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Rudy Gay Press Conference

With Oliver posting his case for keeping Bryan Colangelo yesterday, it’s time that I dig into the case against extending Colangelo.

I probably maintained faith in the man they call B.C. longer than most, and in truth, am always one shrewd Colangelo move away from being back on the B.C. bandwagon, as it seems most others are as well. There’s something about him that makes you at least want to believe. As a teenager myself when Colangelo arrived in Toronto, he restored respectability and relevance to my beloved Raptors. When the team won 47 games and its first division title in his first full season at the helm, it seemed the heights of our future successes were as tall as his trademark collars.

But alas, while Colangelo seemed to have a Midas touch for that first year on the job, nearly every major transaction Bryan has signed off on since then has backfired, and while deep down there is probably a Colangelo fan waiting to reemerge in many of us, the decision of whether or not to extend or fire a sports executive comes down to business. And from a business perspective, we’re talking about a team that looks destined to miss the playoffs for a fifth straight season for the first time in franchise history. And that’s really saying something considering how futile this franchise’s history has been.

Of course, losing faith in Colangelo runs much deeper than simply missing the playoffs again…

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Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors

Andrea Bargnani and Rudy Gay posted 26 points apiece but the Raptors lost their 5th straight game, 125-118 to the Warriors.

Here are some thoughts on the game:

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Toronto Raptors v Milwaukee Bucks

It was already unlikely, but with an overtime loss in Milwaukee on Saturday night, the Raptors’ chances of making a run at the Eastern Conference’s eighth seed virtually went out the window.

Here are some thoughts on the game…

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How many defensive possessions end when Bargnani forgets to rotate/help

How many defensive possessions end when Bargnani forgets to rotate/help

If you read my thoughts on the game after the Raptors coughed up another winnable game last night in Cleveland, you’ll know that I was flabbergasted by the sight of Andrea Bargnani for the last 10 minutes of the game. Bargnani had done absolutely nothingĀ  in his first few minutes of action in the first half and had sat for the entire third quarter, yet there he was in crunch time, rewarded with minutes he didn’t drop a bead of sweat to earn.

Bargnani lost his starting job while he was out of the lineup with an elbow injury, and rightfully so, as Ed Davis and Amir Johnson gave more to the Raptors in that two month stretch than Bargnani has in over a year. The obvious answer was to bring Andrea in off of the bench and try to turn him into a scoring spark in the second unit. For a couple of games, it actually worked, as Bargnani averaged 13.5 points on 60 per cent shooting in two contests against the Celtics and Pacers. Sure, he didn’t really rebound or do much else, but it seemed like a promising venture since Bargs could focus on the one thing that actually seems to interest him – scoring.

Unfortunately, since then, Bargnani has produced some of the most uninspiring basketball we’ve ever seen (and remember, we’ve watched the Raptors for the last 18 seasons), averaging 3.3 points, 1.6 rebounds and a turnover in about 18 minutes per game over his last seven games, all while shooting 30 per cent from the field and failing to reach the free throw line at all in his last 160 minutes of floor time. Just stop, read those numbers over again and let them sink in. And for the naive among us who believe poor Andrea is just being negatively affected by those “cruel” home fans, Bargs is averaging 3.7 points on 41 per cent shooting to go with 1.7 rebounds in his last three road games.

To make matters worse, despite that consistently pitiful display of basketball (other than the Wizards game, where Bargnani looked to be trying, but was just incapable), Bargnani has still logged at least 11:50 of playing time in all seven on those games, logging over 21 minutes in three of those seven games. Now based on the first 300 words of this post, you probably assume that I’m going to advocate for cutting back Andrea’s minutes, but you’re only half right.

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Toronto Raptors v Cleveland Cavaliers

The Raptors’ starters jumped out to a big lead in Cleveland, watched the second unit piss it away, then failed to recover the lead the rest of they way, as Toronto’s season may very well have come to an end with a disappointing loss on Wednesday night.

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