2013 NBA Draft Lottery

Forgive me for feeling that this isn’t exactly news worthy of a lengthy post, but for all intents and purposes, Bryan Colangelo was fired when he was stripped of his role as General Manager and stripped of his basketball operations duties over a month ago.

Sure, the team kept him on as a President of Business Operations, but Colangelo was a “President” in name only, and most of us were able to see that his new role was a temporary solution before B.C. either found another hands-on basketball job in the NBA or until Tim Leiweke was able to completely separate Colangelo from the Raptors organization.

We don’t yet know what caused Colangelo to step down from his role as President of Team and Business Operations on Wednesday (Did he find that other job? Did Leiweke finally decide that enough was enough?), but we do know that he’s transitioned into the final stage of a sports executive’s separation from a team – the dreaded “consultant” stage.

No one should have overreacted when Colangelo was kept on despite losing his GM job (though too many people did), and no one should be overreacting to Wednesday’s news as if it’s some sort of shocking development. In the end, both are just steps towards Colangelo’s time with the Raptors inevitably and officially coming to an end, just as the final step will be when Colangelo either finds his next job or is relieved of consulting duties that probably won’t even exist.

I’m not at all belittling Colangelo’s efforts to improve the Raptors over the last seven years, but the fact remains that this is Masai Ujiri’s team now, and with Draft night upon us and potential deals to be made, we shouldn’t be distracted from that by off-court moves that no longer affect the team.

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  1. Is ujiiri at the draft even with 0 picks?

  2. “No one should have overreacted when Colangelo was kept on despite losing his GM job (though too many people did)”

    No, that’s entirely wrong. All the optics, especially the hiring of Ujiri in particular, at the time of ujiri’s hiring and Colangelo’s boot upstairs were that BC was going to continue as the power, as the only real basketball executive and Ujiri’s former boss.

    And everyone else had remained in place for some days after Ujiri’s hire.

    That changed a few days later when the firings began, and it became rapidly clear that a clean out was happening.

  3. Anyone up for a good laugh – read this article of misinformation by Doug Smith. How can a self acclaimed NBA enthusiast be so wrong, so often!??


    • Is it bad that when anyone on here criticizes Doug Smith, I immediately think youngjames….?

    • Wow, so much hilarity, I actually want to dissect this thing! Of course, I’d have liked to do it on the Star’s website, but to actually register and create an account so I can comment isn’t worth my time. I prefer contributing to this site anyways.

      Anyways, this is too funny.

      “Bennett, a 6-foot-7 forward coming off his freshman year at UNLV, is seen as a possible pick anywhere from No. 3 to No. 6; the highest Canadian before this year was Tristan Thompson, who was taken fifth by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 20111.”

      - Tristan Thompson went 4th. JV went 5th.

      “The Cleveland Cavaliers had the easiest decision in the history of the NBA draft the last time they had the No. 1 overall pick: Taking LeBron James in 2003 was so ridiculously obvious it wasn’t worth thinking about.”

      - They drafted Kyrie Irving first overall the last time they had the number one pick, oddly enough, in the same draft that Doug Smith just referenced with Tristan Thompson.

      “…it will be the first time three Canadians have been taken in the same draft…”

      - You have to waaaaaaaay back, all the way to LAST YEAR, to see that Andrew Nicholson, Kris Joseph, and Robert Sacre were all drafted.

      Nice one, Doug.

  4. Cue the PBI happy dance. Brainless Conman is gone.

    I heard his only job was to get the 2015 All Star game. It was dumb to keep him in the first place.

    • I won’t rest until he’s completely out of the organization, don’t understand why some were trying to downplay the awkwardness of the dynamic that existed within the organization before this especially considering Ujiri’s previous relationship with BC. If it wasn’t a big deal as Joseph claims then this probably wouldn’t have happened as quickly as it did.

      Still hard to believe the carnage he left, here we are on a draft day after a season where they struggled to break 30 wins without any picks and cap space.

    • Conman pretty much sums up the Bryman.

