Intra-Squad Scrimmage Results


I didn’t actually get to see any of today’s intra-squad scrimmage and I can assure you that virtually nothing that happened in said game mattered, but nonetheless, here’s a boxscore from the exhibition contest for those interested:

Everything looks pretty standard for an early October scrimmage, but yes, that is a 6-for-25 shooting line you see from Rudy Gay (improved vision!). You’ll also notice that Team Black took this one in a cake walk, that DeMar DeRozan shot 3-of-4 from behind the arc, and that Tyler Hansbrough didn’t take part (left hamstring strain).

The Raptors open their pre-season schedule in Boston on Monday night (7:30 p.m. ET tip), which should give us something a little more tangible to discuss.

On a final note, Vegas has pegged Toronto’s win total over/under at 36.5, so if you believe this roster can just go 37-45, lay a little on that.

I’ll post my game-by-game and overall season prediction in a few weeks as usual, but barring a major injury or Masai Ujiri stripping this team down, 37 wins seems attainable.

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  1. I agree that nothing can be made of the score sheet. I did appreciate that Buycks and DJA got the same amount of playing time. Nice to see they (probably) are going to have to earn the backup PG role.

  2. I watched the whole game on the Raptors website live stream. Buycks looked good yesterday and looked good in what games I saw at summer league. Yesterday, was an inter-scrimmage game, I get it, BUT what Buycks showed then and in summer league is high basketball IQ by running the lanes on defense, knowing how to drive and pass to the open guy, knowing when to shoot and when to create. Brings energy, moving the defense back on there heals with pushing the ball up the court but keeping under control. Those types of things are evident in his game, he has shown that IMO – he is NBA ready. I am not a pro scout, but as a fan I preferred his game over Lowry’s yesterday afternoon….once again it was an inter-squad game.

  3. 37 wins seems attainable? That’s funny considering they finished last year’s horrendous season with 34 wins. You think that this team MIGHT get 3 more wins than last year? lol

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