2013 NBA Draft Lottery

When you consider that Masai Ujiri is a scout at heart who surely lives for the process, lead-up and eventuality of Draft night, it was always hard to see him simply standing by without trying to jump into this year’s Draft.

On that note…

At least one.

While this year’s draft class is unusually weak and seriously devoid of franchise changing talent, there is the potential for teams to find some useful role players deep into the first round and even second round, so the Raptors picking up a pick is still better than watching 60 picks go by without a say.

The question, of course, is what do the Raptors have to give up to get to where Ujiri sees himself in the Draft, and is Andrea Bargnani involved at all? Personally, I can’t wait to find out.

(We didn’t do any draft prospect previews this year without a pick to prepare for, but if you’re looking for a collection of quick writeups on most of the recognizable names, check out theScore.com/nba starting on Monday)

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  1. Have you had strep throat for the last month Jo ? Dying for a podcast bud.

    • I second that sentiment!!!

      • I’ll third that, still waiting on that Ujiri podcast but will gladly take some general offseason podcast covering the needs of this team and what direction Ujiri should go in and so forth.

        I really miss RaptorBlog Radio.

        • We’re REALLY going to try to get one done this week, maybe after the Draft so that we can cover any potential Raptors news from Draft night. We appreciate the interest as always.

    • I’ve actually been saying this for a while now. Not that there is anything with the blog but the podcasts are really the best raptor news related podcasts out there.

  2. This offseason is going to be so much fun to follow.

    Glad to finally get the season/playoffs out of the way yet also happy that the Finals went 7 games so you had the shortest possible wait time between the end of the season and the draft.

    I love the sound of that “at least one”, not only are they considering buying a pick but they’re considering moving roster players for a pick. I think Lowry and DeRozan are most likely to go if someone from the roster is moved for a pick, especially Lowry considering that he’s unlikely to re-sign considering his experience here.

    • “I think Lowry and DeRozan are most likely to go if someone from the roster is moved for a pick, especially Lowry considering that he’s unlikely to re-sign considering his experience here.”

      Why would Lowry not want to stay here? He was inserted straight into the starting line up after being traded here, lost his starting job to an overrated, overpaid, 31-year old who can’t play defense (according to Joe anyway), then got his starting job back when we traded away said overrated, overpaid 31-year old that can’t play defense. If you ask me, he should count his blessings that a team is willing to trade away someone like Calderon to keep him around as the starter. Previous coaches and GMs have all come to the realization that he is not NBA starting material ..

      • Well, for one, he’s going to want a huge raise. If DeRozan got almost $10 Million per season, you would have to expect Lowry should get around the same, if not more.

        Second, him and Casey aren’t exactly on the same page here. Like you said, Colangelo had to trade Calderon just so that he could get his starting spot back.

        • Lowry doesn’t expect a DeRozan level pay raise and never will get one. Maybe 6-7 million a year max unless he improves big time

          • @ Dan Black

            Are you kidding me? Lowry is a better player than DeRozan in just about every category, including REBOUNDING despite being 6’0.

            Colangelo gave DeRozan the “he’s my guy, I’ll overpay to keep him” inflated contract. But Lowry will be earning around the same after next season.

  3. Calderon can’t play defense – how many times have you heard his name bandied around in the FA rumor mill so far this off-season?
    Trading Lowry I can see…trading to get a draft pick, does this mean they are ready to blow things up and “re-build” again?
    I personally would take the 8 to 6 spot this year in the play-offs and rebuild on the fly smartly. Why blow it all up and continue to be that pathetic last place team for the next few years?
    Still do not understand the hate for a 23 year old SG who has improved every year he has played, plays with heart, averages good numbers and is getting paid less then 10 mill per year! . I will say he needs a tighter defense handle and needs to start hitting (some) three’s but I also think he will – his history has shown when he wants to improve, he improves.
    I would keep: Derozan, Valancunious, Amir, Acy and Ross (I want to see how he improves this year before I would trade him – he has talent and he played like a typical late lottery first year draft pick), the jury is still out on him, to me.