  5. There are plenty of serviceable late 1st and 2nd rounders to be had tonight, I said this back in April: Jackie Carmichael or CJ Leslie are players to watch for in the 2nd. I’m glad Masai wants to get his beak wet tonight – makes the draft interesting now! Lots of trades could happen with all teams tonight do to being a weak draft.

  6. One thing you can say for Colangelo was he always put what he thought was best for the team before him trying to save his job as in drafting JV

  7. So glad I won’t be seeing Colangelo’s face at the draft tonight representing the Raps. Rumors say that the Raps are sniffing around the Knicks restricted free agent Chris Coopland – but so are a few teams and why not, the kid has skills!

  8. @Phat – I am too thankful for “Rich Girls” post of that article. As a huge fan of the Raps, I want to read up on them from people who know what they are doing and talking about, I rely on them to get me the right information – that’s why Raptorsblog is usually my first stop. Good articles, good perception and assessments and insights and good comment conversations. It’s hard having that with Doug Smith and AGAIN he has proven his inability and clumsy procedures himself through his daily Flogging. And, its not like he is off slightly on one fact – he is laughably so wrong on so many things – all in one article!

    • Yeah, I agree. I read RaptorBlog (since the Scott Carefoot pre-SCORE days!) and Raptors Republic on the daily. And of course, I have to check out TBJ for the fun stuff. If I”m going to read the newspaper scribes, I”ll read Michael Grange.

      I do think that in terms of opinion and insight, I favour RaptorBlog just because the perspective is more balanced and objective (as much as a fan can be). JC is solid, though it admittedly took me a bit of time to warm up to him. Keep up the good work, Joseph!

      I do like Raptors Republic just because they have a lot of different types of articles, segments and have a steady volume coming in, but I just find some of their authors a little fickle, changing opinions on players game to game.

      No question though, both blogs offer a nice complement to one another, and they both do good work. I just wish this blog would get as much feedback/comment from readers. So I decided to avoid being part of the problem! :D

      As for Doug Smith, I sometimes get the feeling like he doesn’t even write his own shit anymore and has a ghost-writer. You’d figure a guy with that kind of respect in the league couldn’t be that inept, could he? Pure speculation there on my part though.

  9. Speaking of losers who don’t have a clue – where has that Ass-Clown, Sly been the past few posts?

    • And people wonder why I’m an asshole when I come on here……

      I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on knowing so much about basketball. Your opinions matter, don’t ever forget that. (can you feel the sarcasm in the air?)

      Now, do you honestly think I give a flying fuck what you call me? The funny part about that is you have no idea who you’re actually talking to. My rude comments on here are purely for entertainement purposes, and are a product of assholes like yourself. Have a great day, Don’t forget to go fuck yourself. GO RAPS

      • @Sly don’t let people bring you down man. Its honestly not worth it to reply. I may not agree with everyone’s opinions on how to build a system/team. I do however try to respect everyone and there are a quite a few others here.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again while the volume of content has been reduced on this blog as of late, the quality of the content remains 2nd to none especially the podcasts. The crew here is awesome and does a good job. I have ventured else where lately just because I want as much raptors news as possible but I always come back. In fact I make a point of only posting on here so far.

        I assume its one of the reasons you come back too so try to remember that.

        • I have tons of respect for JC and the blog, obviously that’s why I’m here. You are absolutely right when you say that replying to idiots is not worth it. That being said, as soon as I choose to leave a comment, or reply to someone’s comment, the floodgates are open, and I’m fine with that. At the end of the day, I come on here for the latest raptors news. Not to worry TTF, I don’t lose sleep over what is said on here, that’s for damb sure.

  10. Holy crap
    @RealGM: Report: Raptors Trying To Acquire 2nd Overall Pick With Victor Oladipo As Target — http://t.co/v8qHy2JOGE

  11. You guys don’t get it?

    youngjames now uses the following alias’:
    Rich Girl
    Jimmie fever &
    The good ol’ boy

    Wow. The fact he has this much time to have fake convos with himself is too funny.

    • Give this man a prize.

      YoungJames a.k.a. Jimmie Fever is the good ol’ boy, but in reality, he’s a Phat Rich Girl.

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