Blurry ball, pre-eye-procedure

Blurry ball, pre-eye-procedure

Let’s all read way too much into a professional athlete’s tweet…

On one hand, Gay choosing to tweet this the day after the ridiculous reported Pistons offer could be a troll job for the ages from a guy who may already know that he won’t be in Toronto next season. Heck, if you really want to believe the tweet has a cryptic meaning, maybe it’s a hint that he fully intends to play out one full season in Toronto before hitting the free agent market.

On the other hand, Rudy may just be genuinely expressing his excitement about heading into a season where rightly or wrongly, he’ll be “the guy” on a team and will be able to concentrate more on helping said team over a whole season rather than spending his time getting used to a new team.

I suppose there’s also the possibility that in the wake of recent trade rumours, Gay may have been given an assurance of some sort that he isn’t going anywhere (at least for now). And if that turns out to be the case, the rumours would likely shift to DeMar DeRozan, who will now be earning $9.5 million per year.

Whatever the motivation behind the tweet, thanks for giving us yet another talking point to keep this crazy week going, Rudy.

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  1. LOL, there’s no possibility that Ujiri will come in and start giving guys assurances within weeks of being hired. That’s a laughable suggestion.

    This is just Rudy saying that he had no part in his name coming up in trade rumours.

    • Actually, there is a strong possibility that Ujiri texted Gay or something along those lines when the trade rumour hit the media. You pretending to know stuff that you have no way of knowing for sure is laughable. Don’t quit your day job.

  2. This is stupid… he came to the raptors in january this year, and hes just expressing his excitement to play a full year with the raptors, where as last season he only played half of a season with them…. nevertheless, raptors are going to be a solid team and definately a playoff team next season

  3. Saw Rudy at a club last week in toronto. Great to see him enjoying Toronto in the off season. Sportsnet said today the trade was rejected by the raptors.

  4. Good. I’m looking forward to seeing Rudy Gay play a full season with the Raptors too. Especially looking forward to seeing him and his buddy Kyle Lowry together for a full season, with a full training camp to prepare. I hear Lowry is in great shape, much better than last season. Give ‘em a chance before blowing it up. Rudy Gay + a fit and healthy Lowry is more talent than this franchise has seen in a long time. I’ll take a 6-8 playoff seed no problem. Way better than missing the playoffs entirely, and much better than the 6th-8th draft pick! Let’s go (c)Raptors! Playoffs yes. Tanking no.

    • The “we’re going to make the playoffs” fans will be disapointed at some point this year when Gay is dealt. Don’t read too much into tweets and things of this nature.

      As for any reassurances from Masai,lol remember this is the same GM who signed Nene to an extension and then turned around and traded him in the first month of that same regular season. That’s pretty cold blooded for a GM that got the player to recommitt to staying in Denver a month prior.

      Anyone thinking Raps making the playoffs this year is any sign of future sustained success with this core group needs to look around the league at real contenders and compare the talent to know this team as currently constructed sucks.

      They couldn’t make the playoffs last year no matter what desperation moves BC tried and they will fail again this year, hopefully though Masai will ensure we get a higher pick by getting rid of the deadwood before the trading deadline (Demar, Gay, Fields).

      • You should change your name to bullshit because there’s no truth to what you’re saying. We have one of the better starting fives in the league, and guys like Novak, Fields and Ross coming off the bench. This team does not suck, you do.

        • I think a lot of you are delusional. The Raptors don’t have the talent to do anything this year. Whats the point of finishing 5-8? Sweep? Who cares? Medicority in this league is a death sentence. Compare the top 3 players on either the Spurs or the Heat…do the raps have any package of players that they could put together to pry one of them away? Absolutely not. Thats saying something.

          • The only teams in the East that would probably beat the Raptors in a 7-game series are Miami, Brooklyn and Chicago with a healthy Derrick Rose. NY will prob lose JR Smith and just aren’t very good, and we’ve played Indiana well the last couple seasons with AND without Rudy Gay. East will be wide open this year and the next few. Brooklyn is only built for 1-2 more seasons and they’ll be in a rebuild. If the raps can come out of camp with a healthy core and add/trade for a few more pieces this summer, they can absolutely be a top 5 team in the East next year.

      • You do realize that we had a top 5 defensive 5 man unit in the nba last year but they didn’t get enough time together.

        • yep people forget very quickly. And Brooklyn doesn’t scare me. Too many old guys losing their legs every year… I feel that they are destined for an injury plagued season.

