Raptors Buy Out Camby

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We all knew this was coming…

Financial details of the buyout haven’t been reported yet, but what we do know is that one way or another, the Raptors saved at least a bit of money here, will have more cap space next summer than they would have had with Camby on the books and end up with a little more roster flexibility should they need it later.

Sure, we all would have preferred to acquire some sort of asset for Camby (heck, I would have taken a conditional second round pick), but there aren’t going to be many takers for a 39-year-old center making over $4 million, unless said team is unloading Andrea Bargnani in the processs, of course.

The buyouts of Camby and Linas Kleiza cut Toronto’s roster down to 13, and ridding themselves of Quentin Richardson some time soon will lower that number to 12. As I’ve mentioned before, if this team actually wants to play competitive basketball next season, I’d like them to find a veteran backup point guard, another backup centre and possibly even another shooter.

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  1. Damn! What do I do with this Camby jersey?!

    On a side note, I hate this trend of old, broken-down basketball players with nothing to offer demanding buyouts because they “just want to win a championship.” Screw you. You’ve made millions upon millions of dollars playing a sport. You were unable to get your team over the top when you were in your prime. Now you’re a broken old man who wants to drink Gatoraid, wave a towel on the bench, and watch the next generation of superstars win games for you so you can put on a ring you didn’t earn at the end of the season, all while being paid a few million dollars by the fan base you refused to lace up for? F*#$^ you, Camby Man et al. I hope you fall down and your brittle bones shatter like a million pieces of broken glass.

    • Every player’s dream is to win the ultimate prize. He’s obviously able to pick and choose at this point in his career, as the raptors have honored his request to be bought out. Not the right thing to do in my books either, but it happens all the time. If I’m Marcus Camby, I would want to play for a contender rather than spend my last year waving my towel a lot less as a Raptor.

      • I hear you, but even if it becomes the new normal, as a fan I’m not okay with it. Pro sports always have to be careful about this kind of stuff – in a lot of markets, the fans will only take so much being screwed and eventually a bunch of them will stop buying tickets. Too much of this and you start alienating the all-important casual fan.

        • This is already the problem in places like Indiana and Atlanta. Those are huge basketball markets with no NBA fans – those basketball fans won’t watch the NBA exactly because of stuff like this.

    • While I understand why this happens, I agree with you. I wonder if these guys look at their ring years later and actually feel like they earned it. I wouldn’t.

  2. Evidently I can’t just write “Hear hear!” But that is all I had to say.

  3. The backup PG spot has been filled. Just signed DJ Augustin

  4. Sucks that we had to pay this guy to go away.

    But in the big picture, paying Camby $4M+ is a lot better than what it would have cost to amnesty Bargs and his $23M.

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