When the dust settled on the 2013 NBA Draft, one-time 2012 Lottery prospect Myck Kabongo remained undrafted, leading many Raptors fans to both hope and assume that the Raps would take a look at the Canadian point guard product.

Well perhaps it’s no coincidence then that on Friday, the Raptors reportedly decided to decline the $1,567,500┬áteam option for 2013-14 on John Lucas III’s contract.

Of course, the move could have as much to do with the team trying to get under the luxury tax threshold as it has to do with anything point guard depth related, and there are surely other point guards Masai Ujiri could have his eye on to shore up that depth, but with Kabongo’s name out there, it’s at least worth a discussion.


UPDATE: Since I published this, Kabongo has reportedly joined Miami’s Summer League roster. For what it’s worth though, while the Heat may now have an inside track on signing the GTA product, I don’t believe this actually affects his official free agent status.