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In honour of Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI between the Patriots and Giants, where companies around the world will dish out millions for 30 seconds or more of advertisements, I thought this would be a good time to look back on the best Raptors-related commercials of years gone by.

Some of these are absolute classics, and take us for a trip down memory lane, right through all of the eras of Raptors basketball.

Here are the nine best Raptors-related commercials I could find on the web:

First up is a very awesome, very 90′s commercial advertising Damon Stoudamire as the one and only “Mighty Mouse.”

Next up, later in the 90′s, Kevin Willis takes a trip to spend some time with a family in Ajax, Ontario (just a little East of Toronto) and reminds us that we could watch the Raptors on “The New VR.”

Now, a little cross-branding between the Raptors and Leafs. Doug Christie’s Paul Morris impersonation is admirable.

With the Vince Carter era in full swing in Toronto, and “Vinsanity” taking the basketball world by storm, Nike capitalizes by pitting Carter against a Raptor for a game of one-on-one:

Perhaps the best Raptors-related commercial of all time, and one that I used in a birthday post for Vince Carter’s 35th last week. Here’s Vince, fresh off of knee surgery I believe, dancing through the streets (to the tune of Joe Budden) on his way to the Air Canada Centre to “Give back to the fans, give back to Toronto.” Yeah, right.

While the Chris Bosh era and Bosh himself never got the attention that Vince Carter did, the Raptors did achieve some level of relevance with Bosh in Toronto. Here’s an ESPN commercial featuring Bosh and a Raptors t-shirt.

Here’s a commercial I really liked when it ran a few years ago in support of theĀ  Raptors Foundation for Kids. It’s a play on “when they were kids” and is obviously supposed to be a child-version of Chris Bosh. There was also one with a mini Jose Calderon, but I can’t seem to find that one.

We finish with a couple of food-related Raptors commercials, beginning with a truly dark time for the Raptors, Mr. “Ball” himself, Hedo Turkoglu, and his “yes, coach” Pizza Pizza/Sprite ad.

And of course, we conclude in the present day, with Andrea Bargnani promoting Primo Pasta and Sauce by shooting jumpers and saying absolutely nothing about the product other than proving he knows the name of it.

Ok, one bonus video. It’s not an official commercial, but it’s probably better than anything else on this list. Courtesy of the creative geniuses at The Basketball Jones, you know what’s coming, “no one man should have all that pasta.”

Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend, and don’t forget to “like” RaptorBlog’s official facebook page for Raptors-related news and notes. We’ll talk again after the Raptors play the Heat on Sunday afternoon before the big game.

While we await the news and results from Andrea Bargnani’s MRI (RaptorBlog will have a post up on Bargnani’s injury some time Thursday evening or Friday morning), I thought I’d pass along this gem of a video to bring you back to simpler times.

Thanks to theScore’s facebook page for reminding us that today is Vince Carter’s 35th birthday. So in the spirit of celebrating “Vinsanity” instead of “Wince-anity” just for one day, here’s Vince Carter jumping around, dancing through the streets and saving cats in old-school Raptors’ purple:

Simpler times, indeed.

First, if this really was Joe Budden rapping (as youtube comments and a couple of our RaptorBlog commenters believe), that’s a pretty big get (at the time) for a simple Raptors-related Nike commercial.

Secondly, the fact that a song dedicated to Vince Carter contained the lyrics “I got my game face on, ready to give back, pronto, Give back to the fans, give back to Toronto” just seems like a sick, cruel joke in hindsight.