Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors

UPDATE 2: After reports of the deal not getting NBA approval and the teams needing to restructure it in some way, Raptors fans began to worry, and rightfully so when you consider some of the potential Raps deals that have fallen through in recent years (Tyson Chandler and Matt Barnes come to mind). Luckily however, the deal was apparently completed after all, though it still can’t become official until the NBA’s moratorium on player movement ends on July 10.


UPDATE 1: The deal has reportedly been agreed to, and is now just awaiting league approval. In addition, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Raptors are actually getting THREE picks in return, a first rounder in 2016 and two future second rounders.

Read below for my original jubilation when the trade was only a report and there were still just two picks involved…


I thought the possibility of getting Caron Butler’s $8 million expiring contract for Andrea Bargnani would be a no-brainer for the Raptors, but how about this, Howard Beck reports for the New York Times that the Knicks are now seen as the favourites to land Toronto’s Enigma Of All Enigmas, and that the package coming this way could include Steve Novak, Marcus Camby and two future draft picks (a first and a second).

Trading your team’s former No. 1 overall pick within the division would usually be met with concern, but when that former No. 1 pick is Andrea Bargnani and you can get this kind of haul for an overpaid player, you don’t worry about the four chances per season that Bargs will get to “stick it” to his former team.

Novak and Camby aren’t the high profile names that most fans hope for, but Novak, unlike Bargnani, has actually been a consistent floor stretching big man three-point threat (Novak has shot a ridiculous 45.4% from behind the arc over the last three seasons and is 43.3% for his career. Bargnani has shot 32.3% from deep over last three years and is 36.1% for his career), while Camby will be a welcomed veteran defensive presence for the franchise that originally drafted him (if he’s even still a Raptor when the season starts).

In addition, Novak is set to make roughly $11 million total over the next three seasons (3.75, 3.4+, and 3.75) compared to Bargnani’s $22.25 million owed over the next two years, and Camby will be playing on a contract that is only fully guaranteed for one more season.

Throw in two draft picks, and you get the feeling that the Knicks are seriously over-valuing Bargnani’s future production based on the fact that some of Andrea’s best games have come against New York. If the Raptors happen to benefit from that, then so be it.

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  1. I kinda feel like Camby and Novak were tossed in to balance the salary.

    The real win here is the 1st and 2nd round pick.

  2. Deal is done, 2016 first rounder only pick coming back along with Camby and Novak.


  3. Would old man Camby even report to the team? Or will he be moved elsewhere? Or pull a Mourning, be bought out for millions and then sign wherever he chooses?

    • I can see him getting bought out but don’t see him forcing his way out. He can be very useful on this team as a 4th or 5th big on the bench while healthy as they wait out this season so they can pay him the $1 million guarantee next summer and let him go.

      Also, three point shooting is a huge weakness on this team so Novak’s role doesn’t really need to be talk about, he’s a much needed addition.

      Now, let’s see if anything happens with Lowry, DeRozan and Gay because that will indicate if we’re officially tanking next year.

  4. I can’t believe that the two things everyone wanted to happen but didn’t believe would happen are going to happen!

    Why even wait for the amnesty period to open up? See ya, Kleiza!

  5. This is a great trade for the Raptors for the draft picks alone.

    Any word if the Bledsoe deal is still possible for DeRozan?

  6. That-a-boy JC – you are on this fast – Woj just announced it! lol

  7. Yesssss. Novak definitely fills a need on this team. Camby, is ok i suppose but maybe they can trade him somewhere else. Hes an old vet that likely wants to play on a contending team and wont be happy with the raptors. Draft picks are good. Overall, Massiah did a a hell of a job!! It sounds like theyre going to use the stretch provision on fields so that’ll be less of a cap hit. Now, im hoping DD is the next dominoe to fall and I’ll be fucking ecstatic if/when that happens.

    • Novak fills what need? Yes he can make shots but this team is DEFENSE FIRST… Hope they flip him

      • Well obviously that is why NYK was willing to let him go. No D. But we really needed some 3 point shooting we can count on. REALLY NEEDED IT. So I’m happy with the trade.

        As for a DD/Bled trade, it really comes down to what Bled is insisting on getting paid in an extension this summer. DD for a one year rental of Bledsoe isn’t worth it. DD has been upping his value every year, and I’m sure he will do the same this year. We aren’t over a barrel being forced to move him. BUT if the right trade presents itself, then why not? DD would be a walking highlight reel on the Clippers, but they already have one of those in Griffin. Do they want another? Are they trying to entertain or win? I guess whatever brings them the most money would be the true answer.

    • If by stretch provision you mean amnesty clause then you are mistaken. Only Amir, and Kleiza are amnesty eligible now that bargs is gone

  8. I’m in shock. I can’t comprehend a Raptors season without all the Bargnani discussions. We won’t know what to say to each other any more.

