If you thought Summer League statistics and observations were useless, the Los Angeles based Drew League (which mixes pro players, street ballers, celebrities, etc) takes it to another level.

But what the Drew League lacks in analytical relevance, it more than makes up for in entertainment and highlight reels, and on that note, here’s DeMar DeRozan putting on a show…

The summer rim rocking is awesome and is always worth a share, but I’d much rather be able to watch a highlight package of DeRozan splashing threes in a year’s time…

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  1. Ballin. That second dunk was crazy.

  2. And if this NBA thing doesn’t work out, there’s always the Globetrotters!

  3. “I didn’t get along with the GM of the basketball team, so we brought in somebody who sees the world the same way I do. The owners are very aware that we may ultimately have to, excuse my English, suck to be good. They understand they’re going to have to be patient there.”

    - Tim Leiweke

    • When/where did he say that? Just curious.

    • I used to think Colangelo was a big dog around MLSE, looks like Leiweke is proving he is actually the much, much bigger dog. Bold statements throughout that Washington Post piece.

  4. Stop comparing BC to Ujiri and over analyzing every damb move he makes… Masai would be foolish to not let this team take the floor to start the year, and let the players decide in what direction this team will go….All the additions (and HUGE substraction of course) that he has made so far are legit moves that make us better…. Just think about this for a second…..Pretty much every single guy on this roster has something to prove, and (tremendous in several cases) upside. Lets give these guys 20 games to see what we have….

    • Why do you have to see what you currently have?

      We have seen this team play and regardless, unless you think at the core there is contender or championship type potential, the direction to take is clear.

      If Masai and Tl want to compete for championships, this roster must be remade over heavily.

      Nothing about watching the first 20-30 games will change that.

      • There’s some new pieces here, these guys need to have a full training camp together and play some games to see who has chemistry together, and who will fit into our long term plans. If I was Ujiri, I would want to see these guys play before I start making any significant trades. Is this a championship caliber team? Not quite. All I’m saying is that this team is not as bad as you and many others on here think. So what you’re saying is, if the raptors come flying out of the gate to start the year, that will have zero impact on what Ujiri does moving forward? I don’t agree with you.

        • Sly – The “wait and see” approach is certainly valid, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the ever-so-patient Ujiri take it, but 20 games is a pretty random, and small, sample size. This team is too young and raw, with too much recent roster turnover. 20 games won’t tell you anything of significance re: long-term prospects. If Ujiri waits, I’m gonna guess it’ll be until the all-star break or trade deadline.

          For interest’s sake, beginning in mid-December last year, the Raptors had an 8-1 streak. They followed that by going 5-12 in their next 17 games. That was followed by a 6-1 stretch and then a 4-14 stretch.

          All that to say – a 20 game stretch for a middling team (which they’re likely to be) could easily head in either direction. I think a good look at the roster tells you a lot more than a sample size that small. Where are the all-stars? Who’s the franchise player?

          • Who says you need a franchise player? And before you guys all have a shit fit, I obviously agree that it’s tough to win big without a Rose or Lebron or Durant….. There’s guys on this roster that have “potential” to be all-stars. If JV turns out to be a top 5 center in this league, you could surely build around a guy like that. I just have a feeling that this team will be successful WHILE Masai builds in the coming years. I don’t think a complete tear down is necessary, nor do I see it happening. There’s no “scrubs” on this team. I agree that a few key trades should and most likely will happen…..but if you clean house, it’s not easy to find guys like DD, Gay, Fields etc…..

  5. I’m not a believer in K Lowry, I thnik he will get old real fast and I always thought of him as a combo guard more than a point. I suspect Brandon Jennings isn’t real happy the Buck offered a good contract to another point guard . This is the only move left to do before we hit the floor. Sign-Trade and swap PG!

  6. I would agree about Lowry – although, I have a rule about trading players in the contract years. They usually perform at the best ability during contractual years.
    The big questions is, why is Nate Rob or Mo Williams not signed yet to take on back up PG duties? I honestly believe in the right situation, Nate Rob could win 6th man of the year! And the Raps might be that situation.

    • Nate Rob is a horrible addition to the team. He worked well in Chicago where they didn’t have many offensive options. Raptors need a point guard that will get the ball to the scorers….not have another player looking for his own shot 1st.

    • Nate is an absolute liability on defense. If you’re giving up 2 points for every 2 points you score… doesn’t make you a good player.

      • If Nate Robinson AND Tyler Hansbrough wore Raptors jerseys in the same season, I would run screaming into a brick wall.

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