Most Raptors fans assumed that the team would pursue an older, veteran type point guard to play behind Kyle Lowry as the primary backup.


Then most fans assumed that the team would find said veteran point guard to act as an insurance policy as a third stringer behind Lowry and Julyan Stone.

Wrong again, as on Friday, reports emerged that the Raptors have added point guard Dwight Buycks, who just finished off a four-game stint with Oklahoma City’s Summer League team in Orlando (where he averaged 9.5 points, 6.0 assists and 2.0 steals in about 21 minutes).

For what it’s worth, the Thunder were also reportedly interested in bringing Buycks in as their third point guard.

The 24-year-old Marquette product went undrafted in 2011 before enjoying a cup of coffee (28 games) with the D-League’s Tulsa franchise in the 2011-12 season. Most recently, Buycks enjoyed a successful season in France with BCM Gravelines, where he averaged 17 points on 46 per cent shooting and 36 per cent three-point shooting in 51 games.

Like Stone, I haven’t seen Buycks play before, and the only thing we can really deduce from the numbers available is that Buycks is a fairly consistent three-point shooter. But as Eric Koreen mentioned earlier, for a young team, there’s nothing wrong with taking a chance on an unproven young player as opposed to taking a chance on a veteran who you know won’t do much for you.

On that note, here’s hoping Stone and Buycks prove to be solid depth additions at point and less like the infamous Will Solomon/Quincy Douby experiment of the 2008-09 season.

In any event, with a couple of unproven 24-year-olds brought in to back him up, this seems to be a clear message that from a point guard standpoint, the Raptors are going to be Kyle Lowry’s team.

I’m cool with that. You?


UPDATE: Perhaps this sheds some light on things. Doug Smith reports that Julyan Stone ”has physical issues and won’t sign now.” If Stone’s issues take him out of the mix, then signing another inexperienced young point guard doesn’t seem that odd, as Buycks would simply be sliding into the spot the team originally had planned for Stone.

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  1. I’m really intrigued by Buycks and Stone. I’m still in a bit of a honeymoon period when it comes to Masai, so take it with a grain of salt, but I like what he’s doing. H’e just so un-Colangelo-like.

  2. So, are we tanking or not?? I mean, adding two backup pgs with virtually no nba experience is not a move that a team with playoff aspirations makes. Lowry isnt the most durable player either so if he gets injured raps are going to suck big time since the pg is very important.

  3. How would you pronounce his name, “Bikes?”

  4. I’d say Masai is leaving it up to the players to decide if they’re going to tank. Hey – you guys wanna suck this year? Knock yourselves out.

    • This is probably the most accurate description I’ve heard yet. There’s still the chance that a tanking opportunity comes by way of a trade offer for Gay/DeRozan/Lowry that Ujiri can’t refuse, but if I were a betting man, I’d assume that Ujiri will head into the season to figure out what he has here.

      If they gel and play well together, maybe it’s a surprising young team on the rise with the ability to get better over the next couple of years. If it falls apart because of a lack of skill, injuries, etc, then they’ll capitalize on the best draft class in 11 years.

      • Or maybe they will finish where everyone expects them to: 9th place. Which will indicate what MU SHOULD already know as a GM. This is a team with mediocre talent that is counting entirely on JV becoming an all-star center.

        we will have a bad draft pick, no cap space, and not be a championship contender for another 10 years when a draft class like this one comes along again.

        Then MU patients will truly come in handy as he waits in the unemployment line.

        • If they’re a mediocre team around the midway point of the season, I’d expect Ujiri to unload some of the “older” talent.

          • Who do you think would be willing and able to take on a contract like Rudy Gay, mid-season, and actually give something of value back? He was available last year and all the raptors had to give up was Ed Davis to get him.

            With presumably half the teams out of playoff contention your market is cut in half at the trade deadline and the raptors will be left holding their dicks in their hands…

        • so Troll……. your saying we will they will be kicking themselves for not taking the gigantic gold rush haul of Stuckey and Charlie V when they could have?

          c’mon. It’s not like there is a huge market now for our good players that will vanish midseason and they’ll be screwed cause they didn’t ‘decide to tank’ at the start of the year. let it play out a bit man, who knows it could even work out..

          and apart from not knowing how to pronounce this new PGs last name I’ve got no qualms. Would have preferred a vet, but i guess they are doubling down on potential Lowry replacements rather than taking a safe route..

          • obviously the stuckey + CV trade was a slap in the face. But it should have been the start of negotiations. Landing a first round pick with those two would have been worth it.

            They could have also likely worked out a deal with GSW sending him and amir for Harrison Barnes and a couple expiring contracts.

