Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors

UPDATE 2: After reports of the deal not getting NBA approval and the teams needing to restructure it in some way, Raptors fans began to worry, and rightfully so when you consider some of the potential Raps deals that have fallen through in recent years (Tyson Chandler and Matt Barnes come to mind). Luckily however, the deal was apparently completed after all, though it still can’t become official until the NBA’s moratorium on player movement ends on July 10.


UPDATE 1: The deal has reportedly been agreed to, and is now just awaiting league approval. In addition, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Raptors are actually getting THREE picks in return, a first rounder in 2016 and two future second rounders.

Read below for my original jubilation when the trade was only a report and there were still just two picks involved…


I thought the possibility of getting Caron Butler’s $8 million expiring contract for Andrea Bargnani would be a no-brainer for the Raptors, but how about this, Howard Beck reports for the New York Times that the Knicks are now seen as the favourites to land Toronto’s Enigma Of All Enigmas, and that the package coming this way could include Steve Novak, Marcus Camby and two future draft picks (a first and a second).

Trading your team’s former No. 1 overall pick within the division would usually be met with concern, but when that former No. 1 pick is Andrea Bargnani and you can get this kind of haul for an overpaid player, you don’t worry about the four chances per season that Bargs will get to “stick it” to his former team.

Novak and Camby aren’t the high profile names that most fans hope for, but Novak, unlike Bargnani, has actually been a consistent floor stretching big man three-point threat (Novak has shot a ridiculous 45.4% from behind the arc over the last three seasons and is 43.3% for his career. Bargnani has shot 32.3% from deep over last three years and is 36.1% for his career), while Camby will be a welcomed veteran defensive presence for the franchise that originally drafted him (if he’s even still a Raptor when the season starts).

In addition, Novak is set to make roughly $11 million total over the next three seasons (3.75, 3.4+, and 3.75) compared to Bargnani’s $22.25 million owed over the next two years, and Camby will be playing on a contract that is only fully guaranteed for one more season.

Throw in two draft picks, and you get the feeling that the Knicks are seriously over-valuing Bargnani’s future production based on the fact that some of Andrea’s best games have come against New York. If the Raptors happen to benefit from that, then so be it.