    • “I personally would take the 8 to 6 spot this year in the play-offs and rebuild on the fly smartly.”

      And chances are that if the team were to go that route, they would likely never make it past the first round of the playoffs. The last thing that the Raptors need at this point is to set themselves up for even more mediocrity down the road.

      • As a fan I would be very happy with that improvement next year, I would be happy with play-offs period and pissed if I have to sit through 3-4 years of another rebuild. In the long run I want a championship, but blowing it up and staring over would suggest that this team is old and not competitive with many bad contracts – and its not. The team has two (arguably three) bad contracts (one being salvageable – Fields – still it is only 6 million), Rudy’s contract has two more years left – meaning next year its is an expiring 20+ million dollar trade chip! Imagine the high pick or great young player we can get from that trade chip to add to the young core of DD, Amir, Val and Ross – as early as next summer that could happen. This years focus should be move Barngani (one bad contract gone) add to this team this summer by smart trades and utilizing what little money we have smartly and let Rudy (and whatever moves are made) take this non play-off team to the play-offs while maintaining an solid competitive young core n Val, DD, Amir and Ross – moving forward Ujiri adds to the already steady competitive play off team who are a well contracted core for 2014/15 making it a better play-off team that will compete for a championship.

        Why take this year to blow it up to choose 10 picks higher next summer??? – we blow it up, we stink all year not making the play-offs so we can maybe get between 1-6 slot…so what!?? How does that make it a better more solid road for this team to follow? We are gonna give away Ross (already young) and DD (23) and Val (20), Amir (26) to get picks back to re-draft again at pretty much the same spot and sit through 3-4 years of rebuilding, watching those picks develop (like we are with Ross, DD and Val already) to have players that might not be better then the ones we already have???

        This current team isn’t old, its young already, why get rid of these young guys to get newer younger guys?
        Why not add more younger guys (next years draft, smart trades) to the ones we already have and still make the play-offs while improving at the same time?
        Your system of “getting new younger players” is built on an assumption that the new young guys will be better the what we already have and bring us a championship. Can you tell me who you like so much in next years draft and the draft the year after and possibly the year after that?…the guy(s) that excites you the most that you are willing to give away DD, Ross, Amir and Val and lose a few seasons for to build this plan? Your plan makes sense if: this team is old, non competitive and full of long bad contracts – once again it is not!

        I’m not saying that we leave this team alone and be satisfied with a first or second round exist – I am saying for this team too, make moves to get better, but stay competitive at the same time – why? because the core is young, good and moving in the right direction. Many successful teams in sports follow this model – hello Spurs. They didn’t blow it up when players retired…Bowen and Robinson for example – the didn’t trade Ginobli and Duncan to get higher picks. They picked lower but smartly (Parker), they made a trade to get a higher pick and grabbed Leonard. They kept there young core and smartly added to it, staying competitive w/o blowing it up. And before you reply back – I am not saying we are the Spurs, I’m saying it is a model to follow instead of your suggestion.

        • Dennis, the problem with that strategy though, is that you’re not going to be competing for championships without a star talent on the roster.

          No one on this roster is a star player currently, and no one really has the potential to become one either. Since there’s virtually no way that we can trade for one, rebuilding on the fly is not the option to go with. The draft is the only realistic option to be able to get one.

          Also, I’m not sure why you’re implying that I suggested trading away Ross and JV for more picks to draft again. Those are the guys I think that we need to keep and build around with a couple more high picks.

          Take a look at what scouts have been saying about the 2014 draft. Any team with a top 5 pick a year from now is going to be very happy, because they could potentially be grabbing a franchise player.

          • BP name 1 “star” player outside the top 3 picks in any recent draft that has made their team into a championship contender. Cleveland has been loading up on lottery draft picks over the years and they are in a worse situation then Toronto. Charlotte is always near the top of the draft….once again in a worse situation.

            The Leafs make the playoffs and lose in the 1st round and the city went crazy to have a playoff team again. I’d be happy to have the Raptors in the playoffs.

