Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game Seven

UPDATE: An agreement is reportedly in place:

Read below for my thoughts on the original report of “serious talks” between the Raptors and Hansbrough…


After all of the “fake tough guy” stuff I ranted about this past season in regards to Tyler Hansbrough after his cheap shot on Jonas Valanciunas in Indiana, I kind of had a feeling something like this would happen once the Pacers rescinded their qualifying offer…

Dwane Casey has talked a lot about adding toughness since the 2012-13 season came to an end, and I suppose this is a way of addressing that, but I maintain until proven otherwise that Hansbrough falls more under the “fake tough guy” moniker.

Sure, he’ll ruffle some feathers and throw his body around in the post, but when things escalate to the point of an actual skirmish or even just a stare-down, Psycho T can usually be seen backing away. If the Raptors are looking for legitimate grit inside, then hopefully Hansbrough sheds that reputation in Toronto.

As for his numbers, nobody’s going to look at Tyler for much of a statistical contribution. The 27-year-old has averaged 8.9 points on 42.7 per cent shooting to go along with 4.7 rebounds in his four-year career.

With Valanciunas and Amir Johnson figuring to be the key big men in Casey’s rotation, I don’t really see what Hansbrough can bring off the bench that the combination of Aaron Gray and Quincy Acy don’t already provide, but nevertheless, stay tuned…

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  1. This is just terrible news, I was right with you on the “fake tough guy” bandwagon when he threw Val to that floor during that game in Indiana and nearly re-aggravated his wrist injury, wonder how Val feels about him.

    No doubt he fills a need though, and will probably become a huge fan favourite knowing Toronto.

    • This made me cry. Sure he a decent player but he like one of those players you won’t want on your team cause of their bad rep. Also I can’t forgive what he did to Jonas last season

  2. Don’t understand this one. Besides Psycho T being my least favorite player in the league and a hack , he brings nothing to the table.

  3. Big hint: no one but *no one* cares who does what in a “skirmish” or a “stare-down”. In professional sports, what counts before all else is what you do during the play.

    Hansbrough’s a vastly better player than Acy or Gray (who is terrible). I’m not saying that Acy shouldn’t think he can’t push Hansbrough for minutes, but Hansbrough brings a solid offensive game including great offensive rebounding and plays good team and individual defense. He’s hard to play against, strong and smart and quicker than he looks and of course he’s so, so annoying.

    What I worry about is that his hell-for-leather style and bulk is going to give him a short career. But he’s still young enough to be productive for a couple of seasons yet at least.

  4. Still dont get the direction the massiah is going in. Adding a mediocre player like hansborough doesnt make this team better or worse.

    • The Stone and Hansbrough signings don’t seem like the work of someone who plans to tear it down. Same with the Novak addition.

      Not sure what the point of firing BC was if they were going to bring someone in to shuffle deck chairs, hope something big is on the way.

      • Still, those two players arent good enough to get in the way of tanking if the massiah chooses to do so.

  5. I wouldn’t say vastly better, or even better at all, than Acy.

    This has BC written all over it. Sadly, BC had nothing to do with it.

    This is just…. NO. No No No


    DO NOT WANT!!!

    If you were trading Gray for him, still don’t want, but then at least I could understand it.

    Plus, multiple years? Why oh lord why?!?

    Someone rush MU to the hospital. I think he drank the wrong Kool-Aid!

  6. I think we can all agree that we should hold on to any opinion or insight here – till we’ve heard from Sly!

  7. You never know, Hansbourough could change his ways and focus on becoming a better basketball player. It could be like Matt Cooke, as much as I hate him and would never want to see him on my team he has cleaned up his game the last couple years and had decent seasons out of it. Odds are probably not though.

    • You have a pretty good point. At first I thought “oh god, not this guy on the Raptors, he’s a goon”, but the Raptors are generally an anti-goon team so if he doesn’t change he won’t fit in. The Raptors might be good for him.