          • “and we’ve played Indiana well the last couple seasons with AND without Rudy Gay. ”

            This line of thinking forgets that the game changes completely in Indiana’s favour come playoff time. They’re one of the better playoff-built NBA teams I’ve seen since the mid-90s Knicks and Rockets. Not especially spectacular on paper, but when the game tightens up those teams were MUCH better than they had any right to be.

            Oh, and Indiana gets Granger back, or improves by trading him. Either way, they’re going to be a better team than the one that took the Heat to seven last year. Considering I think the Heat would turn the Raps into roadkill in a playoff series, any thinking that this roster could beat Indiana in a best-of-seven is laughable.

  5. i still watch raptors gane in 6 min on you tube all the time . raps vs orlando with dwight howard . the fans and electricity in the building still gives me goosebumps . i dknt care if the raps are 8th seed , i just wanna sit down and watch a playoff game with some beers ! i wanna see thhe sea of red again !

  6. No one will give up assists for gay trade DD instead

    • Why there are so many guys here want to blow up this team?why we need to fail because of we want to ‘tank’
      Doesn’t matter how good the 2014 draft will be it not give you insurance to be a supper team

      Let’s get lowry /Rudy/JV play a full season and see what we really stands for

      • Not tanking. Simply rebulding until you can move forward with a talented enough team to ensure prolonged success.

        I can’t believe all of the lets try and squeak in the playoffs fans who would enjoy seeing the Raps make the playoffs as first ronud fodder with NO plan to get better in the future other than “Demar is a hard worker and getting better” or “Gay just had eye surgery so he will now play like the franchise player he is paid like” LOL

        Delusional. This is a talent driven league and the Raps don’t have top tier talent. period.
        Anyone wanting to tell me Gay is a top tier talent, hasn’t been watching hard enough the past 5 years of his career. Anyone thinkingDemar is getting better but watches him defend, put the ball on the floor or shoot 3′s should know he is an average to decent player currently.

        BC did quite the number on you guys. That koolaid must have had a shot of something in it.

        • Look at all the teams tanking in the east. This is toronto’s chance to make some noise by addidng a few key pieces and making a run. They can challenge for the 4-8 seed AND win a round or two in the playoffs. You don’t need lebron james or kobe bryant if you have a team full of talented players that play together and work hard. Everybody keeps saying you NEED a top 5 player. That’s bullshit.

          • Look at the Pacers, Grizzlies, Nuggets….

          • How many years have OKC had Durant? How many championships have they won?

          • and I would like to add that aiming for the playoffs instead of trying to be a piece of dog shit, does not automatically relegate you to the basement for eternity. You can still build around a core and look to the future without trying to be the worst team in the league, or am I crazy?

        • like honestly if you hate this team so much why are you even following it or care

          • Ya, I’m the one who hates this team yet you’re the one who wants to tear it down.

          • A true toronto fan you are not.

          • “You can still build around a core and look to the future without trying to be the worst team in the league, or am I crazy?”

            Honestly? I’m not sure about that. Even Miami needed a top-five pick in Wade, coupled with their LUDICROUS free agent recruiting advantage, to win their two titles.

            The Nuggets turned into what they are based on landing ‘Melo, and then getting a great package for him when the time came to let him go. Granted, if the Raps had been smart enough to do that with Bosh we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but, you know….

            But, looking at NBA history, there’s only one team (Detroit) that managed to win a championship without a transcendent star in the lineup in my lifetime (thankfully for this argument, I was born after Seattle won the title). Magic. Bird. Moses. Jordan. Hakeem. Duncan. Shaq. Kobe. LeBron. And I’d argue that Garnett deserves to be close to that particular grouping, as does Wade (and he had Shaq with him, anyway).

            So, out of those guys: #1 pick. #6 pick, but under weird circumstances. #1 pick, #3 pick behind one of the worst misses of all time and another guy on this list. #1 pick, ahead of Jordan. #1 pick. #1 pick. Kobe… well, that was the miracle of player development. #1 pick. Garnett was #1. Wade was #5 in one of the greatest drafts of all-time.

            Now, again, a Finals-caliber team appears to be a different beast altogether. If Miller’s Pacers, or Kidd’s Nets had won it all (and both were only a couple games away), then Detroit doesn’t stand out as much as the exception to a long-established rule. But if you want to actually win a championship in the NBA, you need to get lucky in a good draft year and land a massive star (or luck into Charlotte being idiots with Kobe back when no one knew how to evaluate high-schoolers). That’s just the way the league works.

