris where he played as a complete scrub (7.4ppg, 1.6apg), alienated everyone from fans to team officials I just can’t look at him. I know that he had a good season and is probably better than Lowry, but getting this guy’s attitude to the team would be the most Raptoresque thing to do.

  11. It’s a retro hat just like retro jerseys being sported by different players on different teams. Not a big deal. Maybe he was a fan of the Raptors back in the day when he was younger just like Durant was growing up. As long as it is not other current logos, who cares.

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