2013 NBA Draft

Despite reports earlier in the day that the Raptors were looking to make a Lottery splash, the first round of the 2013 Draft came and went without any mention of Toronto (other than Brampton’s Anthony Bennett becoming the first Canadian to go No. 1 overall, of course).

The pick the Raptors surrendered as part of the Kyle Lowry trade turned into Pittsburgh big man Steven Adams, and while overall I don’t think any Raps fans will be complaining, it is important to remember that there’s no telling where the pick may have landed had a Lowry-less Raptors squad been more concerned with continuing to rebuild.

In addition, there’s no telling who the Raptors would have selected had they landed in the No. 12 spot themselves. There were still some intriguing prospects on the board (Canadian Kelly Olynyk, Shabazz Muhammad and Giannis Adetokunbo went 13, 14 and 15 respectively) and in all fairness, we can’t call the deal a win for Toronto until Lowry proves himself as a full-time starter on a good team or until we know what exactly his future is in Toronto.

Other than that, there’s not much to discuss here with regards to the Raptors (but holy hell, what the 2013 Draft lacked in star power, did it ever make up for in trades, headlines and all around craziness?!).

I suppose it’s still possible that a draft-related trade involving the Raptors might come together over the next few days or that a trade for a second round pick materializes as I write this, but for now, it seems as though there’s nothing doing.

On that note, it will be interesting to see how the Andrea Bargnani saga resolves itself over the next couple of weeks, as with the Draft out of the way, I maintain that should a beneficial trade not present itself, the Raptors have to at least consider amnestying the final two years and $22,250,000 remaining on Bargnani’s contract.

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  1. I really, really want the Raptors to pick up Myck Kabongo. Everyone knows he’s talented, a floor leader, and he just really got shafted by the NCAA and by the fact that his teammates this year were just not very good. Here’s to hoping we snag him in the 2nd round.

    If, for whatever reason, we don’t get a pick, and he doesn’t get selected, we will have an opportunity to sign him as an undrafted free agent, and I hope Masai Ujiri is in agreement here!

    • I’m hoping they at least give him a look. I don’t think his time at Texas really showed what he can do. It would be like trading for a second round pick without actually giving anything up in return.

      • Exactly, and there’s a legitimate chance you’re getting a first-round caliber player (even after removing the homer-bias). I’m shocked he didn’t get drafted.

        Masai Ujiri, if you’re reading this blog…you say you’ve come back home. It’s time to bring Myck Kabongo back home as well.

  2. This draft was a nice going away present from Colangelo, looks like we’ll have to wait for free agency/trade season to find something to get excited about.

  3. So, is Myck Kabongo a free agent now? I didn’t catch the last few 2nd round picks.

  4. How would the Raptors benefit from amnestying Bargnani’s versus waiting until at least one more season where he’ll have an expiring contract which turns into a better asset and at least leaves the possibly of more options available? What do you envision the Raptors doing if Bargnani is amnestied this summer? Do you see someone appealing that can be had for the MLE rather than just filling out the roster with minimum salary guys and let things play out until an interesting trade opportunity is available to shake up the roster? I’d rather let the Raptors play it out unless they can conjure up something with Lowry / Kleiza have expiring contracts or even better the following summer where Gay / Bargnani / Johnson / Fields all have expiring deals. Worse case scenario if they truly want to blow up the team the Raptors should be just letting things play out and only sign players to short terms deal with what little wiggle room they have with the focus being the summer of 2015 where they currently have less than ~$20MM committed.

    • I agree. If anything I’d try to amnesty Klieza and just wait on Andrea. The way that the Atlantic division is going we have a chance to compete for the 5-6 seed. If Andrea shows up for this year and the entire year then great. If not he has a huge expiring contract that can be used. Additionally we will have very little cap space committed since we have all the expiring contracts. We will be able to attract a ton of free agents if anything.

    • I don’t think keeping him on the roster this upcoming season is really an option. I’m surprised there are still fans as oblivious as you guys still out there in regards to Bargnani and his situation with this organization. It’s like you guys haven’t been following the front office upheaval at all over the last few weeks or how badly they’ve been trying to move him over the last year or so.

      Two very strange comments.

      • To be completely honest I wouldn’t be surprised one way or another. My point is we shouldn’t try to take on any huge long term signings until 2015. The reasoning behind this is because of the upcoming 2014 draft and the fact that we have a lot of expiring assets. We could sign Carl Landry or someone else but I really dont see the point in getting to many expensive players for long term. We will be in a great position. Additionally say what you want about andrea but on the court he is more useful than klieiza has been. I am not happy with either signing though. In fact I didn’t really know who the heck Linas was until we signed him.

  5. Hard to believe that Jamaal Franklin dropped to #41, CJ Leslie and Jackie Carmichael were not even drafted! I wonder if Masai is still looking at Mekel (a PG) from Isreal? Wonder if Sac would do a Ross for Thomas Robinson trade straight up? T-Rob is wasting away out there.

  6. After seeing the “stiffs” that were drafted last night around the 13th pick and then watching Brooklyn give away 3 (maybe it was 4) first round picks and a boat load of players for two aging, window almost closed, players in PP and KG – I laugh at the fool’s on here that cried and insufferably whined all year about losing that pick for Lowry and for how BC put this team in such rears for time to come because of one draft year w/o a pick!

  7. Not the worst draft to not have a decent pick in but still pretty boring. Wiggins 2014 or bust!

  8. @true Toronto Fan – Cousin can play center, I believe. I like the (T-Ross for T-Rob) trade a lot, I think T-Rob is being wasted in Sac (like Davis is in Memphis). Val and T-Rob down low would be a great young front court and the trade would asses needs for both teams.

  9. Yeah lol that T-Robinson…my bad!

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