How’s this for a random bit of Raptors-related off-season news?

In a Tuesday evening post for, Brian Windhorst wrote that no teams are for sale as what is sure to be an insanely lucrative television deal looms for the NBA.

No big deal, right? And surely not Raptors-specific at all. But here’s a paragraph from that writeup:

Several teams, including the Minnesota Timberwolves, have been pulled off the market recently. The Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors had also been rumored to be available.


It seems kind of crazy given that Bell and Rogers just came together to buy Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (and everything in it), and at the end of the day all Windhorst wrote is that the Raptors had been rumoured to be available, but it still begs some questions.

The obvious question to ask is whether these rumours were around pre or post-MLSE sale, as this could be nothing more than chatter that was flying around while MLSE itself (and in essence, therefore, the Raptors) was in the process of changing hands.

If the rumours were flying recently, after the known sale of MLSE, were the Raptors rumoured to be for sale as a singular entity breaking away from MLSE? And in what kind of circle were these rumours circulating? A media circle? An internal NBA circle? A circle of executives?

Such questions present an interesting talking point in an otherwise dry period for Raptors news.