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I didn’t get a chance to post a “Thoughts On the Game” entry last night, but with this team seemingly finding newer and more painful ways to lose close games every other night, I thought maybe I’d just take some time this morning to look back at what exactly went wrong on Friday in Detroit.

So here goes…

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What better way to spend your Friday night than to watch two teams with a combined 5-19 record go at it in Detroit?!

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The Valanciunas Era in Toronto began on Wednesday night with a close pre-season loss to the Pistons in Detroit.

Here are some thoughts and observations:

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I won’t waste too much of your time since after reading this you’re probably going to want to go out and celebrate, but as you might have already heard, Jonas Valanciunas is expected to make his Raptors debut Wednesday night against the Pistons (assuming there aren’t any setbacks) after returning to full practice on Tuesday.

I figured we were getting close after Valanciunas was taking part in the layup line and throwing down some dunks before Monday’s pre-season opener and during halftime. If he makes it through the game in Detroit and the next couple of days without any setbacks, that would set up a home debut against the Pistons on Friday night.

Lastly, I know pre-season results mean nothing, especially for a couple of young big men who still haven’t played a regular season NBA game between them, but I would absolutely love to see Jonas go to work against Andre Drummond.

Until then, the premature celebration is on.

UPDATE: With no setbacks in the news, it now appears all but certain that Valanciunas will make his debut tonight in Detroit. Given that the Raptors don’t want to rush JV into anything with the regular season still three weeks away and that the big man hasn’t done much in the last few weeks, he’ll probably only play about 10-12 minutes tonight, though.

It’s not as exciting as the announcement of the regular season schedule, and it’s not as interesting to discuss and debate as ESPN’s “Future Ranking” of the franchise, but in case you missed it, I thought I’d pass along the news that the Raptors’ pre-season schedule was released on Thursday.

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