2013 NBA Draft Lottery

We’ve assumed all along that Masai Ujiri would be looking to trade into the Draft at some point, and those assumptions were confirmed with reports earlier this week.

Now with Draft night upon us, the reports are getting juicier…

Take Broussard’s tweet with a grain of salt, since y’know, Chris Broussard and all, but if the Raptors could actually trade all the way up to No. 2, my hope would be that the Cavs are actually silly enough to take Alex Len over Nerlens Noel, leaving Noel for the opportunistic Ujiri.

As for Deeks’ report, which seems more realistic, Adetokunbo is an intriguing project type pick who you can learn a little more about here.

As always, we’ll keep an eye out throughout the night.

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  1. A trade akin to the second tweet is the most likely outcome for today

  2. @RealGM: Raptors, Magic, Mavs, Pistons, Pelicans Interested In Eric Bledsoe — http://t.co/HOGXRR5IBG
    By the way

  3. Fun.

    Wonder what kind of crazy package it would take to trade to #2, Ross, a 2014 first + Gray, Kleiza, Lucas? I wonder how Ujiri balances the pressure of coming in to make sweeping personnel changes right away with the patience to perhaps not trade the 2014 pick if he sees the Raptors in the lottery again.

  4. Would be nice to grab the #2 pick, as Broussard is reporting. But what do the Raptors have that the Magic would want to give up that pick for?

    Also like the idea of getting Noel with the 2nd pick. If we could somehow get him, and then have him sit next season to recover…We could have him as well as a high 2014 draft pick going into the 2014-2015 season and suddenly things would be looking really good with this team.

  5. i hate seeing these rumors… it gets me excited and like usual, the day will go by and nothing will happen. besides, raptors don’t really have any assets unless they trade JV and if they do that, i say bring back colangelo.

    • Haha, I’m still holding out hope that Ujiri does something here in the late first round or the second round. I would be surprised if the Raptors don’t do anything tonight.

  6. Giannis just got drafted by the Bucks at 15. Unless there’s something really flying under the radar, Masai isn’t getting him. Given that a number of the other players which might have been intriguing players to maneuver for (Trey Burke, Kelly Olynyk) are also gone early, I wonder who is left for Masai to try to find a pick for?

  7. This team will make playoffs

  8. Canada basketball is looking up….

    Tristan Thomas, Olnyk, Bennett, Wiggins next year…and I think Triano just to a youth U-19 team that beat the US twice

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