            And even then, of course, you can’t be stupid. The Raptors couldn’t retain the T-Mac / VC combo, and then didn’t surround Vince with anything effective (and he didn’t stick things out to where Bosh WOULD have been the #2 he needed). OKC may already have had their window closed with losing Harden and Westbrook’s injury, but the Spurs are pretty creaky. Chicago hasn’t really figured out how to take Rose to the next level, and he has injury troubles now as well.

      • “Why there are so many guys here want to blow up this team?”

        Because this team, with these assets, can’t win a championship. And that’s supposed to be the whole point of the exercise.

        Granted, things are bleak for most teams right now given Miami’s dominance. Even if they somehow win a playoff series, it’s not going to be enough to justify keeping this group of players together. It stinks, but that’s just how the league is at the moment.

        • EDIT: Whoops, forgot about the Mavs. Okay, fine, the 2004 Pistons and the Mavs both got it done without one of those giant stars. Everyone else (including the 80s Pistons, with #2 pick Thomas) needed a very high pick to pull it off.

  7. @Sly if you read all my comments I have actually been agreeing with you and my comment wasn’t even directed at you. I win or lose I follow this team and I don’t want them to tear it down.

  8. No way they won’t make playoffs this year cause everyonE is tanking. I really hope raps don’t cause it’s getting annoying and besides, they have a great chance of prying wiggins away from his team down the line when his rookie contract ends

    • That’s the second time I hear someone say that we have a good chance at landing Wiggins once his rookie contracts ends. How the fuck do you know that? Because he’s canadian? What if he already won a championship by then? What if he could sign with a championship caliber team? What if the raptors suck? Too many what ifs for you to say that. What if you knew what you were talking about? Then I wouldn’t have to explain this to you.

      • Not to mention that if Wiggins is worth the Max deal the Raps will give him, the other team will surely match unless it’s a truly toxic situation. They don’t have a legit shot at him until he’s into his third contract, and even if he turns into the next Kevin Durant there’s no guarantee that he’d choose here over NY / LA. After six years in an American city, people in the US won’t care that he’s Canadian when giving out endorsement contracts.

        (Let’s not even go into the other factors, like the states without income tax and the implications of that. The only advantage the Raps have with Wiggins is that, unlike American players, he isn’t scared of a place where it’s called TSN instead of ESPN.)

  9. Sly – You’re doing such a great job, making sure nearly every comment gets 1-4 personal, detailed responses. We’re all fortunate to have an above-average contributor like yourself visiting this website. Thanks!

  10. All of you hating on our current starting 5 are the delusional ones. We had one of the top units in the league who were backed up by journeymen, scrubs and guys who’d struggle in the D-league. With Rudy we were a .500 team, and that was with a non-contributing Bargnani and dead weight on the roster. This year Lowry will hopefully be healthy and our starters will have had a full training camp together. Plus JV isn’t a rookie, DD will be another year older.

    When Novak is on the floor we have a legit threat from 3, which will create more space for our wings who were clogged when they tried to drive the ball last year. I love DD but I’d be open to trading him only to make the team better. We get a veteran big and a capable backup pg that can play D and next season looks pretty good. As I’ve said before, this team is still young and next season will answer a lot of questions about them. I think Masai sees the talent and wants to see what he has instead of blowing it all up.

    • Right on the money Duke. Don’t forget how good Fields looked towards the end of last season. He’ll benefit from a healthy season as our all important “glue guy”.

      • I’m still skeptical with Fields, but hoping he can find and sustain his from from a couple years ago. If he can knock down the 3 similar to his rookie year, that will be huge for this team.

        • Form from**

          He’s an awesome defender though. I remember what he did against Melo last year, gave him fits.

    • you are dead-on duke… They just need some solid bench contributions. I’d love for them to pick up a solid sixth man.

  11. Is there a chance we could get Rondo??? What kind of package could we offer a rebuilding Celtics team? I know I’m dreaming and he probably won’t be dealt, and if he is, he probably won’t be coming here……

  12. personally I’m not too sure about Rondo – yes he has skills and a nice rap sheet for such a young career. But, what can he do as the leader or as one of the top two “go to guys” on a team? What will he be like w/o the guidance and coaching of Doc Rivers reminding when to smarten up and play better, when he is taking plays off or not being effective…the mentoring of Garnett and Pierce, and also playing w/o guys of that talent caliber?…what kind of player will he be? He is not a tier 1 PG in the NBA, he was a perfect piece to a team that had three other stars.

  13. You guys are all scared to take a risk all I will say is
    no risk no reward

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