The NBA will officially release the 2013-14 schedule with a 6:00 PM ET telecast on NBA TV tonight, and I’ll post a full breakdown of the Raptors’ schedule as usual once we know the details.

For now, this is all we have…

Of course, just because it’s the season opener for Boston, it doesn’t mean that it will also be the season opener for Toronto, but I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet. This matchup likely wouldn’t be one of the nationally televised games on the usual Tuesday night opening to the season and I doubt that either the Raptors or the dismantled Celtics would appear on the first slate of Thursday night TNT games, so in all likelihood, the two teams would open their seasons against each other on the Wednesday.

Stay tuned for any schedule-related updates.

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  1. Really hoping most of the first 20 games are against teams that will make the playoffs next season. MU really needs to see results against quality opponents before deciding to tank or try hard for the playoffs.

    My guess is 20 games in, we will either be going hard for 7th or be offering Rudy Gay for a 2014 1st and scraps.

  2. first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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