Summer League is a young man’s game, but add a more polished beast to the mix and those young men are reduced to boys. Case in point, Saturday night in Las Vegas where a bulked up Jonas Valanciunas physically dominated anyone and everyone Miami’s Summer League team threw at him.

The tough thing about covering and writing about Summer League basketball is that you have to follow up virtually every observation you make and voice with “but it’s Summer League.”

At the end of the day, no one should mistake Valanciunas’ field day on Saturday as a sign that he’s going to dominate at the NBA level in 2013-14, but it is a clear sign that he’s miles ahead of most 21-year-old big men in his development, both physically and technically, with most already anointing him the best player in Vegas this year (And for what it’s worth, I do expect a much improved NBA game and improved statistical contribution come October).

It may only be Summer League, but if Jonas can learn a thing or two from getting double-teamed (and maybe even triple-teamed) this week while continuing to adapt to his new found bulk and continuing to wreak havoc in the post, all the power to him.

At the end of the game, which the Raptors lost 81-72, Valanciunas had finished with 23 points on 8-of-10 shooting to go along with seven rebounds, though the five turnovers and four fouls in 25:39 were a clear sign of rust.

As for the other Raptors taking part, Terrence Ross didn’t look any different than the rookie we saw three months ago (though again…Summer League) and Quincy Acy still looks more comfortable as a power forward than as a small forward, but that’s to be expected.

Toronto’s next game is Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. ET against Cory Joseph, Nando De Colo and the Spurs.

By the way, if you were wondering where Julyan Stone was, he reportedly failed his physical, or at the very least has some sort of “physical issues,” and may no longer be in the Raptors’ plans.

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  1. So glad to hear that Stone is NOT part of the plans! On to bigger and better players now!

  2. Nate rob to toronto??

  3. YES!!!!! Nate-Rob has the drive this team

  4. opps – “this team needs!”

  5. Whats comical about this is – if it was Colangelo that signed Stone in the first place, the move would have been more largely criticized by the fans and media. Masai does it, and all of a sudden the perception is that this was a hidden gem of an NBA player that the rest of the league has over looked. I personally criticized the move when it was done (was told by JC on here to hold on and not judge this move to fast because we haven’t seen him play on a consistent basis) and BAM! Ol’ Jimmer was right again – don’t need to see 30+ of this stiff to know that he is a stiff…there are many video’s out on him to watch, numbers and scouting reports to read to see this guy is what he is; nothing!…he cannot even pass a physical!
    IF Stone would have failed the physical under Colangelo’s watch – once again, the criticizing would be huge. Masai does it and he gets a pass!…How’s the double standard here in T.O?
    I still rest my case that the average fan and most of the media who follow this team is below average in basketball IQ and talent assessment – Stone was an all out bad move from DAY 1 and I was the only one on here to call MU out on it! The only one with the knowledge and the balls to mention that MU has made a bad move.
    MU’s record so far: 1 great move with Bargs – 1 bad move with Stone and 1 whatever move with Buycks….he is .500 hope this is not an insight of how he will be running this team when it’s all said and done.

    • I agree
      BC is/was in can’t win mode.
      If had signed Tyler H. he would have been criticized too.(probably ripped to shreds)

      I also believe Masai was part of the team when derozan was drafted- I think he was a scout-Demar is another player that gets blasted by fans but they might not be aware that MU might have had a large say in that pick.

      Look at Jonas; not all of his moves were bad.

      I think MU has an eye for talent and Stone was a defensive tool he wanted to add.
      Im interested to see what happens with Bikes(thats what I call him) and Novack.

      Toronto fans love to hate on everything as soon as they get bored, should be an interesting few years for MLSE.

    • Ya let’s bring BC back. He led the team to such dizzying heights after all!!

  6. I think his name is pronounced “B’you-sicks” – Buycks

  7. Tried to watch the first half of the game today, but I’m out west this week and the NBA channel carrying it seemed to start showing it with only 9 minutes left in the first half.

    Broadcasting garbage men.

    So apparently I missed the first 16 points JV had.


  8. Jonas Valanciunas is Lithuanian professional basketball player he mainly plays in Center position. Currently he is now the player of Toronto Raptors. Last year he joined into this club. This guy is big tall man he has 7 ft height.

    • That is an interesting and insightful comment.

    • Are you new or something?

    • Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the great piece of information. Just be careful on here, some guys will be mean to you, and there’s this one guy in particular that used to go by the name of youngjames, watch out for him. He’s very arrogant and takes pleasure in telling people that he was right about something months ago, so he’s basically like a little child.

  9. He dominated so much that they lost the game. lol

  10. You can say one thing, whoever youngjames is, he or she really has the attention of everyone on here! Hate them or love them, the entertainment value is certainly there.

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