Memories of Tank Nation

Memories of Tank Nation

With Andrea Bargnani finally gone (as of July 10, anyway) and a ridiculous offer reportedly out there for Rudy Gay, Drew and I got together to discuss “The Trade” and to once again ask the question, ‘to tank or not to tank?’

And for all of you Oliver fans out there, don’t worry, The Big O even sent us a prepared statement to read on air in lieu of him being away.

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  1. #FreeOliverMacklem

  2. Masai already “strongly resisted” Detroit’s offer unless it was vastly improved – I read on Rotoworld. GOOD! Means Ujiri isn’t gonna be sold on “tanking” w/o young huge upside players are coming back (ie. Drummond or Monroe) and draft picks.

    There could be 7+ teams tanking next year to get a less then a 25% chance at Wiggins – which is still not a strong enough base for a championship team. We will need more then Wiggins if we get him and hope that he doesn’t get injured and hope that we can eventually attract FA’s and hope that the team doesn’t max out and becomes like OKC…Brides Maids instead of the Bride…..are we as fans prepared to not make the play-offs another 3-4 years at a chance to lose in the conference finals at best…then have to start over once the team realizes it is only good enough to be a brides maid!

    If we are statistically only gonna be brides miads why are we waiting for or so years to do this!

  3. From Twitter – Chris Broussard: I’m told the Raptors are not looking to get rid of Rudy Gay and his contract. I’ll take the 8-5th seed play-off appearance and a season where we are winning…then next year (next summer) get rid of Rudy’s expiring contract cashing in for the young talent and or picks some fans want this year (we are not getting Wiggins – chances are such a HUGE long shot that that happens) – this fan is willing to wait for that draft pick or young talent (from a Rudy trade) 1 year get some play-offs in his blood first and it seems so does Ujiri (for now)…thank goodness.

  4. wonder how many different people have been accused of being youngjames at this point.

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