With training camp and the pre-season just weeks away, and with the Raptors unveiling their tentatively tiered pricing for every home game on the schedule (prices will eventually fluctuate based on demand), I thought now would be a good time to help fellow Raptors fans looking for the best bang for their buck this season at the Air Canada Centre.

This season, there are five tiers of pricing for regular season games: Best Value, Value, Premium, Premium+ and Super Premium. To give you an idea of the variance in price across the different tiers, I’ll use the price point my season tickets fall under (Balcony Prime 1).

In Balcony Prime 1, the face value of each tier breaks down like this:

Best Value: $36

Value: $47

Premium: $62

Premium+: $80

Super Premium: $127

That’s quite the range, with Super Premium games deemed to be more than three-and-a-half times as valuable as Best Value games.

Without further ado, here are the games I feel offer the best value for fans:

October 30 vs. Boston
Price Tier: Value
We’re all aware of how far down the rung the Celtics have fallen this summer, and I’m not at all suggesting that a date with a Rondo-less tanking team should be worth more of your money, but regardless of the opponent, any time tickets to the home opener (and season opener for that matter) can be had at the second lowest pricing tier, I’d consider that a deal worth jumping on.

November 26 vs. Brooklyn
Price Tier:
Jason Kidd and the new-look Nets will be one of the most intriguing stories to monitor this season, particularly in the season’s opening stages. When the Nets come into town again in January, you’ll be paying ‘Premium+’ money because it happens to be a Saturday night. So take advantage of the fact that Brooklyn’s first foray into Toronto in 2013-14 falls on a Tuesday.

December 10 vs. San Antonio
Price Tier: Best Value
No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard, Gregg Popovich and the defending Western Conference champion Spurs are listed at the lowest pricing tier, meaning you can see the Spurs for the same price as teams like the Bobcats, 76ers, Magic, Bucks, Pistons, Wizards, Hawks and Pelicans.
(Sidenote: The Pistons, Wizards, Hawks and Pelicans being in the Best Value category is decent value in itself, as is the final home game of the season against Milwaukee)

March 21 vs. Oklahoma City
Price Tier: Premium
If this matchup was booked for an awkward night of the week, a Holiday or for early in the season when Russell Westbrook was still questionable, I could understand the Thunder not being listed in a higher pricing tier. But that’s not the case. The game is scheduled for a Friday night at a point in the season where we can probably safely assume that Westbrook will be back, and yet you can watch the Raptors take on Kevin Durant and the Thunder for cheaper than you can watch the Knicks and the Clippers.

April 2 vs. Houston
Price Tier: Premium
Between Dwight Howard, James Harden and Jeremy Lin, I figured those in charge of ticket pricing would try to squeeze a little more out of the Rockets, but the ‘Premium’ price tag is probably one of the better deals of the season.


While there are obviously some deals to be had this season, there are also a couple of games I think have been overpriced. The Knicks come into town twice, and both games are listed as ‘Premium+.’ Now I know the first time Andrea Bargnani returns to Toronto, during the Holidays while many are likely off work, is an event worthy of the Premium+ price tag, but is the April date against the overrated Knicks really worth it?

And what about the Lakers? L.A. is the only team other than Miami to command the ‘Super Premium’ price tag, but unless you feel this is your last chance to ever see Kobe Bryant or Steve Nash live, I don’t think the mediocre Lakers are as much of a draw as the Heat are or are worth twice as much in the price of admission as the Thunder, Rockets, Bulls and Nets, are they?

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  1. December 10 vs. San Antonio
    Price Tier: Best Value
    No, you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you.

    your* ! (Not trying to be a douche, just pointing out a common error that the mind usually misses. Nice article! and only if the Spurs game didn’t fall during exam time…)

    • No worries. I’m a stickler for spelling and grammar myself and would’ve noticed it on someone else’s post. Thanks for the heads up. Not sure how I missed that.

    • A common error that the mind usually misses, an educated mind that is…. Youngjames has a different excuse.

  2. Well looks like im going to a basketball game on december 10th

  3. “I’m a stickler for spelling and grammar myself and would’ve noticed it on someone else’s post” – speaking of douches who are acting anal. Who gives a fuck about grammar or spelling unless you are in school getting graded for it…if the message gets across that’s all that count! and the message got across – grow up, no cares for the grammar police!

