2013 NBA Draft

A day after the Raptors were unable to trade into the Draft, Drew and I got together to discuss the fruitless night, to look back on the Kyle Lowry trade and to look ahead to the off-season that will be in Toronto.

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  1. Next podcast will be after free agency

  2. Thanks for this, friends.

    Only you guys can make 27 minutes, when you have nothing of any substance to discuss, entertaining. I can’t wait until something actually happens.

  3. Best Raptors podcast. Always interesting to listen.

  4. JC – you touched on an important point “the season of 2006″ where the Raps took advantage of teams that “tanked” aiming for Durant and Oden, Only in a few years to become better. Your fear you stated is that the Raps (in 2006) never built on that and you were afraid they would go down that same road if they competed this year…glad you mentioned that!

    that is the main point for this team, IMO. I want the Raps to stay competitive this year making the play-offs (like 2006), BUT learn from that mistake in 2006 where they leveled off and didn’t continue to improve and build on the play-off winning success. Lots of successful teams do this in all leagues, it is not out of the ordinary of championship building plans…once the Raps make the play-offs, the team can’t settle, can’t level off while other teams catch up…continue to make smart trades and drafts and build while they are winners (like the Spurs in the NBA or the Packers in the NFL or the St Louis Cardinals in MLB – all small market successful continuous winning/championship teams). That didn’t happen in 2006 – you’re right JC and that was the down fall, the lesson to learn for this team in 2013 and moving forward.
    I hope Ujiri keeps this team a play-off team this season and then builds while we are winning. A winning team can grab a lottery pick in a smart move – once again, the Spurs a few drafts ago, traded for the 3rd over all pick (while a consistent play-off team) and grabbed Leonard. No reason why, Masai can’t do they same thing.
    There are never any guarantees with trying to grab lottery picks in what is supposed to be good drafts. We have two solid lottery picks from good drafts DD and JV – Ross is to prove his pick still, but great upside and ceiling. Very rarely to many rookies come out the gate and are top talent performers in their first season or two – for this team to tank and wait and at least two years to maybe get an All-star in our lottery picks, wait another 2-3 years for them to understand and dominate the NBA, then have to see what trades or FA signings then are available – we are talking another 4-5 year plan before even making the play-offs! and still, its a long shot plan – its not a guarantee or close to a guarantee of building a championship team properly. Can this team sustain that more losing? with the fans and the perception of the players now and in the future?
    We know we are a play-off team NOW (especially with the way the East is shaping up), with assets to trade and draft picks on our side – Being in the play-offs brings this team an identity for other players in the NBA. It shows that we are starting to win and not just talking about winning to sell tickets to the naive fans. It shows future FA’s and draftee’s that this team has (and not just said they were) changing their culture and losing environment. We need that – tanking is a long shot dice rolling plan. Especially when the team has a pretty solid core in DD, JV, TR, and AJ, already…we know these players can play and beat the current NBA talent, we know they all still have upside, we know they are manageable contracts – that is a great position to be in as a team looking to build a championship. Two bad contracts get moved (RG and AB) and this team is singing a way different tune cap wise – however, there is no point in freeing up money if we haven’t proved winning is first and most important to the Toronto Raptors and we have a team to display that.
    This team can get there w/o blowing it up – we can make the play-offs this year and still get a (higher) pick then we have in the next 2-3 drafts (if they want too) and FA(s) signing of an All-star talent ready to go to add our core with smart moves and a display of a winning culture…we need both IMO.

    • Now that would be funny.

      One of the league’s most valuable trade assets for two volume scorers with horrendous contracts.

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