Masai Ujiri Press Conference

Masai Ujiri’s hand-picked front office staff is starting to take shape, as the Raptors announced on Wednesday that Bobby Webster has been hired as Vice President of Basketball Management & Strategy, while Benjamin Hochman of The Denver Post reports that Ujiri has poached Nuggets scouting coordinator Dan Tolzman from Denver to take a “director-level scouting job” in Toronto.

All of this is in addition to reports that Jeff Weltman will leave Milwaukee to join Ujiri’s staff as his second in command after the Draft.

While the reported hire of Tolzman may shed more light on why the team decided to part ways with scout Alvin Williams earlier this week, the official hiring of Webster is what really intrigues me. Webster has spent the last seven years working in the NBA office and was most recently filling the league’s role of Associate Director, Salary Cap Management.

I don’t know if it’s fair to call Webster the Raptors’ new “capologist,” but regardless, the fact that the team now has a CBA and cap expert with his background on its side has to been as a positive.

I am delighted to have Bobby join our basketball operations team,” Ujiri says in the press release. “His skill set will be valuable in a number of areas, and his experience and knowledge of the CBA and its complexities from a League level will be a great asset to the organization.”

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  1. good hire but they could have kept alvin

  2. I was at a Raptors event last night where Ujiri, Webster and Lieweke spoke. Someone asked the question about why Lieweke would keep someone like BC but get rid of Alvin. In short, the response from Ujiri and Lieweke was that they are working on changing the culture and anyone who doesn’t adhere to that or isn’t aligned, would be let go. Dedication to hard work, and the passion to build the way we need to, to one day contend were spoken about a lot. They knew that it would be very difficult, people would be hurt, etc but they have an objective and are dedicated to it. From that, we were able to draw our own conclusions. The response satisfied all the fans at the event.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Lisa. That’s definitely an interesting note with some honest responses from Ujiri and Leiweke, and makes you wonder how Alvin was evaluated.

      If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of an event was it?

      Thanks again

      • Hey Joseph,

        It was a small fan event that allowed fans to ask them all questions. I’m not really sure what the selection criteria was, however. I have a former season ticket holder but there seemed to be current ticket holders as well, although a ticket holder I know didn’t get the invite. Great event.

    • I am sad to see Alvin fired. He was one of the hardest working guys around im glad to see I wasnt the only one who felt this way.

  3. Thanks a lot this article, it is genuinely fantastic!

  4. Hiring Bobby Webster was a great move. This new cba is changing the way every team operates and having a CBA expert in the front office gives the raptors a leg up.

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