    • Youngjames, when people visit a post I wrote, I have no problem with a heads up about an error somewhere in said post, provided it’s not done in a ‘holier than thou’ kind of way.

      Also, why don’t you go by Youngjames anymore?

      • ” a heads up from readers” is not my point. It’s that you said you usually call people out for spelling grammar – why?…just childish to me. Rise above that and give a rebuttal back to make your point instead. In my experience the people who point out the mistakes are usually because they have no answers, rebuttal or a proper point to make – therefore they come back with a “spelling error” comment. Just ask Sly, all that dummy does is make point of everyone’s spelling and grammar errors – because the points he makes are mostly irrelevant and people tend to shut him up fast. He has nothing to say back so he points out the spelling errors! – But really, no big deal big chief…just sayin’ is all.

        Why am I youngjames?

        • You’re missing the point, but that is to be expected. Pointing out a spelling error is not childish…smart people understand. What I would consider childish is someone who continuously bashes a respected sports writer, or anyone for that matter, for no valid reason. You don’t like Doug Smith? That’s fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion…we don’t need to hear about it in all of your posts. Continuously insulting someone because you think you’re being funny is childish behavior and makes you look extremely bad. People tend to take someone a bit more seriously when they can actually form a sentence and spell while trying to prove a point, just saying “chief”.

          • ” People tend to take someone a bit more seriously when they can actually form a sentence and spell while trying to prove a point”…you are exactly right.
            BUT that never happens, nobody is making that huge of a mistake – you are once again taking it to the far extreme. I’m talking about when someone points out 1 spelling error or a missed comma or a left out a word and some douche jumps down their throat because they cannot rebuttal the point in the discussion – that is piddly pathetic shit.
            The fact is you need that pathetic shit to point out, because you need that to prove you might not be as dumb as you usually sound. So once again Sly old boy, you couldn’t make your point…Sigh!
            Next time someone muffles up a total sentence filled with grammar mistakes and spelling errors and you cannot make out what they said or understand the point – the yes go ahead point it out, Smart Guy. Till then who cares, chief!??! This is not a “impress the bloggers, I hope they like me and think I’m smart” site – for me anyways! However this is now one of the dumbest conversations I’ve ever had and it goes to figure you’re involved in it. I don’t care about impressing strangers, I don’t need your approval big man.
            Oh and I see you still have Doug Smiths best interest at hand or should I say “in hand” hahahaha – tell us Sly Old man, does DS pay you to defend him…two days later!

          • Some things will never change. I think you might be one of the dumbest people on the planet.

        • youngjames you ignorant slut!

          • “this is now one of the dumbest conversations I’ve ever had”

            Now THAT is saying something dumbjames!

    • Youngjames, you are a disgrace to this blog.

  4. Once again the opposing teams are much more of a draw than the home team. (Sigh)

  5. EDIT: but every blog needs a youngjames

    He’s probably gonna get on my case for that mistake too haha

  6. Everybody wants to use the “youngjames” handle – EVERYBODY wants to be him or her!

  7. @ Joseph – and you wonder why I don’t use my original handle (on this site anyways – I use it on every other site), look at what the fools do with it – eh Sly!
    So, because of loser creepy wankers who insist on this site to use my handle….Dumb! For some reason they get a cheap thrill from using my name and make a mockery of this site….Ill be somebody else…it really doesn’t matter though what the name is – for me anyways. As long as it doesn’t say “Sly” we are all good!
    Teddy Graham was having a convo with you, creepy Sly the stocker had to bud in like he always does when he thinks its me. Then leaves messages in my name, like its funny – it’s very weird!

    I like this site, I like the conversations, so I keep coming back, I just change my name so the creeps will read the message and answer the message and not see the name and act like a childish fucks and respond back using my handle…My guess is. its mostly Sly who is really Doug Smith, doing it. For some reason the guy is in love with me almost as much as he is with Doug Smith…he follows me from site to site. So let him look like a fool while he buds into every convo trying to guess who I am – its actually funny to watch from my end. But till then the REAL youngjames can be anybody he or she wants to be!

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