    Novak shoots the 3 well but is virtually useless in every other facet of the game. Don’t expect too much.

    The trade makes sense for the Knicks – there’s still a good chance Bargs is more talented than a late 1st round pick. Also, they want to win now, and they REALLY needed a stretch 4 because Chandler can’t shoot and Melo needs room to drive and to post up on the block. Bargs’ man defence is fine and Chandler will help cover for him when he blows his rotations.

    • It’s a 2016 first round pick, will be much better than a late first round pick although I’m sure there’s some level of protection on it.

      • That’s a lot of delayed gratification. I’ll be an old man by then. It’ll be interesting to see where the Knicks will be at – you’re right, they could be in a post-Melo rebuild.

        • The instant gratification comes from rooting for a team without one of the most apathetic/frustrating to watch players in recent NBA history on its roster. Plus, with BC stepping down and Bargnani FINALLY being traded, symbolically, it feels like this needed to happen before Ujiri could get to work on his vision for this organization.

          The draft picks, Novak and even Camby are just gravy. I’m still stunned that they didn’t have to amnesty him or trade him in a straight salary dump. That they were actually able to get great value in return for him considering how much he destroyed his own stock over the last year or so is perplexing. The Knicks are capped out and have only one draft pick over the next 4-5 years so they were in a tough position and couldn’t improve their team much and Ujiri took full advantage of that.

          What a great Canada Day weekend.

      • Denver can flip that pick (Masai sent it to NY)

  9. getting a first pick w/o giving up any assets – building on the fly? Who were the people that said Bargnani CAN”T be moved again?…speak up, now genius’?

    • Hi youngjames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I said it.

      In no way did I think bargs could get a 1st rounder, let alone a first rounder, 2 seconds, a shooter, and a vet big man.

      I now, happily, eat my words.

    • Hey Suzy,
      and go read what they say on Hoopsworld: “Several teams have pursued Bargnani……”, and the Knicks were able to pull out the trade.
      So, this trade just does NOT mean Masai is a genius.
      It means that Bargs was much less useless than many of the guys in Toronto pretended.
      That’s how this news must be red.
      Who of the readers on this blog ever believed that Bargs might be worth a first and second picks? Just no one.
      And it shows just how the guys are biase and blinded.

  10. I do not see how any sensible raps fan would be opposed to this trade. well done MU

  11. Good move by Masai. Hoping they flip Novak and camby for for picks and send those picks to rockets for robinson. Also, I have a feeling that Andrea will be great next season :(

    • Obviously Andrea will be awesome next year, its the Toronto curse.

      • No, I believe the curse is the player is great for half a season, then regresses. Not including VC of course. Even today he is playing better than the shit game he was mailing in to us the season he wanted out. Remember the “I’m not taking a shot this game” game?

        (asshole. Sob, I miss him)

      • This comes with every player you trade. So hopefully our team does better without him. Which all season has shown that we are better without him. But then again, if we wanted #1 pick next year we should have kept bargnani all season :)

  12. I love this deal, but I’m still frustrated by the contracts BC gave out last year, in what MLSE had to know would be his final season. I would love to see Gay, DeRozan and Fields all gone.

    • DeRozan is actually committed to the Raps, but he’s waaay overpaid. Rudy Gay is worth keeping but I agree Fields is just taking a ride.

      • Give fields one more chance, if he gets his shot back, he is worth it. He can defend, rebound and works so well off ball ( in knick days, he cut so often but not anymore cause no one giving him the ball)

  13. And does anyone know if the 2016 pick comes with any protection? I don’t think the Knicks will be that good three years from now, and it could definitely have top 10 potential.

  14. I believe that Denver has an option to switch draft positions with the Knicks in 2016. That would make most of the usual protections beside the point.

  15. Do the Knicks have the laziest line up in the NBA? I think that we could use that 1st rounder along with our own to trade up in the 2014 draft if necessary. I am excited for what is to come. Free agency hasn’t even hit yet. We can also waive Kleiza good bye. Apparently the CBA stretch provision could be used on Landry Fields to half his cap hit. At a minimum we have just opened up a ton of cap room. Camby is coming home and is only guaranteed, contract wise, for this year only. This trade Opened up over 3 million in salary plus 4.5million from Kleiza’s amnesty. If Landry is included we could actually make a decent splash this free agency. If not we can definitely sign a decent MLE.

    I am curious is the Bledsoe trade goes down because we can offer them Lowry plus the draft picks or just add draft picks. If not I am a big fan of Demar and I would like to see him come back. I am just happy that we found Andrea a home and didn’t have to amnesty him

    • Free agency ”splash”?! C’mon man, we need to burn this train-wreck to the ground and get a top 3 pick in the 2014 draft.

