Phoenix Suns v Toronto Raptors

With Summer League behind us, Drew, Oliver and I got together to discuss Jonas Valanciunas’ dominance (and his MVP award), the other Raptors in Vegas, Toronto’s acquisitions since the last time we spoke (Hansbrough, Buycks and Augustin) and what we can expect from this team if this is the roster they go with in 2013-14.

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  1. There’s the “deer in the headlights” look we’ve seen from Ross many times last year. I like the kid and believe he’s got the stuff to be a good NBA player. Is it too much to ask for a breakout this year?

  2. I have posted before saying that I believe that the raptors will be screwed for years if they don’t tank this year. But you guys have changed my opinion a little bit with this last podcast.

    One point I think you should touch on is there is really nothing to prevent the Raptors from signing Wiggins in 4-8 years when he’s in the prime of his career. He’s said in the past he’d love to play for the Raptors and I think if there is another “lebron james free agency” when he becomes a free agent that the raptors have a legit shot at convincing him to team up with JV in his home country. We just have to make sure we position ourselves to have cap space when that comes around.

    • The same could even be said for Anthony Bennett if he turns out to be a stud. If we can create a winning environment, with a young star like JV, it won’t be difficult to convince free agents (especially the ones from Canada) to come sign here.

      • Worry about that in 4 years. Wiggins will be good, but will he be the best available player in 4 years from now? Nobody knows the answer to that question.

        • Cannot believe I’m going to say this – but Sly that is one Hell of a good point…the question still begs though…how do you think of it before me?

          • I’ve made a lot of good points youngjames, you’re just a bonehead most of the time.

    • Something that is even a bigger long shot than landing a franchise changing talent through the draft is what made you change your mind about tanking?

      Good podcast, I still don’t think Drew and Oliver are explaining their anti-tanking point of view really well especially when they think tanking this year is based off the assumption of only landing Wiggins when any of the Top 7-10 players coming out this year could really help the Raptors but it’s not a completely unreasonable viewpoint to have considering how young the Raptors roster is.

      I also agree to let the Lowry/Gay situations to sort themselves out even if it potentially leads to both leaving the team next summer.

      • You make a good point. Wiggins is not the only star talent in this draft. Parker and Juluis Randal have been compared to carmelo and Chris Webber are in the draft. Not to mention Marcus Smart who was supposed to be a top 3 pick this year will be in the draft.

      • a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush…

      • @PBI …I mean you have a good point. The problem is we really dont know how good or bad this team is. This is the year to figure out what we truly have good or bad. Additionally, to move into the top tier we need to trade quite a number of assets with no guarantee that we would even land inside of the lottery or high enough to get someone in the top …lets say 6. I don’t think Masai will get rid of JV cause that makes no sense. I think there are to many players on this team that don’t want to lose that we wouldn’t lose enough games just because of that. No one is saying this is the team you will have forever. Additionally I don’t see the point in selling the farm even if we do some how get Wiggins…. like honestly what do we have to trade for him. If we trade JV then we still need to go and find a center and finding a talent like that won’t come for a long time. If we don’t trade JV for it then we could do decent next year or we could do very badly because we have no one on the team except JV and Wiggins. At the end of the day this is a 5 on 5 sports . Even if Rudy cops out of the contract we can probably work out some sort of sign and trade deal for assets. Maybe we will figure out some sort of deal like philly got for noel.

        In any case this will be a very interesting season for the raptors indeed.

  3. I can see it now.

    JV and the Canadians!

  4. I have an honest question. Does the fact that BC drafted JV (we were lucky enough for him to fall to us) instead of Tristan Thompson or someone else make up for the fact that he had so many other moves/draft picks that didn’t pan out. I mean he made a lot of mediocre picks but this and hibbert stand out above the rest.

    • I’d suggest drafting was one of BC’s biggest strengths. He has a good draft record – sure there are a couple misses, but every GM has at least a couple misses. Many GMs draft much worse than BC.

      Another strength was his ability to flip “untradeable” players. Nevermind that they were always guys that he acquired and overpaid in the first place…

      His last strength used to be his scouting of overseas talent. Unfortunately the rest of the league caught up and those leagues have been picked pretty clean.

    • BC couldn’t draft Thompson, he went 4th.

      • you get the point

        • JV was great. Other than AB, his drafting was pretty decent. But one big thing to mention is that Hibbert certainly doesn’t count. Number 1: he was traded immediately for Jermaine O’Neal. Number 2: The Pacers controlled the pick and told him they wanted Hibbert.

