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Tom Hurley is an aspiring sports journalist in Manchester, UK who attended both of the Raptors-Nets games that just took place at London’s O2 Arena. This is his report from yesterday’s ridiculous triple-overtime game which the Nets won 137-136. Tom posts regularly on his Tom Hurley Sports blog and you can follow him on Twitter @TomHurley.

They may have started slow at first, unsure of how to respond during the game – when to cheer, went to boo, when’s the wrong time to do the wave; but by the time Andrea Bargnani had the ball in his hands as the clock ticked down on the last 10 seconds of the third overtime during last night’s Raptors Nets game in London, everyone in the arena was on their feet. They were screaming, roaring, clapping, stomping and going absolutely stern-fire bonkers with excitement as the climax of this never-ending game was finally upon them. As the Italian moved away from Kris Humprhies, flexing his knees before leaping skywards in an attempt to hit the game winner, every single human being in that building had fallen in love with basketball.

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