  8. Why didn’t the Raps signed Toney Douglas as the back up yesterday instead? great D and a great 3 point shooter – but hey, we got Stone and Hansborough! Do executive come to Toronto and just all of a sudden die??? Don’t understated the past two moves – They don’t fit either the “tank” or the “not tank” theory.

    • Youngjames, Douglas is a career 35.9 per cent three-point shooter, which is good, above average, but not great. As for Stone, I can’t vouch for him, but none of us have watched him play enough to determine what his strengths/weaknesses are either, so I’m not prepared to say he’s better or worse than Toney Douglas yet.

      Also, while I’m not in favour of the Hansbrough addition either, it’s ridiculous to lump Ujiri in with executives who “come to Toronto and just all of a sudden die” when just last week the guy pulled a serviceable player and THREE draft picks out of an Andrea Bargnani trade…in 2013.

      • Yeah, I think it’s still far too early to judge what Masai has been doing here. Still expecting many more roster changes in the near future, and likely significant ones including one or some of our “core” players.

        People are quick to bash Ujiri partially due to the fact he won Exec of the Year last season — expectations get jacked up and many expect some crazy turnaround next season or eye-popping moves in the summer. Ujiri is a patient GM and he won that award last year because he’s a smart basketball mind. Give him time to work with the roster and trust that he has a plan.

        • That said, still really trying to come to terms with the Hansbrough signing. Really strongly dislike the guy, especially after what he did to Val last season and even in other games against the Raps I’ve watched. Then again, I do see what he can bring the team in terms of serviceable, energetic minutes at the 4, and he’s the type of pest that I’m hoping you grow to love when he’s on your team, and absolutely hate when he’s on the other.

      • That Bargnani trade was mos-def a great move! I see (so far) 1 great move – 2 roll of the dice moves…time will tell I guess! I don’t know too much about Stone – but from video I’ve watched and the numbers I see – still think Toney Douglas or Collison would have been better for this team…they both signed small manageable deals.

  9. Tank nation pla

  10. This is a great sign. The thing about physical players is you want the physicality without the attitude which is very rare to find.
    He will get under guys skin yet not get in their face wagging his tongue. Good 3rd big.

    I agree though that the direction of this team is in question. Why bring in MU if he’s not going to be active? Right now the raptors r probably a 8th or 9th seed in the east which is the worst possible position a team can be in. He needs to do something significant now.

  11. I don’t understand this at all. What does he bring that Acey can’t already do? Acey has more natural athleticism, a better attitude and has shown a better looking mid-range shot.

    This sucks. I can’t stand this guy. Hopefully he changes his douchebaggery in TO.

  12. Booooooooooooo.

  13. Just another Dre Day in toronto , forgive and forget pussies

  14. heh heh.

    well he fills a need – physical, hard nosed, plays defense. Big man depth, with a bit of a culture change. it’s funny that one of the plays that brought up that need last year was him, pulling down JV, then no one standing up to him…. and then it’s hansbrough that they actually went and got. kinda strange.

    anyways though. the pacers went to him in big moments during the playoffs so i’d say he’s a bit more than a bench player. he’s probably been told by raptors brass that if he plays well he can compete for the starting PF spot… either that or there’s a trade in the works…

    biggest question mark for me is his offensive game- i didn’t think he had much of one but 8.9 ppg as a bench player isn’t that bad. but… if your looking for someone to pair with Gray on the second unit, he better be able to score cause your already playing 4 vs 5 out there w/ Gray…

    so yeah, reserved judgement (thought of him as a douche before this, like most ppl) but not horrible cause lets be honest they had to use the MLE on a 3rd big. if we keep him, hopefully it pans out..

  15. The only good thing about this signing is that he plays pretty good team defence. His offensive rebounding is ok. Other than that he is dog shit.

