As some of you may be aware, I recently started a new gig here at theScore that sees me write/talk about the NBA as a whole on a full-time basis, so while I won’t be able to provide RaptorBlog posts and general Raptors commentary with nearly the same regularity, I hope you’ll continue to read/listen along with me this season (You can read my season preview here and my predictions here).

As for the Raptors, what I’m going to try to do is take some time every weekend to post my wide ranging thoughts on the week that was in Raps Land, in a similar fashion to how I usually wrote my “Thoughts On the Game” posts. Again, I’m hoping you’ll stop by on weekends to get the little bit of Raptors ranting I’m still able to do on a regular basis.

Other than, most of my Raptors thoughts and observations can be found through twitter, where I’m prone to my fair share of passionate Raps-related tirades.

As for the coming season, I’m predicting a 40-42 season for Toronto that results in a No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference, though if Cathal Kelly’s Toronto Star report proves correct, Masai Ujiri and MLSE may blow things up before such a mediocre finish is allowed to fully take rot.

For what it’s worth, Kelly’s source indicates a 45-day deadline for the Raptors, which would take us to December 13. The Raps play Philadelphia in the 21st game of the season that night, and I’ve got them as a 10-11 (7-14 worst case scenario, 12-9 best case scenario) team at that point, so the question is really what will Ujiri find acceptable to continue with, and what’s his line in the sand of ‘we can’t go on like this’?

I also feel like with the Honeymoon period that exists between Raptors fans and Ujiri, he wouldn’t have lost any support had he decided to blow things up as soon as he got here to put this team in a better position to properly take a strategic step backwards this season, so I don’t quite understand the point of now reportedly setting a hard deadline on whether to tank or not if that’s they’ve wanted all along.

In any event, a Raptors season opener wouldn’t feel quite right without at least a little drama (last year it was DeRozan’s extension), so let’s get this intriguing season of questions under way, shall we?

I know Stripes and Drake are ready…are you?

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  1. Congrats on the new position, Joseph.

    I’m looking forward to the new way in which you’ll write about the Raptors. Being able to follow/cover the NBA as a whole will definitely prevent you from burning out on this team.

    If opening night is any indication, watching this team will be a chore. I feel like we should celebrate every game where they have more assists than turnovers as those games might be few and far between.

    • First game of the year bozo. I’ll ask you again…WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU WATCHING? You know, because it’s such a chore and all….

      • its kind of like facebook you know you shouldn’t do it but yet you are drawn

        • Maybe so…But you at least you have positive things to say about the team. PBI has been crying since the day he was born.

  2. What an awful game. Celtics are dreadful but raps arent much better. I already dont enjoy watching dd and gay chuck up shots every possession. Also, the offense has no flow and everything is bogged up. The defense really struglles to make stops without fouling as was the case last year. I’ll tell you what, if the team keeps playing like this, it wont be long till casey is gone and tanknation has taken effect. One other small point: I used to love listening to jack armstrong but he has gotten so annoying with all his stupid cliches about offensive toughness blah,blah.blah. Its called talent jack. Hes really become an MLSE shill and its sad to see.

  3. Congrats Joesph – I enjoy these blogs, but its probably for the best. No one seems to be reading this blog anymore…It is slowly dieing like Doug Smiths blog has already done. Raptors Republic is the flavor of the month just now – already over 50 comments from the fans on last nights game.

  4. Hey AD I have a solution – F^ck off and don’t watch the games then. You sound like a hard done by broad, ’cause all you do is whine about this team. No wonder no one wants to come on here anymore. Between your girlish crying and Sly the asshole and his “I know everything” and will “argue with everyone who doesn’t agree with me” posts. Why would any Raps fan want to be associated with these two losers and try to discuss a sensible topic on this team.

  5. Aw man. I’ve been reading this blog for 10 years. Now we’re down to a weekly post? Bring back Scott Carefoot!!!

  6. Joesph should be writing a daily post on here

  7. Yeah, if we’re down to weekly posts, I don’t see the point of continuing the blog. Just kill it and do the raptor-centric weekly post on the Score proper.
    I’ll probably be tuning out now, though.
    It’s been grand.

  8. Congrats on your new position Joseph. I’m being honest with the congrats even with what I’m gonna say in my comment below.

    I’ve been waiting for the opening season to start reading every ”Thoughts on the game” after each one.. Now you telling me there will be no more?? :-/

    To be honest, as a daily reader of this blog for the last 3 years, I can tell you that I’m really disappointed about it and that it’s pissing me off. I know it’s not your fault that we’ll be reduced to a one post a week only, but why can’t theScore bring some new help and writer to this blog?

    Where is Oliver gone? Wasn’t he supposed to take over Scott’s place when he left ? I’m sure you guys could bring a new writer to help you with this blog for at least the pre-game comment and or at least the Thought of the game?

    I tried going on Raptor Republic yesterday on my iphone, it was a complete mess, was always loading. Where am I supposed to go read comments on the Raptors games now?

    Seriously, one post a week is just to say the blog will continue living on artificial breath, but everyone knows it’s gonna die because of the lack of posts and comments from Joseph or any other new blogger that The Score could had brought to it. And I don’t believe what a previous reader said in his comment, this blog I’m sure was not dying at all due to a lack of readers.

    I’ve been reading this blog for the last 3 years as i said, but maybe only posted a comment 3 times during that time (now is my 4th comment). Doesn’t mean that I don’t read the blog. I read every damn posts from Scott, Joseph or even Oliver when he was writing(for a very short time it seems).

    All I have to say is, farewell then. It was fun the time it did last.

  9. if this blog is done, I wonder where my imagination will take me next!

  10. Looks like it’s time to remove the RB bookmark from my menubar for the first time in 10 years. Well played, the Score – embrace & extinguish.

  11. Hey guys. I’ve started my own blog, everything Raptors. I am a committed raptors fan, and look forward to summarizing every game of the season. Help spread the word.

  12. It seems like some people are never satisfied and waiting to complain their whole life. This is very sad
    JOE i am very happy for you man, from what i can tell you have earned this next step.
    Go Raps

  13. Hey Joe,
    Congrats. I do wish that you would keep posting here more than once a week though or … at all . I have been a member of this community for the past 3 years and I have finally switched over to raptor republic. Not because I think their content is better although they have certainly raised the bar as of late. Rather I have joined them because it is a consistent level of content that is being posted.

  14. where did all my friends go??????

  15. Why not open this blog to a couple new contributors? A bit sad to see it fizzle out after more than a decade.

  16. I’ve followed this blog for a decade. Don’t let it die.

  17. I just love little boys! Yum Yum

  18. So nothing eh? This was my source for Raptors commentary and now it is as vacant Rob Ford’s integrity.

    Can’t the score/sportsnet 360 find someone else? Anyone?

  19. So Gay gets traded and still nothing?

    Is the Score/Sportsnet going to just let this blog die a horrible death? If so, that would be a shame.

  20. I wish someone would trade me a friend



  22. Joseph, are you going to finally write something/comment on the Raptors finally clinching their 1st playoff berth since 2008?

    We are all very disappointed in how you have handled this, no content at all the whole season. Very frustrating, very unprofessional and disrespectful to the Raptors fanbase!

    • Yeah I switched to RR “Raptor Republic” Although I dont join the commentary. It is sad because we had a good community going with only a few hiccups.

      On top of that the quality of the writing and the podcasts were great. Heck I’d even be happy if they just did the podcasts. To be honest this season was the one so many were waiting for and they dropped the ball.

      I used to check back here all the time(everyday). I still check back but only once in a while.

  23. please give my life meaning again

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