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With training camp just around the corner, Drew and I had a chance to talk to Masai Ujiri about the current state of the Raptors and whether the team is any closer to carving out its next move along their rebuilding path.

Without further ado, you can listen to the interview on the player below or download the mp3 here

Big time shoutout to Oliver Macklem for helping us land this interview.

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  1. Thank you. Thoroughly enjoyed.

  2. love the chemistry comments!!!

  3. congrats getting the GM on the show.

    liked the chemistry comments too… and all of the ‘winning vs losing’ mentality stuff. for anyone talking about, oh…… why did they change GMs if he’s not gonna blow the team up, what’s the point…. its for this… the culture change that hopefully goes beyond stats and trades and everything that shows up on paper.

    again though nice work guys.

    • “Culture change” is what every new management piece arriving at a losing team says. Always. Every time. Every sport.

      We’ve heard the platitudes many times before, in all our years of watching a losing franchise. BC gave the most polished speeches of them all.

      I’m not saying I’m doubting or skeptical of TL/MU, it’s more that, as a Raptors fan, this part of the experience (“sales pitch season”) is extremely old, old, old.

      I’ll start giving MU’s speeches the hoo-rah when this team starts winning games.

  4. It is a little frustrating to hear that he doesn’t know how to evaluate the team at this point in terms of, “are we good enough to be a contender in the near future or do we need to tear it down.”

    It would be ideal to know that now seeing as the draft is deep. However I have to admit I don’t know myself. I think the biggest factor is Rudy Gay.

    It appears he has all the skills to be a dominant player in this league but he has been around for a while now and hasn’t been able to put it together efficiently. You look at his stats and there hasn’t been much improvement from his second season.

    He has the opportunity to shine on a new team in Toronto, I hope he can take become a more efficient player because that would ultimately lead to him being an All-Star and this team having a major pillar in place.

  5. This was pretty good. I hate that people are already on the “Raps are gonna suck” band wagon. This team isn’t a sneak in and get blown playoff team. I see them finishing 5-6th. Call me crazy but that’s what I see in this team.

    • Ya they have that potential. I can really see them being better than the knicks and possibly as good as the nets.

      They are going to need big steps forward from Lowry and Gay this year though. We need to see these guys be consistently efficient

  6. Really great show guys. Excited that the content will start to pick up with the soon arrival of preseason and then season games again.

    My interpretation was that Masai is excited and wants time to analyse the team working together – but does not want to say anything definite or commit himself to one particular road then later be caught out by things he had said to the media.
    I think this approach works, he is not just covering himself but he’s taking time to break this team down. Hence, I do believe (like many of you) that this team will get broken down – IF this season does not end in a postseason beyond spot 8: a ranking I believe we may exceed.

    • Like it or not Masai has committed to this team by not making any significant moves. He can say he’s in the process of evaluating this team but that didn’t stop him from trading andrea bargiani.

      Obviously we don’t know what conversations went on with other teams. It didn’t appear that anything of a significant upgrade was available (although Jrue Holiday would have been nice).

      I’m not upset with him, I think he was smart to not make drastic changes. But then why bring him in and fire BC unless you wanted dramatic changes….doesn’t really make much sense. Should have waited 1 more year.

      I think Tim Liewiki (brutal spelling) was just trying to swing his dick around by making the change.

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