            But instead MU is sitting on his hands undecided about the direction that the team should go…

          • I will say this for a positive point though:

            Signing 2 unknown point guards and not adding any 3-point shooting off the bench (other than novak) is a good subtle way of tanking.

            Currently this is not a playoff team, we did not address any of the issues that we had going into the off-season.

            If we end up with a top-5 pick and we keep Rudy Gay, then my hat is off to MU for knowing this team better than me.

  5. I think it’s safe to say that Ujiri has made up his mind that he isn’t going to tank from day one of the regular season. He seems fairly content to wait and see what this roster has in them before making any major moves. I agree with that strategy because we really haven’t seen this team yet in any true capacity to make judgments regarding their potential. With an offseason together to build chemistry, a full training camp, a new offensive minded assistant coach and a healthy roster, I think this team may surprise a lot of people. Not to mention a year WITHOUT a GM forcing Casey to play certain individuals (bargs) to boost their trade value.. Every move Ujiri has made so far has improved the flexibility of this team. So regardless of how the team performs this season, we’ll be positioned to make smart decisions towards building a championship team. Everyone wants to know if Ujiri is planning to tank or go for the playoffs, and I think our guess is as good as his at this point.

    • He’s already publicly said he doesn’t want to tank. See his interview on July 10th. Sorry tank nation.

      • Yes, because if he said the opposite he’d be fined to death by the NBA.

        C’mon now.

        • One thing I like – in contrast to BC – is that Masai doesn’t telegraph his intentions before every move. I still remember being gobsmacked when he was public about his intent to draft Bargani…. if you want him, why not trade your number 1 pick to the number …3? pick team, get a little extra, and then pick AB when he invariably drops to 3 in that draft…. Why announce it?

  6. Would agree with this type of strategy typically, but in this case it makes trading Lowry at the deadline as an expiring contract really, really, really difficult.

  7. I see this as a Patrick Beverley type move. Could turn out to be a starting caliber guard on a cheap multi-year contract. At least there’s precedent.

    • Kevin-

      Was just about to come in here and give the same example. Like MU said in his interview the other day, he is going to bring in guys who he thinks will fit his coach’s style of play and so I am going to assume these 2 backups that we have signed are willing to get down and dirty on D. We all clamored for BC’s departure, we now have an exciting replacement in MU – how about we give the guy a chance to show us (and BC) exactly how to build a championship-contending team.

    • I think this is why all of the focus is on bringing in assistants with player development and even head coaching experience (Bayno et al)

  8. Who the fuuuuck?!? he said for the second time this off season. Fingers crossed MU knows best.

  9. I’m not exactly sure how you can sign someone who’s never played in the NBA and anoint him as a back-up unless you are just hoping Lowry gets hurt like usual and the team completely goes in the tank with Stone/Buycks handling point guard duties.

    I know his hands are tied, but I was expecting more out of Ujiri. This franchise is in “change for the sake of change” territory and only a moron would be pleased with the coach and all the key players returning which is what we seem to be heading towards. At this point, I’m starting to think that the only reason Colangelo was fired was because he absolutely refused to trade Bargnani and they needed a guy who could come in and do that.

    • I know, right? Friggen sucks getting the NBA’s Executive of the Year and a devoted individual who genuinely cares to turn the entire franchises losing culture around. And all you numbers guys and cunning linguists that don’t know about this fella, you should’ve seen Buycks in Summer League. This cat can ball. Plays the way a PG should with wheels, motor, excitement and hunger that will get under the skin of the games best. I know you want the sexy names, but maybe you should have just a little faith in MU until at least December. There was no refusal to trade Bargnani. Just no deal to be struck. When’s the last time we heard of teams calling the Raptors about AB? Basically, forget the numbers, the names and the records. I assure you that the Raptors are on the rise. The name will get changed, Casey is on the hot seat and most of our studs cannot legally rent a car without the $8 young driver surcharge. A lot to look forward to Toronto Raptors fans! (Toronto Eagles 2014!)

      • You want to call them the Toronto Eagles? Why not Toronto Falcons? Toronto Barn Owls? Toronto Horned Owls?

        Shame people don’t know that “raptors” are badass birds of prey, not just movies dinosaurs. Just go with some badass raptor (i.e, bird of prey) marketing action, rather than dinosaurs. But then again, the name surely isn’t the problem. Go Eagles!

  10. Whatever, the other 2 handle the PG duties just fine.

  11. H0ly sh1t people, Ujiri has only been GM of the raptors for less than two months and you expect him to build rome overnight? When you armchair GMs get a job in the NBA and create a championship contender out of thin air, please share with us how easy it was to do this or that and how you didn’t come about following through on all those rumors / speculations to build the next dynasty with your superior intellect.

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