Valanciunas will match up with Pekovic's Montenegro side in Eurobasket's Group B.

Valanciunas will match up with Pekovic’s Montenegro side in Eurobasket’s Group B.

We tempered our excitement over Jonas Valanciunas’ Summer League dominance because of the level of competition he was going up against in Vegas, so dominating Sweden in a friendly pre-tournament warmup ahead of September’s FIBA Eurobasket isn’t going to send us into a frenzy (though the actual tournament should prove a good test).

But don’t blame JV for simply dismantling the weak opposition thrown in front of him. Any time Valanciunas posts a stat-line of 21 points on 7-of-7 shooting (7/9 from the free throw line) to go with eight rebounds (six offensive) and a block in 20 minutes, and there’s footage of said performance, we’re going to post it.

If those Swedish bigs didn’t know who they were dealing with, perhaps their best course would have been to tread lightly.

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  1. if he develops his post up to the point of drawing doubles, it would make it that much easier for dd and rudy. this season will be interesting.

  2. Jonas! Wow, he makes those Swedes look like they need to eat a few more meatballs. He had DEEP post position on almost every one of those baskets.

    Nice vid. Does the amount of touches he appears to have gotten in that game mean he’s a more central piece of his national team now? They were sure still in “bring him along slowly” mode at the Olympics.

    • At the Olympics last year, the veteran players were the central focus of the Lithuanian team while Valanciunas often sat on the bench for long periods. This year it definitely looks like he’s one of the team’s primary offensive options.

      • This year we have a different coach, one that is a lithuanian legend and considered very smart and very experienced both among fans and among players. As such, he is also much braver in relying in young rising players (or at least a good balance). We have very high hopes in our bigs with JV and Donatas Motiejunas of the Houston Rockets.

  3. Anyone concerned he is playing too much basketball? I know he was injured for a while last year, but he’s played summer league and now a euro tournament as well, an 82 game season is a long grind.

    He also looks a little more filled out and heavier, which is good, unless my eyes are deceiving me.

    • I think summer competition is only a concern in a few situations:
      - with aging players
      - with injury-prone or breaking down players
      - consecutive busy summers for players making consecutive deep playoff runs in the NBA

      Healthy, young players can handle a lot more basketball than Jonas is playing (see: USA, Team). They’re playing and working out somewhere, whether they’re on national teams or not.

      • One thing that’s concerned me with Valanciunas over the last couple of years is that while most young players will play in some pick up league and work out on their own, they’re not playing very intense, competitive summer basketball unless it’s a national team year or something.

        Jonas, on the other hand, hasn’t had a summer off from international action for as long as we’ve known him. Eurobasket this summer, Olympics in 2012, Eurobasket and FIBA U19 in 2011, plus previous summer committments prior to being drafted.

        On one hand I suppose the extra competition can benefit players, but I also think even young players need a break away from the court from time to time, which JV seemingly hasn’t had.

    • I was thinking the same thing…. I think that all this basketball he’s playing (regardless of the competition) will certainly help speed up his development, and we will see a MUCH improved player this coming season. If he gets injured this year, especially early in the season, it will be hard to overlook the fact that he hasn’t had a break in forever. He looks fantastic right now, and looks poised for a breakout year.

    • yeah i’d say thats a concern. this better be the last year he is allowed to do all of this offseason stuff…. (summer league, FIBA, etc)….. the life span of a big man is already short enough as it is.

  4. love the breaking bad line

  5. he did have a significant break from the end of the regular season until summer league…

  6. Think he traveled on that one play.

  7. ranked 18 on sbnation’s top players in 4 years

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