  16. He kinda does a lot of the same things as amir johnson….perhaps amir is on his way out in a trade?

  17. jesus, more mediocrity, looks like MLSE just wants to make playoffs and isint worried about being a long term contender, was this to fill bargs spot? cant wait to see acy be the hardest worker and then get sent down again or get no minutes from casey.

    i cant see 2 out of TH, QC, or AG playing together so amir on the 2nd unit again?

  18. Good move, love the guy… This makes us better. He fits in perfectly with the age group here in TO. Our bench doesn’t look so bad with hansy, fields, ross, acy… This might be a stupid question, but do we still have AA? And if so, do we want him? Lol

    • Sly my boii – AA is a UFA – who’s getting a tough look from the Wolves and that’s it! Which should tell what the rest of the league thinks about him. He is a last second, 11th hour addition if anything – finding “chucker’s” in the NA ain’t too hard!

  19. People keep bashing MU for not making big moves, but seem to forget that it’s free agency period right now, he’s limited in terms of the people he can sign due to the lack of cap space left behind by BC. .

    All he’s trying to do is create a playable roster, without committing too much of our resources, and investing in low-risk, potentially high payoff assets.

    No point in taking a wrecking ball to the current roster right away, patience is virtue.

    • so true. Everybody thinks thier the GM.

    • I don’t like him because he through one of our future cornerstone players onto the floor onto his hand the game he came back from a hand injury. In the words of jack armstrong “The guy is a hack.”

      Its a good signing but i’m curious how that would play out in the first few days of the training camp between him and JV.

    • @Physco Tdot – your right and following your theory, the team needs a starting PF and a back up PG this year, IMO. I can totally live with Amir starting, tho – TH is a role player, hope he can be a good back up PF when logging lots of minutes during those games where AJ tunes out (although they are getting fewer) and Stone is a 3rd PG. Maybe MU will grab a 2nd tier PG by moving Camby!?! Collison and Douglas were both just signed to smaller sized deals that I would rather have at this time then Stone – perferably Collison. I would clear out that log jam on the wing position and try and orchestrate a trade getting back a solid PF (preferably a starter), say DD or TR for someone…you pick!…once again IMO

  20. Their are many peices to the puzzle, this guy is solid

  21. Not a bad compliment off the bench. Or maybe this is a sign we are going to tank!

  22. If this team was gonna tank they wouldn’t have signed a “role” player like TH. This move works with the “build on the fly” theory – small amount of money, small commitment in years in comparison to what he will actually supply – good buy. TH gives solid numbers for the minutes he plays (under 23 per game – I believe). He will be an addition as a “role” player like they will use with Novak – but lets be honest, who else is still missin’ Davis?

  23. For all the people who think this is a garbage move because the team is not “tanking” and giving up on the year – your dumb! I will say this once again – the team doesn’t need to tank this year to get higher or more draft picks or young talent already in the NBA to be a championship team – it is not the only way or easiest way to build a championship team. With Lowry’s contract and Rudy’s contract the team can use those as trades chips this season, this off season and next season. You can also throw Amir’s contract in there as well (two years left) and TR who are players that would attract relevant exchange. Why sell these guys too early? Why not be patient, win this year – then “cash in” like you want. MU already got us an extra first pick and some 2nd’s with Bargnani.
    We will get more value for Lowry and Gay if we wait – then the team can make the ‘off’s this year, prove to league they are starting to be a winning program to attract FA’s moving forward and trade away the assets needed at the time to improve for a championship…It is not that hard to figure out people. This team ain’t gonna roll over and die just to have “a shoot” at Wiggins – it is to far fetched to think we land the number 1 pick next year when so many others teams are trying for that this year – just don’t get sometimes how people can be that naive. You are honestly asking for some ridiculous plan to unfold for the Raps to get Wiggins – it’s like being broke, so you spend a years worth of pay one night on Lotto 649 to try and win millions so you don’t ever have to work again….dumb plan!

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