Minnesota Timberwolves v Denver Nuggets

With a clear need for a backup point guard, many assumed the Raptors would find an NBA veteran or at least a recognizable name to fill that role. On Thursday, however, the team reached an agreement on a two-year deal with lesser know guard Julyan Stone, with Eric Koreen reporting that the Raps see Stone as Lowry’s primary backup.

It’s easy to dismiss this at first as a potential tanking team’s move, but do some research on Stone and you’ll find that Masai Ujiri actually signed him in Denver as an undrafted free agent in 2011, so there’s obviously a level of confidence and comfort there. Sure, he only played 26 games total over his two seasons with the Nuggets (averaging 1.7 points, 1.5 assists and 1.1 rebounds), but at 6’6″ with a 6’10″ wingspan, Stone possesses tremendous size for a point guard.

At the very least, I’m certainly intrigued by the four-year UTEP product with a pass-first reputation.

I’m sure we’ll all be digging for more information on stone. For now, I’ll leave you with this tweet from CBS Sports’ Matt Moore…


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  1. We sure do love random Nuggets bench players (Kleiza, Weems, Forbes and now Stone).

    I guess he got a deal similar to the one John Lucas III got last offseason after they opened up a tiny bit of room with the impending Bargnani trade.

  2. i like the size and wing span . hopefully he will be motivated to play knowing hes gonna get the time now . gotta be tough guarding lowry then all of a sudden andre the giant lol

  3. Im ok with this move. Its not like the raps are expecting to be good next year anyways (Am I right tanknation??) He cant be worse than lucas when it comes to running a team.

  4. I’d rather take a chance on a big, young point guard than pick up another retread. If he doesn’t pan out, they’ll be able to do the 10-day-tango with the scrubs left on the market anyway.

  5. Seeing this kid is from the Nuggets, Ujiri definitely has a good idea what he’s capable of. I like the signing.

  6. Unproven young talent with upside looking to make a name for himself. I like it.

  7. How can he back-up someone who won’t be here next year, Joseph?

    I’m just kidding, you’re alright, Sly.

  8. Still waiting to see a big move – like bye bye Lowry…Hello new PG and starting PF

  9. I am to believe that this guy is not the back up PG next season but the 3rd option. I am almost certain they will improve the back up PG spot and not roll with a guy who right now is a worse option then JL3… J. Stone had knee problems all last year and that wasn’t the first time he has had issue’s with his knee.
    This move is a depth move – Ujiri has more coming…I hope!

  10. I’d much rather fill out the roster with guys like Stone than Alan Anderson types. Give a kid a shot and see if he has something to offer.

  11. Pass first PG with (really) good size and is a good defender? That’s a Casey-type of player right there. Hoping he can gain some consistency with his mid-range shot off the pnr

  12. I wouldn’t mind seeing a guy like Jarrett Jack come back….

    • Warriors are releasing Landry & Jack.. Hopefully we get one of them!

    • No offense, but the complete unawareness about our current cap situation explains why some of you remain so optimistic about the recent prospects of this franchise. There is a reason that Julyan Stone has been our biggest signing so far.

      • No offence, but your assumptions about people’s awareness concerning our current cap situation has nothing to do with the fact that I would like to see a guy like Jarrett Jack on this team.

        • No really, it does explain your optimism a bit, you just have no idea how screwed we currently are cap wise, at least for another year, so you continue to suggest these pie in the sky scenarios that can’t happen.

          I’d like to see LeBron on this team, by the way.

          • That’s actually a good point. I knew they were tight against the cap, I was just thinking that potential trades would allow us to acquire some pieces, that’s all. I still wouldn’t mind seeing a guy like Jarrett Jack on this team. Lebron would be a decent aquisition as well, I agree PBI. Pie in the sky lol

    • I believe jack is officially off the market now. He is backing up K.Irving

  13. Never heard of this guy and looking at his resume I’m not too excited about this signing .. but we’ll see how he pans out, I guess it’s not a huge risk to take right now

  14. Raps should make an offer to Brandan Wright

  15. Yes the Raps should make B. Wright an offer – just the same as they should have made Collison an offer for the mid level exp. He was in a bad situation last year, never got going with the Mavs, the Clippers IMO stole him for that little money.