            When you look at the East, how many teams are “championship” teams realistically. So I guess everyone outside of Miami, Chi, Indiana should scrap their teams and rebuild according to your logic.

          • Paul George comes to mind.

          • @ JMay, “BP name 1 “star” player outside the top 3 picks in any recent draft that has made their team into a championship contender.”

            Is this a trick question? Because I’ve actually been in favour of tanking in order to get in the top-3.

          • Fans are beyond impatient and stupid. Tanking doesn’t work, blowing up your team for a 25% chance at number one isn’t worth it period.

          • @ Dan Black.

            Funny you mention that, because it works both ways, actually.

            I could say that fans who want to say “screw building a really good team through high draft, picks, let’s turn this into a perennial first round playoff team, just for the sake of getting to the playoffs ASAP!” are the ones who are impatient and stupid. Probably even moreso.

  4. how about………..

    ross for a mid first
    and then draft olynyk..

    then trade bargnani to charlotte for gordon..
    and amnesty kleiza.

    • TRoss has huge potential and a great attitude, I wouldn’t trade him away for a draft pick

    • I’d much rather amnesty Bargs and pay Kleiza than take on Gordon’s deal. Gordon is the antithesis of the type of player Casey likes. All O, no D and a bad attitude. The story about him embarrassing the Bobcats coach last year was brutal.

    • Cleveland has Kyrie Irving, which automatically puts them in a better position than the Raptors. What will prevent them from building a contender is bad personnel moves like taking Tristin Thompson over Valanciunas, drafting Dion Waiters, and hiring retread coaches like Mike Brown.

  5. Can anyone shed light on what teams / picks might be available for cash? Also, is the sense still that Bargs is gone by July 1? Busy week ahead for Masai.

    • Tough to say for sure until we get a little closer to the draft but you could focus on teams that will try to clear as much room under the cap as possible to make a run at a big free agent target (Dallas at #13 and #44, Atlanta at #17 and #18, etc.) or a tax team that tries to save a little money as the luxury tax gets more punitive (which could include a number of teams),

      The thing is, the Raptors themselves are nearly a tax team with $65.8 million guaranteed for 2013-2014 to 12 players so I’m not sure how much salary they’re willing to add at least until they strip the team down a bit and build it back up.

      As for Bargs, who the hell knows? I still think they’re going to have to amnesty him, no one is going to be taking any salary as the luxury tax really ramps up this year.

      • FWIW, there’s this:

        Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 1h
        The more teams I talk to in the late 20′s, the less enthusiasm I hear from any of them about keeping their draft picks.

        The more teams I talk to in the late 20's, the less enthusiasm I hear from any of them about keeping their draft picks.— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) June 24, 2013

  6. JMay – Good point

    BP – I see your point, its not that it is wrong or right. As a fan I want to take the direction the Leafs are taking now (win and continue to improve while you win), be a play-off team and continue to build around a young core to improve to be the best play-off team…much like the Pacers are doing – Every year they make it further and further by adjustments and improvements while staying competitive. This team (The Raps) are finally looking competitive with a solid young core – lets build and build on that, add that championship caliber player to the squad of DD, Ross, Val and Amir.
    Your suggesting this team has no good young players so blow it up…then on the other side of your mouth, you’re saying that you want the kids to stay but still blow it up! Lowry, Bargnani and Gay are not getting us 2-3 “championship caliber” young players as you suggest. In order to “blow it up” you would have to get rid of 3 of those 4 young players to accomplish your plan.

    Ujiri went to Denver and the Nuggets have never been better then a second play-off team for the most part of their existence, before he arrived. They too want a championship team and brought in Masai to accomplish that – he didn’t blow it up. He traded away bad contracts – hello Nene and Carmelo for example, made smarts trades and drafts (hello Farried) and kept his core young players (hello Lawson), look at how steady and dangerous that team is…why again can’t he do this with the Raps?

    • “Your suggesting this team has no good young players so blow it up…then on the other side of your mouth, you’re saying that you want the kids to stay but still blow it up! ”

      Dennis, I never said that. I said that no one currently has the potential to be a star player, which is something that you most likely need to win a championship, not that they didn’t have any good young players worth keeping. If you add a couple of high picks to go with JV and Ross, then you have something to work with.

