The image above is from a 2013-14 Raptors game ticket (Raptors season ticket packages are beginning to arrive). Note the No. 7 on Kyle Lowry. And here’s a link to the Raptors’ roster on the team’s official website. Again, note the number listed for Lowry.

Lowry wore No. 7 in Houston, but switched to No. 3 in Toronto due to the presence of another enigmatic seven. With Andrea Bargnani now out of the picture, it looks like Lowry will reclaim his former number.

Erasing the frustrating memory of Bargnani is good for all involved, unless of course you already spent over $100 on a No. 3 Lowry jersey.

Shout-out to theScore’s Alex Campbell, who noticed the change on his tickets.

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  1. I really hope people don’t start booing and hating on Bargs when he comes to TO like Carter or Bosh.

    It’s one thing to choose to leave or ask to leave, but when your being kicked out because you suck, it’s just not fair to be hated on.

    I mean common, it’s not like he’s going to start working harder in NY. He is who he is.

    • As much as I loathe Bargnani (for his inconsistent play, after being blessed with obvious talent) I have to agree. I hope the fans show some restraint – it’s not like he screwed us over, if anything getting rid of him will hopefully lead to better team defense.

      Even if he all of a sudden plays well in NYC, I still think Ujiri did a great job of getting rid of an over-payed, under-performing, defensive liability.

      • I’ll boo who I want when I want. That’s the privilege of being a fan and paying for entertainment. Just never boo your own team, that’s disgraceful.

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