    Does anyone remember how Sly “Doug” Smith said on here around March/April how Calderon would be re-signed by the Pistons for at least 10+ a year over 5 and if not them then he would have many suitors wanting him to play on their team – lining up for services is what I remember reading! …what happen, Sly O’l boy!?? How come the Pistons didn’t pay 10+ million for him? He was the Mavs plan B option and received 7 million per over 4 years and never got an offer from another team so he scooped the Mavs offer up, quickly! why??? Because Calderon is fluff – a non defensive liability who cannot create his own offense, who cannot take over a game when needed and who has never won anything in the NBA, for starters. I for one think he was lucky to even get 7 million, but the point here is YOU WERE WRONG, SKY – Calderon sucks! – I rather Amir at 6.5 million per or DD at 2 million more a year the Calderbum.
    Good on ya, for taking a shot though Sly – you do have convictions, no one can take that away from ya! But a GM and or sports agent, you will never be!

    • “But a GM and or sports agent, you will never be!”

      Is that a sentence? lol Anyhow, to respond to this outlandish comment: I do not aspire to be a GM or a sports agent! You’re such an idiot it’s beyond comprehension……

    • actually he got an offer from the kings but he opted for the mavs instead because he didn’t want another fullblown rebuild

  16. You are a sad little puppy…. Marc Cuban and the Mavs plan A was who again? Oh ya, Howard. I remember saying Calderon would fetch something close to 10 mil a year, so I guess I was a bit off…. Good contract nonetheless, and kudos to Jose…he gets to play with a world class NBA champion in Novitzki. He may be a fluff, but I encourage you to read this article. Look at those numbers, they don’t lie. Keep talking shit, I like hearing from boneheads like you from time to time. Your opinions mean nothing to me, and will never influence what I think about a particular player.


  17. Whoops – I’m a mistake maker on my grammar…whne a person say that as a reply, it means the other person is right – you have nothing else but that…so my point wins!
    What’s that!??!…the Kings! Oh sorry the Kings too had a glace at JC – stop the bus, the KIng’s came a-callin’! It’s still about 28 teams short of Sly’s “teams will be lining up”, call. Sly you said easily 10+ million per JC will get and you were very adamant about it – you mentioned it a few times to the readers…AND its a third less then that – significantly different then what you “at least” felt the league thinks he deserved…you also called for five years… “laugh out loud”. When you gonna admit that JC is more of your fan then he is a great bsktball addition – especially whne only two teams cared to ask about him – one being a plan B option.
    How good will the Mavs be this season there, Sly Shady? Calderon Marion and Bosh – opps! I mean Disco Dirk. JC basically had the same trio in T.O and came up lame. JC is not a good second option which right now he will be on that team – he is an “add on” once you have your 1-3 guys set. It won’t be long before the Mavs fans too get sic of JC’s fluffy play and mayonnaise defensive game. His numbers are only strong in dimes and t/o’s – so what! So is Andrea Miller’s! what is your point displaying a 10.5 points scored per game? Where was Dumars like you predicted throwing his money JC’s way? You said (once again) enough times, that Detriot will pay greatly just t have this guy – how come that didn’t happen? How come Masai didn’t reach out and get in line like you predicted teams will? Dumars decided he wasn’t worth the dough after watching him play for almost half a season and is going with the tweener Knight instead! So did 98% of the league – Keep wearing that Calderon number 8 jersey there Sly Ol’ Boy – it looks good on ya, pal!
    How good will this signing be in its 3rd and 4th years of the contract! When Calderon is spending 34+ games in the injured list

    • I am youngjames, and I am an idiot.

    • “You mentionned it a few times to the readers.”. What planet do you live on? You make it sound like I need to come on here prepared to deliver to the “readers”. I’ve said it on here many times…I’m not a huge basketball fan. I love the raps. The fact that you are so happy and proud about this really shows us readers who you really are youngjames. I feel bad for you.

  18. what about getting corey brewer ?

  19. Hansbrough on the Raptors?

    Kill me.

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