      “Lowry, Bargnani and Gay are not getting us 2-3 “championship caliber” young players as you suggest.”

      Again, I never said this either. My suggestion is to trade guys like Lowry, DeRozan, Gay, Johnson (for anything, really- preferably late first rounders) so that we can tank and get a high picks ourselves.

      The problem with the rebuilding on the fly is that it is extremely difficult to do. Trying to do it without a star player makes it even more difficult to do.

      Also, why would want to set your goals at being like the Nuggets? Sure, they’re a fun team to watch in the regular season, but look how Denver has performed in the playoffs. Other than in 2009, (when they had a star player- Melo), they’ve been a perennial first round playoff team for the past 10 years, despite having a HOF coach. Is this really the direction the team should take if it wants to win championships? I would hope not.

    • We missed you youngjames….I mean, Dennis.

      • there is no talent in this draft then what we already have. Dont shoot the team down before they play. We proggressed last seasonwith little playing time and practice. Now that they have a lil experience playin along each other toronto should be a contenter. maybe not a championship contender. Barg, Kleiza, Fields should be our main concern

  7. Trade Derozan to Minnesota for 9th pick and Luke Ridnour (here’s where I need a cap nerd to tell me if we need to make the salaries match, etc… – don’t know how that works when a draft pick is part of the deal). Draft CJ McCollum to finally give us a shooter, or if he’s gone, take Cody Zeller (who’s become hugely underrated and would be a great first big man off the bench). Or look trade or buy in later and grab a backup PG.

  8. BC stepped down.

  9. Why tank for any specific (wiggins type) year? As stated, a bad record only produces a 25% chance at number 1. Why not trade existing pieces for a number 1 picks from teams whom Ujimi predicts will suck? Obviously, teams that know they’ll suck will want their pick but there’s always teams that fall further than expected (ie. raps this year). Besides, a team with the 5-9th worst seed still has a legitimate chance to lottery into number 1 or top 3. You dont need the worst seed to get the best pick. Why not get 2? Easier said than done to aquire 2 teams whom Ujiri predicts will fall, but i think its a better solution than blowing up again. For example, Lowry was traded for what ended up being a number 12 pick, and the Nets traded for Gerald wallace in a deal for the number 6th pick. The upcoming 14′ draft is ‘loaded’, so falling short of Wiggins is still a beneficial safety net.

    For the record, I still back the Lowry ‘transaction’, but not how its worked out. That was a good trade, worked out poorly, but still can be a winner. The gerald wallace trade may be the worst move i’ve seen in a while, felt dumb at the time, and stayed dumb. Nets ‘we’re not intrigued by the talent available at their draft position.’

  10. I know the cavaliers are trying to push a trade of the first overall selection for a quality small forward and some other exceptions.. Is it possible with cba to,trade rudy Gay already and if so anyone think it would be possible for Ujiri to pull it off?

    • I doubt they could make anything work under the cap thanks to Rudy’s salary. And, besides, why trade one “borderline All Star if he puts it together” guy for a pick that, at best, MIGHT develop into a player of the same level?

      • I totally agree that Rudy has the potential this year to make another leap as the star of the team, and trust me.i love his.abilities, im just thinking for masai, especially being someone who lives for the draft, might see something in the top selections, and beyond that, were overloaded at the wing and have next to no cap space for him to work with.. This would reset him enough without putting us back too far, we draft len play him and valenciunas at 4 and 5 depending on spacing and matchups.. Cavs wanted first overall for deng apparentlh, is gay not a better player with only a cpl mill more on his contract?

  11. Other than trading into a spot where they could land Trey Burke (who would make Lowry nicely expendable), I don’t see the point of making any move of significance. Rolling the dice for a mid-first-rounder doesn’t make any sense: even if they managed to dump Bargnani, it wouldn’t be worth it.

  12. Cody zeller at the 4 spot. Get to the ten or so,draft spot raps, we need a four to grow on our forward line

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