  5. Question of the day: Will we finish ahead or behind Cleveland and Washington? Tough call

    • and also the Pistons….

      • The Wizards #1 lineup, when healthy, is much, much better than this Raptors squad. Cleveland has a lot of talent but is still really young – they may or may not make a leap this year. The Pistons are weird – they’ve acquired some talent, but I’m not convinced they’ve built a team.

        I think the Raptors would be doing very well to finish ahead of 2 of those 3 teams.

  6. Mediocrity will not work for this Raptors team in my opinion.

    If we don’t tank and finish 6-8 in the standings, we will be bounced first round, second if we’re lucky, and that’s not going to get us anywhere. Free agents still won’t want to come to Toronto. NY, Boston, LA etc; regardless of how well their teams do WILL be more appealing locations for free agents than a Toronto team that just barely made the post season and didn’t really do anything there.

    This franchise has demonstrated that it needs to build internally in order to be successful, the market isn’t kind to us.

    • That’s bullshit. Players want to win, that’s why they don’t sign here. Create a winning environment and players will want to play here, end of story.

      • Yeah cause that totally happened after we won the division a couple of years ago. The free agents were really flocking to play in Toronto.

        • Totally agree with reyes. Their is a difference between reaching the point of being a title contending team like miami and being good playoff team like denver was. Were free agents flocking to denver? Nope. Raps need to reach the point of being an elite team to attract quality free agents. The only way to do it is tanking for a superstar. Not fighting for the 8th seed and being smashed by the heat.

          • Listen to the podcast. It’s not that easy to just throw away all our players and tank.

          • If you’re a team like say Boston, then tanking makes sense because you can part ways with aging stars and start rebuilding. Even though the raps are a “mediocre” team as of right now, they are a young, talented team with upside. Tanking does not make sense at the moment.

          • It would also be a different story if we didn’t have a stud on our roster, but we have a big one, and I think a lot of people are overlooking that fact.

    • What happens if we tank and still finish 13th cuz other teams tank harder.

  7. Listened to the podcast. Totally disagree about the tanking thing. When you are tanking, you need two things. Expiring contracts and draft picks. That is what the raptors should be collecting when they are trading players like lowry, gay, dd. Next, Oliver totally misunderstood the premise of tanking for this draft. You are not tanking ONLY for wiggins. You are tanking for a top 6 or 7 pick in a very strong and deep draft. That is the beauty of next years draft as it is very deep and any of the top 6 or 7 players can be stars. Next, lowry and gay are free agents. What if they leave at seasons end for NOTHING? Then, you are forced to rebuild and are further behind because you dont have assets and a mediocre draft pick from a mediocre season finishing 6-11th. Simply put, tanking is in the best interest of the franchise long term to get them off this treadmill of mediocrity BC put them on. What is the upside of this group? Atlanta Hawks 2010-2012? No thanks, I’d rather see a title contending team. And the only way to do that is taking this year. I consider you guys to be among the smartest raptor bloggers out there but you have totally missed the boat on the tanking issue. Also, hansorough, aj, and val will lead them to 30 wins??? I want some of what your smoking.

    • BTW gay has a player option but I think he opts out if he has a monster season for some financial security.

      • The other thing is…What does tanking say to a fan base that wants to win and wants a taste of the playoffs? Hey fans, we’re gonna suck AGAIN this year, but don’t worry, we’ll be part of a lottery that won’t guarantee us anything. Getting Gay was a pretty big deal last year. I would do a trade here and there if it’s for the right pieces, but nothing more than that this year.

        • That is a hard sell to the casual fan, but dedicated fans will be aware of the long-term strategy.

          I’m not that worried about Raptors attendance.

          You could also play the “What if….?” card with what if they move ahead with this roster and having a mediocre, sub .500 season just like last year? Or what if you don’t tank and spend the next 2-4 seasons as a treadmill team? What if you tank, have a crap team, and get a great player in the next draft that draws more fans the following season than you lost this season? The what ifs could pretty easily go either way.

    • So you think Ujiri should trade Gay, Derozan, Lowry….and who else?? And do you jump on the first deal you get for them? (think of the laughable offer from Detroit for Gay) Guys like Amir, JV, Ross, Acy, Hansborough, Fields (along with the players we acquired in those trades) could still get us 30 wins. Let’s say we get the 7-9th pick….we could still end up with a guy like Derozan lol. You don’t know which of those players in the draft will turn out to be stars…it’s a crap shoot.

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