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Times have changed...

Times have changed…

In what is surely going to be one of the more impactful days in recent Raptors’ history, Bryan Colangelo is expected to meet with the MLSE board some time today to both review his recent performance and to pitch his plan for the future.

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Rudy Gay Press Conference

On Monday I attended the season ending media conferences for Dwane Casey and Bryan Colangelo, which you may have watched yourself live and can still watch for yourself in its entirety at While we can go through every little thing that the Raptors’ coach and General Manager said, I chose instead to highlight the parts of the pressers that stuck out to me.

You can find my thoughts on Casey’s media availability here.

Below, you’ll find some talking points from Colangelo’s presser and my thoughts on some of those points…

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Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors

Most basketball fans knows about the statistical/analytical revolution happening in the NBA right now, similar to what baseball went through years earlier that inspired “Moneyball” – both the term and the film. The advanced metrics unearthed during this revolution have helped us break down and understand both games better than ever, regardless of the traditionalist criticisms, and the NBA recently added all of the advanced stats you can ask for to its own website.

The NBA may actually be surpassing Major League Baseball in terms of how far this revolution will be taken thanks to “SportVU,” a program currently used by half of the Association’s teams which records every single second of action on the floor “and spits it back at its front-office keepers as a byzantine series of geometric coordinates,” writes Zach Lowe of Grantland.

Lowe’s fascinating feature on SportVU should be read by all, especially basketball savvy Raptors fans who want the organization to immerse itself in stats and analytics, as one of the main points the in-depth feature makes is that “The NBA is undergoing an analytical transformation, and the Raptors are one of the teams at the forefront.”

Sandwiched in the intriguing Grantland post which focuses on the Raptors are a few talking points for Raptors fans…

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Dwayne Casey Press Conference

With Oliver and I providing our arguments for and against keeping Bryan Colangelo around last week, the Colangelo debate dominates this week’s edition of RaptorBlog Radio.

Of course, Drew, Oliver and I also touched on the Friday night collapse in L.A., Dwane Casey’s lack of late game faith in Jonas Valanciunas and the comeback win over the Cavs on Sunday.

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Rudy Gay Press Conference

With Oliver posting his case for keeping Bryan Colangelo yesterday, it’s time that I dig into the case against extending Colangelo.

I probably maintained faith in the man they call B.C. longer than most, and in truth, am always one shrewd Colangelo move away from being back on the B.C. bandwagon, as it seems most others are as well. There’s something about him that makes you at least want to believe. As a teenager myself when Colangelo arrived in Toronto, he restored respectability and relevance to my beloved Raptors. When the team won 47 games and its first division title in his first full season at the helm, it seemed the heights of our future successes were as tall as his trademark collars.

But alas, while Colangelo seemed to have a Midas touch for that first year on the job, nearly every major transaction Bryan has signed off on since then has backfired, and while deep down there is probably a Colangelo fan waiting to reemerge in many of us, the decision of whether or not to extend or fire a sports executive comes down to business. And from a business perspective, we’re talking about a team that looks destined to miss the playoffs for a fifth straight season for the first time in franchise history. And that’s really saying something considering how futile this franchise’s history has been.

Of course, losing faith in Colangelo runs much deeper than simply missing the playoffs again…

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