      • I was referring to a smaller deal like getting Carl Landry. Or even getting Chris Duhon since Kabongo is playing on the heat’s summer squad. Additionally, is tanking really an option considering how boston, philly, and others are leading the way. I really dont think that Masai plans on tanking. So what if we dont get wiggins we could get several mid- late round picks next year and still be on the right track by building a culture and a system that I referred to in a previous post (See Spurs model). To be honest this team needs something to cheer about. We could get wiggins like how miami got lebron. Tell him to come home.

  16. great addressing of needs with camby and novak, i hope they are both happy enough to stick around.

  17. Is camby going to be bought out?

    • Doubt it, he has trade value. Trade him to the wizards or heat for a draft pick. He would be a solid back up. Also, feeling he might retire cause raptprs are contending this year

  18. I can’t believe Masai got this kind of haul for bargnani

  19. apprently golden state wanted barny for david lee and im sure t.o would have to give up more then barny but if that deal was out i cant believe they didnt pull the trigger . david leee is a double double machine ! id have to see what golden state wanted along side of barny but man can you imagine j.v and david lee side by side with amir of the bench . wow !

  20. A lot of people wondering if Camby will be bought out. I think the 2 points per game and 3 boards/pg last year says it all…

  21. I just read now that the deal has to be reworked due to salary reasons, but both sides are still trying to make it happen. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  22. @CDG – that is exactly my point lol
    Just like the people who evaluate Derozan as being a bad overpaid contract. Like the people who criticized and under valued Amir Johnson when he signed his 6 million per. Raptors fan are not the best when it comes to “evaluating or assessing” NBA talent, they like to talk about it – but it doesn’t mean they are making sense.

  23. Not a done deal. From the NY Times:
    “The trade was cast into limbo when the N.B.A. did not immediately grant approval, but both teams expect to complete a modified version in the coming days. Consummation will have to wait until July 10, after the league’s annual moratorium on trades and signings is lifted.

    It could be challenging to make the deal work under salary-cap rules, however. When the N.B.A.’s new fiscal year began Monday, everyone’s salary changed — Bargnani’s increasing and Camby’s and Novak’s decreasing — creating a gap that the Knicks have to make up by including a third player.

    The problem is, the Knicks have no players who fit into that salary range, so they will have to persuade one of their free agents to agree to a sign-and-trade deal. Kenyon Martin has signaled that he will not. Neither Pablo Prigioni nor Earl Barron would make enough money in a sign-and-trade deal to make the numbers work. It appears the only Knicks free agent who could save this deal is Quentin Richardson.”

  24. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…This is just as awesome as when the Jays managed to dump the Wellsatross on the Angels.

    Even though Bargs is clearly worthless, I’m not that surprised by this move. There’s always dumb GMs out there, it just that Toronto fans aren’t used to it being the other guy.

  25. God I hope this goes through.

    I am already impressed with M.U. in a big way, especially considering his predecessor.

  26. This has been rumored too
    “The Mavericks would like to bring Brandan Wright back to Dallas, but there are several teams interested in the high- flying, high-efficiency backup big man’s services. According to a source, the Mavs, Atlanta Hawks, Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons, Toronto Raptors and New York Knicks all expressed interest in Wright during the opening hours of free agency”.


    I mean, seriously, what the hell else can you say. No shit, if the Raps were able to simply unload AB for NOTHING (and not have to take on anything at the same time), it would have been great. But they get a first round pick, two second rounders, a legitimate 3 point shooting role player, and an old as balls but still somewhat potentially useful Marcus Camby (no matter what happens with him). I mean, da fuck?!

    Please, can someone explain, or attempt to explain how Uriji did this? This move alone, I mean, I am literally hyperventilating with excitement. How did he do this?

    Okay, step back and think about that haul: an old big, a useful role player, and THREE picks (one first rounder). That is for an all-star player, at worst. Again, YOU SEE THOSE CONDITIONS AND YOU THINK HOLY SHIT THEY GOT SOMEONE GOOD GOING THE OTHER WAY!

    • sorry, didn’t finish, too excited… but no… instead the raps get that for giving up bargnani? I just don’t understand, but lord am I happy.

      I challenge ANYONE to point out a more lopsided trade not involving hall of fame level players in the last 10 years. Seriously. I will happily admit it if one can provide an example.

      At the end of the day, even if I, like many raps fans, are maybe overly negative toward Bargnani, okay, but objectively, this guy is simply not good. Maybe not one of the worst (certainly least useful) players in the league, as I seriously think, but straight up bad.


  28. Why the Knicks always give up so much in a trade

  29. Knicks continue to mortgage their future for mediocre overpriced “talent” rather than developing the promising young talent they already possess. The Knicks are fools and again get the short end of the stick in this trade.

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